He fired me because I didn't give in to his advances - part.2

He fired me because I didn't give in to his advances - part.2

One day, I wake up with a pack on the nightstand. I had no idea who had entered and when he had left it. It was a pair of tights with a note attached:

“I'm very sorry that we had to postpone the evening I promised you. But I promise to make up for it, my beautiful black-eyed girl."

"I thought I wasn't reading well and I was instantly ashamed of his shame. I put the package on the nightstand, as if nothing had happened (I forgot it there).

Then came other gifts, also without success. He didn't understand that he couldn't buy me and that was driving him crazy. His wife felt something was wrong. I could hear them in my room arguing one night: "You know very well that I have always understood you." I understand that I no longer attract you, that I am fat, ugly and aged, in your opinion. But it seems normal to me to look like that, at almost fifty years old. Anyway, you know very well that I accepted all your escapades. Is it too much to ask you to tell me who you're dating? I know you too well, darling, and don't tell me you don't have anyone now!" I could hear him shamelessly lying to her, when, in fact, he was falling in love with me. I was disgusted! He could have been my father! I couldn't stay. I had decided. I was going to leave at the end of the week, to end the month and get my full salary. How would I know that while I was making plans to leave, he was making plans for revenge against me? I think my number 13 will be unlucky all my life. 

I went and told Mrs Mirabela that I can't stay anymore because I'm going back to Sibiu, for personal reasons. On the 13th I was going to leave. The day before, he went to his wife's room (I was in the bathroom and I could hear everything, but they didn't know) to tell her that I was after him and that, of course, I was refused; that he didn't want to tell her anything so as not to upset her and that he hoped it would work out on its own. That's how he ended his plea: “I am almost convinced that he has set his eyes on our fortune. What would she have in mind, that I leave you for her! And by the way, I can't find my robe anymore. I bet is in her room! "

Yes, he was in my room to mislead his wife. I can't figure out even today when he had time to sneak there unnoticed. Of course, I was fired and, instead of my salary, I received many, many insults. To her, I was just a "whore who pursued her interest." I tried to explain, but what credibility did I have in front of her, especially when she had clear evidence?

I went, devastated, to my friend, who - what an irony - had warned me. I haven't been able to do anything for a few days. I hadn't even received my money for a month's work. Then Luiza asked me very seriously: "Mariana, but you have no evidence to prove to your wife that he's guilty?"

 "What proof? Do you think I can do something?" That's when an idea came to my mind. I hadn't taken the tights and the note, they were in the nightstand drawer. I told her that too. 

"What are you waiting for? she told me. Go and prove it!" 

That's what I did. I went to Mrs Mirabela's office and told her everything. "Please listen to me!" Maybe you'll be sorry later if you don't. Please come home with me now and I'll show you the ticket your husband left. She accepted with great difficulty. When she became convinced that the note did exist, and in addition, recognizing her husband's handwriting, she was silent for a long time with her eyes fixed on the ticket, with a white face like a sheet of paper. It hurt a lot, you could see it on her face, but she was also relieved that she had clarified the problem. 

"How can I apologize to you, Mari, for all the ugly things I told you?" she asked in a whisper. I had forgiven her the moment she said those words. She gave me even more money than she owed me. I haven't met them since, although I stayed in Bucharest, I wouldn't want to meet them again. 

the End