At the age of 40, we ended up living with our parents! - part 2

At the age of 40, we ended up living with our parents! - part 2

You have to admit that they didn't set the house on fire, they didn't exasperate the neighbors, because if they had, they wouldn't have stopped complaining, and they don't seem to have suffered from hunger either, so we have to keep in mind that and we are human, not just them.

How beautiful, a new beginning at 40 years old! Here that there are solutions to warm the atmosphere a little more, to detach yourself, even for two or three days, from the daily stress. On weekends when we didn't have much time, we just walked around the park and ate something in the city or, if we couldn't do that, we drank coffee and still spent a few hours together just the two of us. I told them the recipe for happiness and some of my friends, who complained about the same thing, the monotony of marriage, and after a while, they thanked me. I recommend you to try, until it's too late. Rejoice as much as you can, because I will tell you what happened to us in a very short time. My mother had retired for almost two years and was dying of boredom, alone, in her hometown. She kept calling me if I didn't want her to come and lend me a hand, but I refused. My mother was never very comfortable, she always liked to have the last word. I had a hard time getting along with her and while I was still at home, I don't even want to imagine what it will be like now, when I also have my taboos and I want to do as I like. I thought he was going to give up, but I was wrong. After about two weeks, she called me crying and told me she had broken her right leg and couldn't handle herself; In addition, the doctor had recommended that she stay with someone.

"Where should I go, my dear?" I have no one but you. I won't stay on your head for long, two or three months, I solemnly promise you!

When Sergei heard, the ceiling seemed to fall on his head, but he did not oppose the idea. Anyway, it wasn't the first time we'd woke up with our uninvited mother. He would have been able to come with us on the honeymoon, too, if my father hadn't stopped her, God rest his soul!

After my father's death, was horrible, she felt abandoned, she had no one to bully, no one to do all her cravings, so at least twice a year we would wake up with her at the door. You realize what joy... Then I lived in a flat with three rooms. The children each had their own room, and we slept in the living room. When the mother came, the children slept in the same room and the mother in the room of one of them. It was awful!

Finally, Sergei got in the car and went to pick up my mother from home. I told the children, fortunately now we had a room for guests, no one bothered them, and we also had our bedroom, upstairs, wall to wall with the room where my mother would stay. When he appeared, I found that he did not even have his leg in plaster, but only in a kind of plaster bandage and could move with the walking stick.

I installed her in her room, but very soon the circus began. She had not come to us to be alone, locked and isolated in her room. So, he spent most of the day tossing and turning his nose into everyone's business. She started to give me advice in the kitchen again, to tell me that this is not how soup is made, that I have to do it as she says, that it is not good to do that, that it is better done this way, that she knows better, etc. And more and more... I would have gladly left her alone in the kitchen, but it didn't suit her either. And for the fun to be at its highest level, one evening, as we were getting ready to go to bed, Sergei's father, who had also been a widower for several years, called us and told us that he had to bother us for a few days, because he had to do some special analysis. Sergei's father was a very cheerful and joking man, I thought that maybe his presence would annoy my mother and, in the end, we would get rid of both of them. But it wasn't like that at all...

Until recently, the two could not stand each other. My father-in-law always said of my mother that he played the role of the imaginary patient just to get attention, and my mother suspected that even at this age, the poor man was only 62 years old, still looking for women, instead of crying for his wife with dignity.

Sergei and I expected sparks to come out from the first date, which is usually the case. This time, however, they were both only milk and honey, they had suddenly become best friends, and they presented us with all the advantages we would have if we received them to live with us. When we heard something like that, Sergei and I froze. How can we afford to have our weekends now, if we still have them on our heads? Besides, Vasyli wouldn't have agreed to share his room with Anya, and it wasn't normal to do that, they were too big.

However, after having a short discussion with the grandparents, the children suggested the following option: the grandfather will stay in Vasyli’s room, who will sleep in the living room, on the couch, because anyway he likes to stay up late watching TV, Anya will keep the room and grandma stays in the guest room. Moreover, Vasyli informed us that he might, from time to time, stay overnight with his girlfriend, who received a gift from her parents but a studio, for when she will be a student, and they were they both put their bellies on the book to make sure the studio was theirs. Sergiu and I refrained from saying anything else and he withdrew us to our room.

The next day was Monday and we had to go to work with a clear mind. We sat up in bed and couldn't sleep. Eventually, I turned on the light, Sergei began to patrol the room, and I struggled to find a solution to break the deadlock. We had not done this for I do not know how many years. Then we gave in and stopped thinking about all sorts of solutions because it didn't make sense anyway. In the morning, we got dressed and went to work, hoping that everything was a dream, and when we return home things will return to normal. What happened when I got home? My mother and father-in-law were waiting for us with the table set, the house was clean as if an entire team had polished everything inch by inch, and the food was steaming. Only then did I notice that my mother was doing very well and without a walking stick!

After we finished eating, they invited us into the living room to have our coffee, and they tidied up the kitchen. The clothes that were dry had been gathered, ironed and placed nicely on their shelves, the shoes were arranged in order in the shoe rack, nowhere could you find any dust and any object that was not in its place. As a sign, they both got up and left us alone. This ritual is repeated every day. On Friday night, my father-in-law handed me some tickets.

Your mother and I thought you two could relax and I took two tickets for this weekend in Ras-al-Khaimah. The children gave us the idea. I had some money aside anyway. We stay at home, with the children, and you feel good, that's why there are parents in the world, to lend a helping hand.

What else could he have done in this situation? Send them to their homes? To sit there alone? Who could have such a black soul, right?

However, it is so good to have your parents close to you! Suddenly, our lives have changed for the better, and everything is due only to them. I would never have imagined!

the End