He threw me into the arms of my boss to save his business - part 1

He threw me into the arms of my boss to save his business - part 1

I don't want to be pitied and gossiped about by people who know me. I'm not afraid of my husband and maybe I'll put my story under his nose, in case it sees the light of day, to read it and thus realize how much he hurt me and why now our relationship is not as beautiful as before.

I was hoping to spend a quiet evening with my husband, but he seemed to be thinking the other way around.

Don't tell me you didn't notice that your boss was totally checking on you! he told me, after asking me what I had done that day at work.

"What are you talking about? Don't you mean to say that my mind is on adultery?" I asked irritably.

"Wait, wait, I didn't insinuate anything... I just wanted to say that last week, when we went to Clark's to set up the business, we'd been talking about I saw how he could not take his eyes off your cleavage, a bit generous, which is true... And it's not the first time I see him looking at you for a long time, you know! Well, that's when an idea came to me!"

"I don't think you're speaking serious! Clark is a honourable man, he appreciates me for what I do and I like him because you two have some things in common. If he smiles at me, it's because he wants to be kind and that's it."

"Maybe it's like you say, but I think he likes you a lot... And that's why I think my idea is brilliant!"

"What idea? George, what's on your mind?"

"My dear, how can I tell you, the crisis has hit us too and we have to adapt. Whoever can't adapt is doomed to failure! And I'm not going to give up all my work so far, and all the nights I've lost so far. I know you've always felt like I'm good for nothing, you knew how to praise and admire only others, but look, in the end, I did something too! I started my own business and I'm not going to lower the flag at the first gust of wind, you know! Especially since in our country the wind blows quite often... So, if you want to do something for me, well, if not, I can handle myself somehow ... But I expected you to be however more grateful and cooperative. What do you say you want to help me?"

"What exactly do you want from me, George?"

"Adeline, I'd like you to try to be nicer to your boss until the two of us sign the final papers." Come on, I'm not asking you much!

"Aha! And what do you mean by “be nicer”?"

"It depends on what he understands. But I say you should not have whims... We have two children and I don't think they will be happy to know that, because of their mother, my company went bankrupt. We can say goodbye to everything I've provided them so far, because from your salary. We couldn't have lived like kings! in addition, you don't miss anything either, you can't complain, you even go to fitness, to stay in good shape..."

"I never denied that you brought a lot of money into the house, George! Why are you blaming me for this?"

"I'm not accusing you of anything, my dear, I just wanted to ask you to be kinder to Clark."

"I'm his secretary, and I think I'm kind enough!"

"Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about! More than kind, more tempting, seductive and more... available. You know what I mean?."

"Really, that's how you want me to be with my boss? For your business plans to work? Yes, indeed, it's a great idea, George! Okay, then I'll do as you wish! Tell me, do you want me to sleep with him?"

"I don't think Clark would exceed certain limits... That's why I beg you to be nice to him. Everything will take until he signs the documents, then you can become the decent secretary before!"

"You didn't answer my question, George!" So, do I sleep with Clark or not, if you need my help so badly? And he obviously wants us to have a romantic evening together?"

"You know how much I care about you and the kids. You also know that in other conditions, I would start the fight if I saw a man just winking at you! But now... I'm telling you as honestly as possible: if I don't sign the documents with your boss, it's a pity for me, you know? This is my last chance. I tried everything I could... You just don't think it was easy for me to ask you something like that! In fact, I hadn't even thought about it. He gave me the idea when I saw how his eyes are running after you, I saw that clearly. I'm sure he wants an affair with you, especially since you're his secretary, especially since I know how much he likes the risk."

"I understand what you want from me and I will do as you wish. But never blame me for what I'm going to do with my boss, because I'm going to divorce right away, just so you know how things are!"

"How can I do this if I ask you to put your charms to the test to save my company?" It's good for our family and I think that if I were you, I wouldn't think long ... For me, you're the same as on the first day, the woman I chose to live with for the rest of my days, but this does not mean that, in life, we do not have hard times, when we have to make decisions that oppress our souls, but that can make our lives better. And then? Isn't it normal to ask you to make a small sacrifice?"

"I couldn't believe that my husband, the father of my children, the only man I had ever loved, wanted to throw me into my boss's arms. I promised him that from the next day until he told me, I would be the seductive secretary whose purpose is to put his boss under the spell of my smile so that I could get anything from him."

Although I pretended to listen to him carefully, and even agreed with him, I was boiling with rage. I knew I couldn't do that, and I intended to solve George's problem differently: go to Clark and tell him openly about how much my husband wants to see those signed documents, that he doesn't sleep at night because and that it is not easy for me to bear his nervous crises either.

George, satisfied, repeated to me that I had nothing to worry about, that I would never hear any reproach from his mouth, and that it was enough to get over the impediment to continue to be happy.

"Thank you, my dear, you are a treasure for me! Thanks to you, my business has a chance to survive."

I didn't answer him anymore, I had a lump in my throat, I was about to burst into tears. Although I had been with George for twelve years, I had failed to get to know him well. He was desperate, indeed, and I would have done anything else to help him save his company, but I didn't expect my husband to have such claims from me ... Probably if we hadn't had children, I would have divorced, but so, especially since he was doing everything for us, his family, I didn't want to ruin the harmony of my home. My kids were happy, and that was all that mattered to me.

The next morning, I dressed properly, as George would have liked, and went to the office.

"Adela, you look thriving! Clark told me as soon as he saw me. What happened to you?"

"Nothing special, I just want to sign up for an audience with you!" I said, smiling.

Stay tuned for part 2!