He cheated on me with my office colleague - part 2

He cheated on me with my office colleague - part 2

"Say it, don't stop, Ilonka! I don't think that's true, but if you start, tell me everything. What other serious things does Magda do that I've always cared about like a friend?"

"You're naive, but either way, I'll open your eyes! The whole company knows what you don't know ... Magda is in Debrecen with your husband, and it's not the first time she's been away from work to be with him. Think about it, you know better than us when Lorand is gone and when she is missing ."

I leaned against the wall so as not to fall because I could feel the earth shaking beneath me. In an instant, I made connections that all led to the same point. Laura and everyone else was right: Magda always disappeared whenever Lorand told me that he was leaving in the delegation. Now I remembered and this had happened way too often and as I do not believe in coincidences, I realized that it was true what my colleagues said ... that my husband was cheating on me!

I collapsed in my chair and the first impulse was to get on the phone, call my husband and tell him to stay where he was and who he was with, because I never wanted to see him again in my life and that I will never forgive him. Then, on the way home, upset, I tried to look at things from another point of view: we had been married for four years and we had a three-year-old child. A pretty hard life awaited me if I divorced, and our little girl, Reka, would have grown up without a father.

I went after her to my mother, who took care of her until I left work, and I couldn't help crying when I hugged my baby. I released my tormented soul, I told my mother everything and then I found out, for the first time, that my mother had gone through something like that, that my father had also made a mistake in his youth!

My daughter, I understand you best and I am very sorry that you were not spared of this suffering either. You can take whatever decision you want, I'll be with you, but I'd say don't rush. You love Lorand, you got married out of love and maybe he loves you too. That woman, with her charms, twisted his mind, but how long do you think that lasts? Your husband will return to you and your child. Don't rush to put him out of your life, you won't be better divorced, don't you think?

I was crying and breaking my hands in pain and anger at the same time. In the evening, my mother-in-law visited me, suddenly dead. She used to come to us in Sandu's absence, to see if we were well, but now I received her with hostility and poured out my anger on her:

"Lorand is a shameless man and a big liar." What a son you have raised! He will come home smiling, he will hug me, he will bring presents to Reka, but until then he will fall apart in the arms of another, as he does every time he leaves for the delegation! And do you know with whom?!

With my office colleague, the one who seems to have a way with men, which only those who do not have time do not make a mistress, as I found out!

"Eniko, I'm surprised to hear all this, but if it's as you say."

"That's right. All my husband's behaviour for a while now is proof that he's cheating on me! I found the mistress's earrings in our car. Shamelessly takes time off every time he leaves town, and I stay at the office to do her job while she sleeps with my husband!"

"Calm down, maybe we can make things right! I'm not saying that just because he's my son, but I don't want you to do things that we'll all regret later. Look, I'm telling you to go after him and bring him home. Every hour that passes and in which you break your hands, for that woman is again because she is with him. Go and snatch him from her arms, bring him home and keep him in check afterwards! Look, I'm taking Reka to me, and you're doing what you have to do."

I thought for a whole night without closing my eyes. As my mother-in-law used to say, I imagined Lorand shaking his head at that time in bed with his mistress.

What are we waiting for?! I had to leave by train early in the morning and bring my husband home. I called him early in the morning, in a calm voice, and apparently only out of curiosity asked what hotel he was staying at, so I knew where to go. My decision was made because otherwise, they would have spent four more days in Debrecen full of lascivious pleasures!

I got there around noon, took a taxi to the hotel and waited in the bar on the ground floor because the two were missing when I asked about them. Apparently, they hadn't left the hotel together. Lorand had left early to take care of his business, and I saw Magda appear with a bag. She had probably been looking for clothes and junk that drove men crazy, the way she wore them. When he saw me, he froze, but only for a moment, then headed for the elevator. I went after her and, when I reached the door of the room, I said:

"Pack your bags and leave, there's no place for you! I will not leave here under any circumstances!"

"What if Lorand prefers me?"

"I don't recommend you to wait for him together, because the fire will come out! If you do not want to use the door voluntarily, you will definitely go out through the window! Up to you!"

"Okay, I'm leaving, but don't be so sure that Lorand will stay with you!" Your husband loves me, not you!

I almost had to fight right there, but I kept calm so as not to cause a scandal in the hotel, which was expensive and decent. At last, the shameless woman left, and I waited for Lorand, the infidel.

He finally came to his knees, shattered, and collapsed in the chair. His mistress had informed him that I was there. That snake had asked him to take her home and to leave me there, and my husband didn't know how to split between two women, eventually choosing ... to drink. He started begging me to forgive him because he felt guilty in front of me and swore that he regretted what had happened. He told me that it was only a moment's loss and that he felt nothing for Magda, that the attraction had passed and he begged me to forgive him.

I had forgiven him in the depths of my soul, but I was not going to make my husband's life easy after what had happened. Speaking of my mother-in-law, I was going to keep him on a leash, and not surrounding him with affection, as before. As I could no longer work with Magda in the office and she was not going to leave the company I went to Lorand's bosses, asking them to consider me for a vacancy post in human resources or a similar department.

After about four months, during which time I was pretty cold with my husband, I got a job at the same company with him, and from now on he couldn't take a step without my knowledge. Even maybe I shouldn't I let it go, I forgave him, but he had to pay for his deeds and bend me day and night, not to forget for a second that I was his faithful wife, that I gave him a child and that he had to respect me and not to break my word.

What was he to do? He focused on work and equally on family responsibilities. My interventions with the bosses also mattered, in order to promote him faster as a Manager, so he got rid of travel, and I got rid of the fear that he might cheat me in his travels around the country. Only then did I begin to be more relaxed and serene and more affectionate with him. He answered me with the same feelings, that he had no other way.

Lorand wakes up with me in his mind, together we go to work, together we come home and take care of our child and our house and fortunately, we are almost inseparable. Maybe he feels chained, maybe I suffocate him with my presence next to him moment by moment, but he has no choice. This is the price he has to pay for his infidelity.

the End