For the sake of my girlfriend, I left my job and my city - part 2

For the sake of my girlfriend, I left my job and my city - part 2

That's why I didn't think my girlfriend would carry out her plans to move closer to her parents. He had plenty of reasons to stay. In the end, however, fate decided otherwise. Those at the company where she worked gave her the opportunity to take a job in Seville that was just as well paid and on top of it, hierarchically superior to the one she had in Madrid. At such an offer, Cornelia stopped thinking and accepted.

When I heard the news, I had a stormy discussion. I felt that my expectations had been deceived. It seemed to me that he had betrayed me without consulting me before making this important decision.

"I didn't betray you at all. That's why I'm proposing you come with me now."

"I think you are joking! I mean, I'm more of a sucker, can I put my career in the background, while you put me in second place, and your career in second place? Don't you think you're exaggerating I knew that usually the woman follows her husband, and if until now I was not your husband, I am quite sure that the future will look the same."

She had tears in her eyes, which was supposed to show me that our breakup hurt, but I was too nervous and angry to control myself.

"I have invested time, hopes and feelings in you, Isabela, and you make up your mind!"

"I don't think I tried in vain to feed your hopes." I always told you I'd like to get out from here.

"But I've never really seen you determined."

"Yes, I'm leaving Madrid now, Carlos! Do you understand? I'm leaving and it's better to know what we're going to do. I would like you to come with me."

"Do not even think about it."

"Then what do we do? Out of the side, out of the mind. It's better to end it here and stay friends."

She was crying, but she was adamant in her decision.

"I'm not even going to sell the apartment here yet." I'm trying to leave a bridge, a loophole between us.

"Shut it down," I said almost brutally. close all the gates and open others for whoever you want. I won't look for you anymore.

I tried to keep my word. Immediately after her departure, I plunged into a life of pleasure, although I had not particularly liked this kind of manifestation before. Lost nights followed, drunk with friends. Extravagant gestures, even outrageous ones, which once disgusted me, now seemed natural to me, in line with the situation.

After a few weeks, Isabela started calling me. At first, I rushed her, and one evening I put a girl with whom I had an occasional affair answer the phone. However, Isabela did not give up and the perseverance she showed, made me understand that there are deep feelings on her part, beyond her gesture.

I started talking to her again, even though I had told her she was free to close all the doors, because I would not knock on them again.

Gradually, I realized how much I missed her and started telling her that on the phone. I wanted to heal and I thought that if I tried to turn that bond into a friendship, healing would be easier, smoother.

We first met three months after she left. She had come to sell the apartment in Madrid.

"I need money, I was given the opportunity to buy a house. I would be extremely happy to live in it with you. Aren't you coming with me?"

"Didn't you find someone to fall in love with?"

"How to find someone when I'm already in love?"

After that first meeting, others followed. For the next five months, I went to her twice, she came to me twice. Even though we didn't think a distance connection could be kept, we were trying. What was next? I didn't know very well; the connection didn't seem to have a clear purpose but I was beginning to reconsider the idea of going to Seville.

What is even more interesting is that after 2 years we chose to move to Dubai, a crowded city she said, but at least much more cosmopolitan and very well organized, full of tempting opportunities.

I had thought that keeping in touch would heal the wounds of leaving, I had thought that I was strong enough to overcome the suffering, I had thought that I would be able to defeat the feeling of emptiness that followed each meeting with Isabela. I didn't make it and one day I went after her. Definitive. Even if biblically the woman follows her husband, in love, the man follows his wife.

the End