Three miracles happened to me at Christmas - part 2

Three miracles happened to me at Christmas - part 2

It happened as in the case of my parents, after the divorce: we got along better, we were best friends and Julio told me all his secrets. He confessed to me a few times that it was very difficult for him to raise another man's children, especially since the guy got involved all the time and the children listened to him.

I don't even blame them, he's their father, why would they listen to me? But that way we can never have peace at home, and the big one got very upset. He answers me very badly if I try to comment on him. I'm starting to think I made a hasty decision when I decided to divorce.

After a while, the children's parents reconciled, and Julio packed his bags and left. We started spending more and more time together, like when we were married. The business was going well, so we started travelling again. Some of our foreign collaborators and suppliers invited us to them, and we gladly went; we always had something new to learn and we felt good.

Two years ago, I received a sign from the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection, announcing that we had to take some courses, to prepare to be parents. The authorities had no idea I was divorced. We talked and wondered if we wanted to be together and if we still wanted a baby. The answer was yes on both sides.

This time, I did everything by the book. Iulian wanted to see me in a wedding dress. I had a small wedding, to which I invited only close relatives and dear friends, but I got dressed in the dress Iulian had ordered from Paris. I had lost a lot of weight, and he surprised me not to know how many times, the dress fit me perfectly. We spent time in the garden of Julio's parents, who were happier than ever. My parents danced until sunrise and dulled their shoes. Everyone was happy for us.

We didn't have time to go on our honeymoon, but Julio suggested we spend Christmas in Vienna. Then, with the help of a client, a real estate agent, we bought a wonderful house, an opportunity, and we started going to classes for parents. At these courses, we were told all sorts of terrible things. We were reminded how difficult it can be for a child to gain confidence in the adoptive family and how many difficulties we, as parents, will face. So hard but willing to go all the way.

After we finished school, we were told that we could not adopt a baby, because for a year the authorities check if no one in the child's family wants to take him home, including distant relatives. Only after everyone has refused, the child becomes adaptable, but you can't choose him, he distributes his "computer", according to a form that you have to fill in and in which you tick how you want to look, sex the child, how old he is or if you agree to adopt him with various health problems, either physical or mental.

Then the computer makes a list of compatible children. You have access to this list, you choose one of those children that the computer thinks are compatible with you and you have to go to him a few times, which means the foster carer where he lives. If you are lucky enough to have that computer identify a child that suits you according to your requests, you can start making accommodation visits with the potential child.

The winter holidays are approaching and we have been informed that the adoption process will resume next year.

In the meantime, we were going to spend Christmas in Vienna. Julio made an extraordinary surprise for me, we stayed at a hotel near the centre, we walked for hours, the weather was wonderful, it wasn't cold, but there were a lot of people, which is true. In our short Christmas break, we truly found ourselves and made passionate love, as in our early years.

I spent New Year's Eve with my whole family, and on my birthday, January 31, I realized I was pregnant. I panicked. I told Julio only after talking to my mother, who immediately took me to a gynaecologist recommended by a good friend of hers.

We did all the possible investigations. The doctor assured me that he would keep me under constant observation and recommended that I give up work for a while and rest as much as possible. I went to the check-up every month. When I arrived in the seventh month, the doctor told me that, from now on, the baby can be born at any time and is healthy. Strangely, I have not received any signs of adoption. In a way we were happy.

Teresa was born on August 16, by caesarean section and got a grade of 10. For a few days, I couldn't stop crying. I didn't even know if I was crying out of fear or happiness. My mother moved in with us as soon as I got out of the hospital, she realized I needed her.

At first, I woke up all night and went to see if the baby was breathing, if all was well. My mother insisted that Teresa should have her room. I don't know how my mother resisted, nor do I know when she slept, because she was with Teresa all the time. When Teresa turned 1 year old and started walking, I still didn't dare to breathe a sigh of relief.

My mother sent me to work.

"You'll go crazy if you stay home! And you're driving her crazy, too."

Teresa was a healthy, cheerful, lively child. But I was always afraid that something bad would happen to him.

The first true Christmas, when he was almost a year and a half old, was the biggest holiday of our lives. The whole family was with us, we had a huge Christmas tree, there were dozens of presents under it, and Teresa was running around there, not knowing which one to open.

That Christmas I got pregnant again, and the following year Raul was born. Teresa was a very caring sister from the beginning.

When Raul also got to his feet, they started playing together and no one and nothing could separate them.

Christmas is approaching ... I haven't received any signs from the adoption centre but we haven't contacted them either, there are enough people who want to become parents. Too bad it's so hard sometimes! I'll tell you a secret I haven't told anyone yet: I'm pregnant!

the End