During the day she was a wife and during the night she was a hot luxury escort in Dubai - part 2

During the day she was a wife and during the night she was a hot luxury escort in Dubai - part 2

"Maybe you'll help her, with your relationships she'll find work somewhere," I told Richard a few months after the wedding.

"I will see, Mom! he replied. Nadine prefers to stay home and take care of the household. By the way, what does it take to work when I earn enough for both of us?"

That didn't smell good to me, because an unoccupied wife quickly becomes annoying, and Nadine had already shown me that she wasn't gentle at all.

Her first concern after the wedding was to get me out of their house. I thought I would do them a favour if, at least in the beginning, I cooked for them. So that my young daughter-in-law doesn't run into the difficulties of the household too soon.

So as not to disturb them, I would prepare the food at my house and take it to them at a pre-arranged time with Nadine. But even so, it was too much for her. One day. Richard called me and said in passing:

"Uh... And about the food... Don't bother, Mom!" Nadine loves to cook...

But it was a lie, and soon after, I learned from my cousin that they had hired a woman who came three times a week to cook and clean the house for them. It wasn't long before my daughter-in-law's face when she looked at me convinced me not to visit them at all.

I had come to see my son very rarely, when they were willing to come to me, but even those visits, instead of making me happy, were an ordeal. Nadine sat in a corner with a sullen look, barely answering questions, while Remus became embarrassed, struggling to relax us.

"She's jealous on you!" Meggie concluded one day (she was aware of everything).

"Why would she be jealous?" I shrugged gloomy. "My son looks at her like at the sun, and I almost don't even exist for him..."

"Honey, women like Nadine are jealous on anyone for no reason!"

"I don't know, damn it, how he confused him like that," I sighed. Other girls, better than her, could not persuade him to marry them, and he took Nadine almost as soon as they met. It's like having charms done!

Damn charms! Meggie snorted. She clung to him, these are all "charms." The trouble with women like Nadine is that they behave the same way and after they have been married, eventually the men run away from them, or they end up in a mess. Or I strangle them and end up in prison...

It wasn't long before Nadine managed to keep Richard away from all his friends. When she was not busy buying clothes and shopping as much as she could, she spent her time calling him every quarter of an hour, and Richard was often put in very embarrassing situations.

Where are you, Remus? How long are you staying? Come on, come home faster! she asked, sometimes in a commanding tone, sometimes in a honeyed tone. One day, a co-worker of Richard's, who I knew quite well, stopped me on the street.

My husband and I tried, but he avoided the answer, and since then he seems to avoid us.

I suggested she ask Nadine and asked her to give me a call to tell me what they were talking about. When she called me, the girl looked awfully embarrassed.

"I don't even know how to start, ma'am, but... Nadine is a very difficult person... I just mentioned Richard, that he curled up like a donut and started screaming why I was interested in her husband, that I want to steal Richard and many other words that I can't reproduce to you... I was perplexed, please believe me, I just wanted to help... In the end, I didn't I could bear her mischief and I hanged up. I'm sorry..."

Richard and Nadine lived in luxury, but alone. My daughter-in-law was so out of judgment that he had come to harass Richard even if he stayed overtime at work, ignoring the fact that the money for her luxury clothes, jewellery, and perfumes was not easy to earn.

"Sometimes I wonder if he really loves Richard," I told my good friend one afternoon.

"Yes, and I'm a little afraid that, in fact, he only loves his money," she replied thoughtfully.

Suddenly, she jumped up:

"You know what, Johana, an idea came to me... A little crazy, that's right... Let's put Nadine to the test! Do you know Taylor, my next-door neighbour, that stupid kid? That boy is capable of anything. Let's introduce them! I bet she'll be the best escort for him. A luxurious one!"

I was so shocked by her proposal that I caught my breath.

"What?! I burst out at last. What are you talking about?! You've lost your mind?! I've never done anything like this in my life, and I'm not going to do it for my daughter-in-law either..."

"Wait, Jane, don't get mad! After all, what is this? A test! If your daughter-in-law also loves Remus as a housewife, Taylor may try to seduce her by any means, but she won't care at all. What if she doesn't love him? We'd better find out. Don't you see that if she goes on like this, Richard risks going to the bedlam?"

