At the age of 40, we ended up living with our parents! - part 1

At the age of 40, we ended up living with our parents! - part 1

My mother and Sergei's father, my husband, never got along. Honestly, as long as everyone stayed at his house I didn't care. He considered her a fake hypochondriac, and she considered him a vicious and wicked old man. However, the two made a pact to enter into our grace...

There comes a time when, at a certain age, we realize that our parents have aged, that we are no longer very young, and that our children have grown up and will soon fly out of the nest. This is exactly the situation Sergei and I were in two years ago, at this time. We still loved each other, but we had forgotten since we hadn't spent at least a weekend together. Anya was preparing for admission to the ninth grade, Vasyli was in the tenth grade, they were already big, but they were still our primary concern.

Sergei took me aside and offered to talk to the children and let them know that we're just planning to go somewhere. He had been to a travel agency and bought two tickets for a weekend in Dubai. I think I've been dreaming of seeing Dubai since I was twenty, and Sergei had thought of a surprise.

At first, I didn't know what to say and what to do, we had never left the children alone in the house, even if they were no longer small children.

"They're going to have a monster party with their friends, and we're not going to die of it, are we?" Sergei said very confidently. They're having fun, we're having fun too. Come on, please, let's go crazy too!

Therefore, I gathered the children in the living room and gave them the big news. I have to admit that Anya and Vasyli were even happier than us that we decided to leave. Vasyli promised loudly that he would protect his sister and protect her from dragons and orcs - that was his way of babbling about us, and Anya promised us that she would not go late at night with her good friend. Maya, a restless girl, with her mind only on boys.

At one point, I was tempted to call my mother to stay with them, but I realized that in this way I would prove to them that I did not trust them at all. I walked through the shops escorted by Anya for a few days, because my wardrobe was absolutely outdated.

Don't forget that you are going to Dubai, mother, everyone is well dressed there, they will look at you like a scarecrow!

It cost me quite a lot to please Anya, but I realized that she was right and that my clothes, although they looked pretty good, were mostly old and out of trend. What's more, I really enjoyed walking through the shops and trying all sorts of crazy things that Anya chose for me. In the end, I chose a compromise solution, it was neither like me nor like her, I let the saleswoman advise me what would suit me best for my age.

At 39, you can't even say you're young, but you don't feel old either. Anya insisted on taking some sexier and more provocative lingerie, because there will only be two of us. I was terribly ashamed...

"Come on, Mom, what the hell? Just don't think I still think the stork brought me!"

I had blushed terribly, the saleswoman was embarrassed too, but in the end, I realized that my daughter was right. So, I bought some very sexy lingerie. We packed our bags, ordered a taxi, and Vasyli and Anya drove us to the airport. When we got on the plane, I already thought I was in another world. I felt like we were embarking on an unprecedented adventure. I have to admit that those three days in Dubai helped me and Sergei realize that we still love each other, that we don't want to change anything in our lives, and that we still have many years to go. We realized that from now on we should think more often about ourselves, because that does not mean that we neglect our children.

The three days passed as if it were a wonderful dream, and after we returned home and found that our dear children had given a great party, we did not even have the strength to get angry. But Sergei was right.

"My dear, from now on, every month, a weekend is just for the two of us, it doesn't matter where we go as long as it's just the two of us."

Stay tuned for part 2!