A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish


If you could have anything for Christmas, what would it be? A Holiday in Dubai, An evening out with your hot wife or maybe a threesome would be your ideal present, well for me last Christmas I wanted all three from Santa, I had been such a good boy last year that I deserved it, well that is what I thought anyway. There is no more beautiful place to spend the holidays than Dubai, and no one I would want to share it with more than my beautiful wife Sally. But let's face it everyone loves a threesome and with a partner like mine fantasy, easily can become reality. We have been together for nearly 20 years and have grown as a couple over the years, we have built up trust in each other, she knows there is no one that can ever take her place and I have complete faith in her which gives us the freedom to enjoy the pleasures that most couples are unable to participate in.

When we first got together Sally had led quite a sheltered life, and it took us time for her to gain the confidence to let down her guard and try the things that she had kept secret from everybody, too shy to really let herself go, she needed the reassurance I provided to blossom into the horny woman she is today, I on the other hand had always been open to trying new experiences and spent my youth constantly pushing the boundaries of what was considered acceptable, so I was able to guide her as she let go of her inhibitions, Now there is no stopping her. We had booked a classy hotel for the evening, let's face it when you have two teenage kids you never get any privacy at all, so an exclusive room is paramount. When we arrived about five in the afternoon, so spent our time relaxing in the spa that was part of the hotel complex before going up to our room to get dressed. I opened the phone and went to www.bookrealescorts.com to book a bisexual Dubai escort for the evening I always let Sally choose which escort we would be enjoying together as she has much better taste than I have, she scrolled through the wide selection of beautiful bisexual Dubai escorts until she stopped on Melisa a beautiful Romanian escort in Dubai with stunning blue eyes and lovely large firm breasts and a pert bottom, I approved of her choice and she contacted her to arrange for her to come over in a couple of hours which gave us plenty of time to prepare ourselves for our private Christmas party. 

Sally put on her sexiest underwear and black stockings, we ordered a couple of bottles of champagne to get us in the mood the more we drank, the more excited we became and had just opened the second one when there was a knock on the door Sally rose to answer and there she was a brunette seductive Romanian escort dressed in a short dress that enhanced her wonderful cleavage and her exquisite rounded behind, Sally led her into the bedroom and I followed them with the bottle and three glasses watching the two sensuous women moving seductively towards the bed, I poured out three drinks passed them to Sally and Melisa and took a seat in the corner of the room as they giggled and drank down the bubbly and started to kiss each other at first gently then becoming more passionate as they embraced. I love to watch as Sally as her hands caress the body of another woman, slipping her dress up over her head to revealing those fine breasts then as she unclipped her bra she fondled Melisa, tweaking her nipples hard until they stood out like bullets then kissing them before running her hands down over her flat stomach until they rested on the fine bit of lace covering Melisa's mound easing the material out of the way to expose her well trimmed pussy slipping two fingers inside her by now wet lips.

 Sally laid back on the bed and invited Melisa to remove the rest of Sally's underwear and then to move her head down to use her mouth and tongue to pleasure her. I was getting so horny watching two bisexual beauties pleasuring each other, so I undressed without taking my eyes off them naked I came over to the bed to join them Kissing Melisa on her back my hand squeezed her buttocks then I slipped one finger parting her labia to feel how wet she had already become before moving round to kiss Sally full on the lips, she flicked her tongue inside my mouth leaving the sweet flavour of Melisa on my taste buds, they both pulled me forward to join them in a tangle of hot bodies until I was on my back with them rubbing their hands over me, first sally took me into her mouth and then invited Melisa to suck me as well, the two of them greedily slurping on my manhood. I was ready I reached in the bedside table and took out a condom, Sally took it from me and opened the packet before using her mouth to roll it on to me, I moved behind Melisa to take her from behind as Sally positioned her self against the headboard with her legs open, so Melisa could please her as I made love. It felt so stimulating having sex with a sensational Dubai escort while watching my wife writhing in ecstasy, the best Christmas present ever, then as the tensions mounted. Melisa and Sally changed places, so I removed the condom and finished our threesome inside my wife until we both climaxed and feel into a sweaty heap on the bed. I remember wondering I cannot wait for next Christmas, what will we do next year? Only 367 days to go to find out

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