A New Year's Resolution

A New Year's Resolution

It is that time of year again to make those New Year's resolutions that you usually keep for only two or three weeks before letting them wane and going back to what you did all last year. We have collected some of our clients resolutions to share with you, let us hear what your resolution is and if you intend to keep it for the whole year. Our first one comes from Ray W from London, who has decided to make it a special new year here in Dubai after a difficult year.

“ After 25 years of marriage my wife Jean and I finally divorced this year, although I was not an acrimonious separation, but after so many years together since we were teenagers to slowly drift apart mentally, physically, and, sexually was still stressful, and I wanted to do something positive to signify a fresh start.¨

So here is what he planned, a visit to the golden city of Dubai, When he was married he had friends who were single who had been to visit the UAE to enjoy the hedonistic nightlife and party atmosphere, one had recommended while he was there that he should use www.bookrealescorts.com to find some high class company for his stay. There were many things that his wife who was quite prudish when it came to sex just would not do, so he was interested in achieving some of his desires he had kept internally for so long while he finally had the chance to let go and party to bacchanalian levels he had never known before.

When he had arrived at the hotel he immediately searched escorts in Dubai to look at the many various profiles that there were on offer, he searched through which nationality he would prefer, maybe a Brazilian escort in Dubai would be best but no, a Russian Dubai escort who spoke English would be perfect there is something aloof about Russian women that they can seem cold but submissive, they love to have fun and know how to provide it. Next, what sort of service did he want? What did he really want to try that he felt he would never have got the chance to indulge in with his wife?

There were anal escorts in Dubai, Jean would never let him near her bottom or possibly golden shower, but he was not sure how he felt about that, so he selected a Dubai escort called Marina who he could spend the whole evening with, she offered so many options for him to choose from that he thought to book her for a full service left him with his options open to explore whatever took his fancy instead of limiting himself to just one thing.

He didn't want to go into the finer details of his encounter but was happy to review his evening with Marina and how happy he was with the services she provided him. “ Firstly may I say that she was every bit as beautiful as her profile photos suggested, she was friendly and sweet and was intent on making my dreams come true with no judgement of what I asked of her, so I felt confident that everything was treated with discretion, so I could relax and let go making it a great experience that I would recommend to any of your readers and I have ticked of at least two items of my wish list.¨

New Years Party

If you have got a works party and no one to take with you then like Marc P from Belgium you could take one of our Dubai escorts with verified photos to impress your workmates and make it an unforgettable event for so many reasons.

Marc had told us that he had been living in Dubai for five years and was still single, last year he was once again invited to his work function which he had always skipped as he was always on a table with couples which made him feel left out, after last year he made a resolution to not miss out on the festivities this time and decided that he would take a Dubai escort as his plus one and enjoy his first new year in ages without sitting at home feeling sorry for himself about missing out on what everybody else took for granted.

It takes a special escort in Dubai to impress your associates, she must seem like your partner, she must dress sophisticated but not too sexual as to be obvious to everyone that they are a professional as that could cause him embarrassment with his peers. He chose a classy Romanian Dubai escort called Miki Who is intelligent, dresses with flair but not over the top, is a very good conversationalist who made small talk with everybody at the event naturally with no way of telling that we had not been dating for the few weeks that I told my compatriots Always attentive and avoided being the centre of attention by always turning the conversation back to me when there was a tricky question or comment, she mingled with my fellow workers spontaneously enjoying the atmosphere but only ever giving her attention to me, leaving him feeling like a king for the day.

When the evening came to an end Miki was as good in the hotel room as she was in the function room she is a busty escort very proud of her 90-60-90 figure you could tell she loves spending quality time with her clients and acts in such a professional manner that going to the hotel room with her will leave you wanting more which is why making it a full evening with this glorious busty Dubai escort just fly by, The sex is wild and intense and her ability to swing from classy girlfriend to hot playmate in one date is incredible underneath that cosmopolitan exterior there is the beating heart of a nymphomaniac that just is not happy until you are completely satisfied which he was completely.

If you are curious about what our contributors got up to then you can read more erotic tales about our escorts in Dubai then why not read one of our longer articles that covers in more detail what they got up to here there are loads of new article for your enjoyment in the Dubai erotic stories' section of the website.