Because of the fear of not leaving me, I became my wife's servant part - 1

Because of the fear of not leaving me, I became my wife's servant part - 1

I did not know that Marina was an independent, stubborn and selfish woman, but I loved her unconditionally, from the bottom of my soul, so I married her despite family opposition. That's right, I was completely enchanted by her beauty, but I wouldn't have expected to become a rag. And for that, only my mother is to blame, because she pampered me way too much.

I'm Daniel, a completely depersonalized man. I am 37 years old, and my life is mostly organized by my wife. This, named Marina, is such a monstrous woman as I don't think you've ever met, a woman who mocks me, humiliates me, silences me.

You may be wondering, knowing this, why I accept such unfair, cruel, inhuman treatment, and the answer is as simple as possible: I endure because I do not want my little boy to suffer. If my wife left me, Michael, who loves us both enormously, would be destroyed.

After this not flattering self-portrait, I should get to the heart of the matter and describe to you, concretely, how my family life is going. Find out what I'm going through. The nightmare I live in every day.

But before I do that, I want to tell you why I got where I came from. And this reason consists in the fact that I had an extremely possessive mother, who kept me by her skirt and coddle me until late, more precisely until close to adulthood.

My mother, who was a housewife, would take me to school, pick me up from school, and then stay with me all day. Even when I persuaded her to let me play with the children in front of the block, she accompanied me so that she could supervise me. in vain I begged her to leave me alone, for I could do nothing. She kept coming. He was after me everywhere. However, I suffered the most when I was invited to a colleague's birthday, because, in the whole class, only I was not allowed to participate.

"What are you looking for there, Daniel?" my mother would start arguing with me when she heard I wanted to go. At such parties, they drink, smoke, dance. It's crowded, young people stay too close to each other, flirt, have sex. It's not for you, you're a good boy.

"Okay, Mom, but I'm not a child anymore! I protested, more formally, knowing that I would not get any results anyway. The other colleagues participate in each party, only I am missing." "Leave the others!" she closed my mouth every time. "The others are scumbags! You are a good boy, educated, special! "

That's why, until I grew up, I didn't know what fun meant. Incredible, isn't it? I was frustrated, I had reached the laughter of my colleagues, but what could I do? I grew up as a shy, thin, introverted boy, who was ashamed and afraid to talk to girls: in short, a person with great inferiority complexes.

No wonder it wasn't until the end of college, when I turned 23, that I had my first erotic experience, thanks to a colleague who took me to the brothel. And two years later, when I met Marina, who was a referent in the Human Resources department of a recruitment agency, who had not yet any natural, stable emotional relationship.

Indeed, her beauty and sex appeal devastated me, the beautiful girl invaded all my senses, so I did everything to be with her. And, to the displeasure of my parents and my brother, Robert, who did not like her at all, after two years of assiduous courtship, I managed to convince her to marry me.

"Daniel, there are so many beautiful girls, and of all of them, you have stained me! Marina tried to escape before the wedding. Don't you see that we are different? I am independent, stubborn and selfish, while you are a good, warm, sensitive boy with a big soul. You deserve more."

"Not true! I told you and I repeat: I love you, you are my obsession and I want to spend my whole life with you!"I protested vigorously, as usual when Marina was retreating. "I promise that we will be happy! "

And, up to a point, I really was. Or at least me. About four years ago, when she gave me a child, I had a beautiful marriage with the woman of my dreams. After that, however, my wife suddenly began to change. Every day she became more and more dissatisfied, colder, grumpier. Nothing suited her, she was always in the mood for scandal, I could hardly reconcile or please her, she brought me unjustified reproaches, even though I was a devoted, altruistic, tolerant husband; we quarrel over any trifle; scandals were the order of the day.

I was telling you that my parents and my brother opposed my marriage to Marina. Well, that's exactly why they did it: in the two years of the relationship that preceded the marriage, they were convinced that Marina has physical beauty, but she has ugliness in her soul. They had formed a very bad opinion of her character.

"Daniel, wake up to reality, boy! my mother shook me. Can't you see how Marina is treating you? She speaks harshly to you, offends you and treats you like a rag. I am convinced that she has no feelings for you since she does not respect you! "

"That's right! You are blinded by love, and you can't see clearly, but from the outside things don't look great at all: this woman is a profiteer who manipulates you like a puppet!" said my father sharply. She does what she wants with you!

My parents saw things, and unfortunately, I would see them the same way after four years of marriage, when Marina changed the switch. Until then, she had honourably fulfilled her role as wife and mother, and nothing foretold the storm that would befall our family. But, as I was saying, little by little Marina started to show her true face, like a beast in a woman's body, and I was forced to accept her mockery, which I still do today.

"Daniel, I remind you of what I told you after two years together, before the wedding: I am not the right woman for you! she snapped at me one night, while Michael, who was 2 at the time, was sleeping like an angel in his crib. You have stubbornly married me, and now: four years have passed, and I have not been and I am not happy! Even if we have a child together, I repeat, I'm not happy, and that's because I don't love you! I never loved you! If I had loved you, I would have respected you!"

Stay tuned for part 2!