He fired me because I didn't give in to his advances - part.1

He fired me because I didn't give in to his advances - part.1

I am a modest young woman and I have always behaved impeccably, but nevertheless, I have had bad experiences with men.

Now I sit and think if this is not exactly what attracts various misaligned people to me... After two horrible experiences that marked my life, I completely lost confidence in people, but also in myself.

It was September 13, and my parents and I had returned from the village where my grandparents lived. As my father had a stepbrother with whom he got along wonderfully, even better than if they were good brothers, I could say, he sent me to my uncle with a bag full of everything: apples, a hen, a few eggs, corn and other. He, a guy in his 40s, married and has a small child (it was very difficult for his wife to get pregnant), greeted me as always with a smile on his face and open arms. This time it seemed too open.

"Thinking of the thought, doll, I was thinking of you!"

"To me? I asked."

"Yes, because I missed you, you haven't been here in a long time."

"I was busy learning, I didn't really leave the house."

"Good thing you came! I'm alone at home because Doina and the little one are in the park, and I was dying of boredom!"

"I can't stay too long."

"Why, do you have a boyfriend waiting for you somewhere? No wonder you made yourself beautiful! How old are you? 16, right? he said and suddenly hugged me tightly."

"Wow, I have to go."

"You don't even know how much I love you, Mari!" he said, hugging me even tighter and searching my mouth.

And he kissed me. I started screaming, scared, I wanted to vomit.

"Leave me alone, aren't you ashamed?!"

"Mari, tell me you didn't like it and I'll stop."

"What do you mean, 'to stop'?" But what the hell do you want from me?

"My little girl, my love, but we can be more than relatives! And so, we are only relatives by the alliance. Come on, Mari, admit that you got hot too!"

At that moment, I pushed him as hard as I could, managing to break free from the embrace.

"You bastard! I screamed, leaping toward the door and running like crazy."

I stopped in the churchyard next to the house, crying and trying to recover. I decided not to tell my parents, I was too ashamed, and then I didn't want to cause a scandal. The story of my uncle was the first terrible episode in my life, one that changed my mind about men and turned me into a woman with preconceived notions.

But the years have passed. I didn't go to college, although my parents always encouraged me to do so. I didn't feel able to move on. I got hired here and there when I was a saleswoman when I was a barmaid. That was until I decided to go to Bucharest, to work as a housekeeper, because I had a friend who had taken this step and she was very happy with what she was doing and, especially, with how much she was earning. She also found me a family that needed a girl in the house, warmly recommending me.

I worked there for six months and I was very satisfied. Then, suddenly, I woke up without a job, the family going through a financial stalemate and giving up my services. A difficult period began for me, because the host where I had found a small room asked me for rent, money they melted from day to day, and in a month I had not even a loaf of bread. I was desperate.

But even as I was about to give up and walk home with my tail between my legs, I came across an ad that sounded interesting: "We are looking for a housekeeper, accommodation, food and an excellent salary." It was the perfect opportunity for me. I went to the interview and I was accepted.” The Scheianu family had set up a company, I didn't quite understand what they were doing, but they were doing quite well.

I had a lot of work to do, but I was satisfied. They left home in the morning and returned late in the evening. I could carry out my activities at will, without being supervised. It was obvious that there was nothing left between the two of them, and even though they were husband and wife, they were probably more connected to their business than anything else. In addition, they treated me very well, especially Mr Scheianu. He kept asking me if. it seems hard if I can handle it.

One evening, after dinner, Mr Scheianu asked me to go shopping with him. I was surprised because I always did the shopping alone. On top of that, it was quite late. He motivated me that he wants to go shopping and that he needs help.

All the way, he told me how he met his wife, he told me, in the end, that things were not going well between them. I felt pretty bad. I felt like I was taking part in a conspiracy against my own mistress. Then he said to me:

"I had a girlfriend in high school who looked exactly like you. She was a brunette, just like you, with black eyes, tall ... a Very beautiful girl. When I saw you in front of the door, I was really wondering if she wasn't you. It was my first love. I will never look at her. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"I don't have much time for lovers, and besides, where can I find them?" I'm afraid to go out alone in Bucharest.

"Is that your problem? How about we go out somewhere tomorrow night? Never know what'll pop up. Maybe you'll find a handsome boy around there too."

"But maybe the lady won't want to go out."

"She doesn't go out to nightclubs anyway. So, it's just us."

So, I had no reason to refuse his invitation. It stayed that way. I didn't like the idea, especially since Mrs Mirabela looked a bit ugly when she heard it. Fortunately, we couldn't go out the next night because they were both invited to a business dinner. They set me free, so I went to my friend to tell her what it was like.

As soon as she heard the story, it caught my attention to be careful, that she didn't like his invitation. But I didn't take it into account. She used to make something out of nothing, why wouldn't she do the same now?

The following week, Mr Scheianu spent a lot of time at home. I thought he was on vacation. It had become really stressful. Whatever I did, he followed me like a faithful dog. Plus, he was bothering me every day to go out with him in the city, he wanted to "show me the world in Bucharest". But I never accepted his proposals, precisely because they seemed suspicious to me. And, indeed, a woman's instinct is never wrong.

Stay tuned for part 2!