After seven years she forgave me and took me back as a husband

After seven years she forgave me and took me back as a husband

I knew that confessing my infidelity would condemn me in solitude, but I had no choice, my wife would have found out anyway, my mistress could not wait for revenge. I've been away from my Emma for seven years, and that's it the worst punishment I could receive!

By saying that the most beautiful gift I have ever received in my life is my own wife, I can look like a conceited or egocentric misogynist who treats his wife like an object, without giving her due respect. I assure you that is far from the case. I love and respect my wife without exception. In the following we will see why I feel that way. Without necessarily being a religious man, I believe that the good God made me the greatest gift in the world when he urged Emma to forgive me and return to me, and I am convinced that we are in the care of the Lord.

We met on Christmas Eve, in 2009. We loved her from the first moment. Apparently, our meeting was nothing spectacular. We crossed paths on the street, walking with two friends of mine. I was a pretty shy person, but I still remember the feeling I had then. It was as if I was meeting someone very dear that I hadn't seen in a long time. Basically, we were heading towards each other and I remember running to their group. We both started talking as if we had known each other for a lifetime and I can say that chatter does not characterize us at all. We walked all evening, talked, sang carols, and finally decided to meet. Our first meeting took place on the stairs of her block and I can say with all my heart that no meeting that followed was compared to that.

I was 19 years old and had just missed college. I wasn't working yet and, due to lack of activity, I was studying for admission to come next summer. She was 18 years old and was going to start her first year at the Faculty of Transportation. We were beautiful and we liked beautiful things, we didn't have a house or a car and, honestly, I don't think we missed it either. We experienced a lot together and we belonged to each other body and soul. Our friends used to say that we are like each other like salt in food. For the same friends, I was the biggest disappointment they ever experienced, as they confessed to us.

"Aaron," Chester Brooks, our godfather, told me, "you have been an ideal example to me." Now, I'm confused, you overturned my entire value system.

It was all my fault. Despite the fact that my love for Emma was not tarnished by anyone or anything, I deceived her. A co-worker tempted me with advances and immoral attitudes for months.

"Of course, you attract me, I was trying to separate her, but I love my wife more than anything in this world and I wouldn't hurt her for anyone or anything. Why should I accept your advances? I don't miss love.

Nobody asked you to leave her, Aaron, insisted Amy, my colleague, just relax a little bit... I can see that you like me, don't torment yourself for no reason, release your desire! Unloading meant sleeping with her, which I did. I don't even know how, but she drew me to her house under some pretext and I had no escape there. She camped on me, and I finally slept with her. Then I stopped resisting, I did it voluntarily, without even being in love with her.

The feeling of guilt made me humble in front of Emma and made me make mistakes that could expose me. I even called her by another name. I had become obsessed with the idea that I was cheating on her, I was listening at the slightest noise, I was looking back when I was walking down the street, convinced that Emma was following me. She, poor thing, was far too blinded by the love she had for me to realize something. She could see that something was wrong with me, but he thought I was stressed because of the job. And somehow, he was right, because adultery had to do with work. When I couldn't stand this situation anymore, I knew I had to put an end to it.

"Listen, Amy, we're not going to continue this relationship forever! I want to be honest with you, at the risk of hurting you. I love my wife and I feel that if we continue like this, I will lose her. Or, without it, my life is useless. So, I'm telling you, it's over between the two of us. I am sorry! I hope you don't hold my grudge."

"It can't be, Aaron! How? Do you want to leave me? Do you want to destroy a beautiful relationship we built together?"

"No! I want to end this adventure, not the relationship, as you claim. It's an adventure, nothing more. I didn't build anything, I want you to understand that."

"I understand you lied to me. And I was a fool who was deceived by a man without honour."

She tried to manipulate me and only then did I understand that she was hoping to separate me from my wife. I couldn't get along with her reasonably. It caused me scandal and threatened to expose me to work and to my wife. Then, having no other solution, I myself confessed everything to Emma. I tore apart her heart and, even though I begged her in my knees for forgiveness without saying too many words, she left me.

Soon, I received the divorce notice. Neither my prayers, nor the tears which, I am not ashamed to say, flowed, did not impress her. I prayed for her until the last moment, hoping she would change her mind, but when the sentence was handed down, I had to accept that it was over.

For a while, I was devastated and even thought of suicide. I seldom met Emma and prayed in vain for her to reconcile. After about two years, during which time I did not know another woman, I met Emma holding the arm of another man.

Then I started drinking. If until then I couldn't drink more than one beer a week, after the divorce I started pouring some impressive amounts into myself every day, and my life changed radically. I became careless, untrustworthy, alcoholic, living in despair. Everything I built up to that age I destroyed in one year. Most of the women I met were of poor quality, light-hearted women, and if I happened to meet one or two honest, nice girls, I removed them myself by the way I was.

When the inevitable happened, in the sense that I was fired, I received the last slap that life could give me. It was around Christmas and I was in a deplorable condition. I had taken care to argue with all my true friends, my family - I also had no money and I missed Emma more than ever.

It is said that time heals all wounds and that it takes two years to overcome the loss of one's life partner. Well, five had passed and I still hadn't recovered. I am from Birmingham and my parents live near a very small church, with an intimate and very familiar air. It doesn't even look like a typical church, but I like it, even if I'm not the kind of person who goes to church.

On Christmas Eve, I went to visit my parents, who, although they welcomed me with open arms, seemed to be very upset about me. I left them almost with my mind lost, with a deep feeling of sadness, and when I reached the church, a force independent of my will pushed me inside. It was a religious ceremony at that time, held by a very old priest, the same one from my childhood. He had baptized me, he had confessed to me, and he had married me.

I sat in a corner and fell asleep. Then I remembered that I had also met Emma at Christmas, right next to this church. In my corner, unseen by anyone, I decided not to get lost, but to find my way to the light.

At the same time, I decided to give peace to Emma, not to harass her anymore and to apologize to my friends, family and especially her. The old priest passed me, looked me deep in the eye, caressed my face, and smiled at me in a way that only he could do. He smiled at me with that purity of a sincere and warm man, of a man who has long made peace with himself and who has left his life entirely in the hands of the Lord.

Another man came out of the church, got on the phone, and called all the people I had hurt. I made sure I didn't forget anyone. I sent Emma a Christmas card, in which I apologized for my behaviour and assured her that I would never bother her again. She also answered me with a greeting card. It read like this:

“Dear Aaron, I am happy that the God has finally shown you the way and you have become the man I once knew. And I realized one thing. I realized I forgave you. Merry Christmas!”

How did she know that God was the one who helped me? I hadn't told her, so it was intuition. I was very happy. From that moment on, my life went down a good path. I got my job back and started living a good, clean life.

The following year, Emma filed for divorce for the second time. She was not happy, although she had a good husband, as far as I understood. We met again and realized how much we meant to each other and, especially, how much we missed each other.

Emma came back to me. I received the most beautiful gift. The seven years I lost when we were separated can no longer be recovered, and my deed will never be forgotten. But our love certainly comes from God, and what He has united cannot be broken by the devil himself, even if he sometimes puts his tail in it.

So my ending is a happy one after all and now we are preparing to go in our second honey moon in Dubai. Can't wait for it!

the End