A  Glossary of services Provided

A Glossary of services Provided

If you are a newcomer to Dubai escorts or even a newcomer to escorts in general then, all the different services can be a little overwhelming, we have created a glossary of the acronyms and euphemisms that are used to describe all the amenities provided. To make your visit to bookingrealescorts.com easier and to make sure you get exactly what you need from the best escorts in Dubai.

Anal sex

An easy one to start it is exactly what it says, all these play mates enjoy and welcome anal sex which is also called Greek. What could be better than sliding into the tight anus of one of our beautiful Dubai escorts?


Anal without, meaning anal sex without having to use a condom, is the same as anal sex but is for a more sensitive feeling with no rubber to decrease your sensations allowing you to come inside her.


Big beautiful woman is an alternative to chubby or well-rounded, it describes a more curvy vivacious Dubai escort with large breasts and a big booty if you love a natural woman who has a more rubenesque figure look no further


Bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism. A varied range of fetishes clumped together under the banner of BDSM from a light spanking to a dungeon with racks and chains and everything in between, escorts in Dubai cover them all.


A Dubai escort that enjoys the company of women and men and who would gladly have a woman as a client as a man, she is perfect if you are looking for someone to please you and your partner there are no better escorts in Dubai to make that fantasy come true.


Blow job is a more common expression for oral sex, giving pleasure with her mouth is an art that every Dubai escort has perfected having a classy young woman take you in between her pouty lips

is something not to be missed

Body to body

Body to body is a sexual massage where the Dubai escort uses her naked, oiled body to create an erotic, stimulating, intimate experience.


Come in mouth is oral sex where when you reach a climax the Dubai escort will take your ejaculation in her mouth and run it across her tongue, there is nothing greater than wet lips caressing the end of your cock as you shoot your load.


double penetration is when an escort in Dubai take two men at the same time in both her vagina and anus pleasing both at the same time if you want to share with a friend then this is worth a go.

Extra balls

Extra balls is a euphemism for coming more than once in your session with your Dubai escort instead of feeling rushed into cumming and leaving, take your time and go again sometimes once is not enough.


Fisting is inserting your whole hand inside the vagina of a horny Dubai escort, sometime clenching the fist as she becomes more lubricated opening her gaping pussy and inserting your hand completely.

Foot fetish

Someone with a foot fetish is literally turned on by people's feet, thinking about them, touching them, seeing them, and could potentially get off on everything feet. They often want to engage in foot worship, in which they treat their partner's feet like a holy object, kissing, caressing, and massaging them.

Full service

A full service includes nearly all the other categories in the list, if you are not sure exactly what you want then a full service with an escort in Dubai covers all the bases. 

Gang bang

If you want a Dubai escort that will be the life of a party, then book one of our ladies from this section, she will be pleased to take care of you and your friends in one go.


A girlfriend experience if you want to feel that you are not spending your time with a professional Dubai escort but rather a date with your childhood sweetheart then you will love this, kissing embracing, and cuddling in an intimate sexual encounter.

Golden shower

For people who love peeing and or being urinated on. A popular fetish for those who love the golden liquid. It is even claimed that it was a personal kink of an ex American president, there are Dubai escorts who love to supply this kink to their clients.


hand job or masturbation, sometimes you just want to relieve the stress in your life, why not have an escort in Dubai masturbate you with her lubricated hand with a tight grip, lay back and let her produce her magic.


A Dubai escort that has her own private accommodation for you to use instead of using your hotel room to maintain your privacy or if you need specialist equipment.


There are Dubai escorts that are dominating mistresses, let her take control of everything as she whips you into shape.


An Outcall Dubai escort will not only come to your hotel or apartment but will also love to go out for dinner or a party or just a walk around the incredible sights of Dubai


Oral without, oral sex but this time without a condom on, so you can feel her warm saliva across the head of your penis with no rubber to reduce sensation.


Using various erotic situations to increase your experience, if you want a Dubai escort that likes to wear uniforms maybe a sexy nurse or a naughty school girl or plays along with your personal sexual fantasy, boss and secretary or even lonely housewife and salesman then you are only limited by your own imagination


A special escort in Dubai that orgasms by cumming in great amounts and with a ferocity that sprays from her vagina exploding sex juices 


how about an erotic performance as the Dubai escort sensually removes her clothes while dancing rhythmically in front of you putting a fantastic show.


If you dislike condoms then sex without is a must, no interrupting the flow by having to stop and put on protection, enjoy natural sex like it was meant to be.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is also known as a physical act of touch that intends to enlighten those interacting in it by harnessing sexual energy within the body. Let our Dubai escort professionally trained in the manipulation of erogenous zones on your body take away all of your sexual stress.

So there you have it, a glossary of the common phrases used at bookingrealescorts.com feel free to enjoy all of our different categories and maybe complete the full set you will find more interesting articles here