Although I admitted to myself that Meggie was right, I still couldn't accept her method.

"I don't know... Let me think again! Wow, it's too much..."

Meggie didn't give up and it hit me so hard that I finally agreed. I called Nadine and lured her home to me under some pretext. On the appointed day. Meggie and Taylor arrived earlier. If until then I had almost gotten nervous because of the turmoil, Taylor's appearance had the gift of reassuring me. The boy was a ton of muscle; otherwise, no brain at all, a lot of arrogance and a jerk behaviour. He laughed loudly and cut us off, always trying to draw attention to himself. "What a temptation Meggie found!" I thought, disappointed.

When Nadine rang the doorbell, I had no worries about who was to follow. But it turns out I didn't know my daughter-in-law well enough. As soon as she caught sight of Taylor, she started waving next to him, rolling her eyes and doing all kind of things to get more attention...

If until then she didn't know how to get rid of me faster, now she wouldn't let go until Meggie and Taylor left. The next day I remember a phone call from my girlfriend:

"Guess who called me? You won't believe it: your dear daughter-in-law!"

"Really?! And what did she want?"

"I guess he wanted to ask me about Taylor, but she didn't dare." She kept me on the phone for half an hour, asking me about my health and everything. She hoped, I think, that I would talk about him, but I didn't play her game.

"Very good! And now, we're done with this nonsense! We've made it clear that she doesn't love Richard."

All week, Nadine called Meggie every day.

"I say give Taylor's phone number..."

"Under any circumstances! Didn't we decide we were done with this nonsense? You just wouldn't help her cheat on my son!"

"Honey, don't you see it's like a horny cat? If he doesn't find out from me, he'll find out from someone else. Or if it's not Taylor, it's going to be another one. He once understands that this woman is being trampled on, and it's better for Richard to wake up sooner than later."

Nadine called me too, she hadn't called me since I didn't remember when, and I almost burst out laughing as she tried to look disinterested and asked seemingly harmless questions about Taylor. Eventually, my girlfriend gave her the phone number. Nadine hasn't called any of us since.

But I knew what was going on with Meggie, who was informed by Taylor.

He took a lot of money from Nadine and treated her like a caveman. I'm not telling you what I went through during that period, how terrible it is for a mother to know her son cheated and, on top of that, with a man who can't even reach his little finger.

The only good part was that Nadine didn't tease Richard anymore and didn't bother him with phones. Now she had other worries. How Richard found out about his wife's relationship and how the discussion between them went I don't know even today. But one evening, late, I found him at the door with his face yellow as wax.

"Mom, I'm divorcing!" he told me in a low voice.

"You're doing well, my dear, I've been wanting to advise you on this for a long time... Nadine is not the woman to start a family with..."

"That's right, I realized a long time ago, but it was hard for me to break it permanently. But now... Now it's impossible!"

The divorce went fast. Just before the divorce began, Nadine took her things and moved to Taylor. But their relationship did not last long. Taylor soon became bored with Nadine, and when she ran out of money and jewellery to sell, he broke up with her.

After the divorce, Richard suffered for a while, but now he's the same cheerful, joking boy from before marriage. It looks like a mist has fallen from his eyes. He wondered how badly his marriage had changed him, so it occurred to him not to marry second time.

After a long time, I got rid of the remorse that my gesture produced and the fear that Richard would find out one day that his mother was the one who "destroyed" his marriage...

Nadine would have been an extremely bad woman, but I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if I hadn't made it easier for her to meet Taylor.

But two weeks ago, Richard came to visit me after he had been in Dubai for more than half a year, because in the meantime he had been needed at headquarters. But he did not come alone, he came from there "escorted" by an extremely beautiful girl.

Aisha is completely different from Nadine - open, lively, altruistic and sensitive. In addition, it gives me the impression of a person who knows what he wants, so I'm thinking of going shopping with Maggie these days, so that we can get a first idea of the new clothes trends. I will be the mother-in-law again and this time I'm very happy!

the End