He threw me into the arms of my boss to save his business - part 2

He threw me into the arms of my boss to save his business - part 2

"Did you arrange yourself so beautiful for me? For you, Adeline, I always have time! Come to the office right now to tell me what it's about. I hope you don't let me know you're resigning!"

"No, that's not it ", I said softly.

"God help me! Where else can I find a secretary like you? Come on, sit down and tell me what the problem is."

I told him about George's fears that he would never close the deal with him, I also told him about the bankruptcy of the company he knew about anyway, I told him about George's hysteria scenes (here I lied) and asked him, if possible, to complete the contract sooner, which would bring my husband happiness. And. although I didn't intend to say a word about it, I heard myself saying at the end:

"George even told me to try to seduce you to persuade you to sign the papers. He thinks you like me a lot."

"I believe he can do anything! He is desperate and feels his family is threatened! Don't worry, Adeline, I haven't signed the documents yet because I had other priorities, not that I would have changed my mind. I didn't realize that George is so impatient."

"I knew I could count on you! I knew you were a wonderful man and thank you for everything!"

"And tell me, did George tell you to seduce me so that I could somehow feel guilty about him and sign the papers sooner Maybe he would blackmail me with this, who knows?!"

"It's a shame, but yes, that's what he asked me."

Well, we have to teach him a lesson! firstly, for what he proposed to you, his wife, secondly, because he believes me a thief and, thirdly, because he does not trust me, in my promises. God, at what he could think! If I were as all men are or, well, most men, including your husband, I would take the opportunity. I would, moreover, be perfectly justified. In a way, George gave me the blessing to do it. But you see, I'm not like that. I admit that I am attracted by you and I tried not to be noticed by anyone. Only your husband realized very quickly. I have to say he's a guy who gets focused right away and knows how to move just as fast. And one more thing: I love my wife. We've been together for 22 years and I couldn't make her suffer. Although she had an affair with a co-worker. A few years ago. I wouldn't have known anything if she hadn't confessed to me one day, in every marriage something happens at some point, not boredom, it's said a lot, routine maybe, and sometimes you feel the need to change something to go home more enthusiastic, more, I don't know... We don’t have children, we have been selfish, we have lived only for ourselves. We had everything, we travelled, we get along very well on all levels, and yet she deceived me. I could have cheated on her too, to get revenge, but I preferred to be content with watching. Maybe I'm a coward, I don't know, I think I love my wife and... that's me. But your husband deserves a lesson. I was happy with the contract anyway, he shouldn't have felt obliged to "deliver" you to me on a tray. Or maybe I was to blame, maybe if he didn't notice my weakness. Look, I'll sign the documents, but not tomorrow, until then, until then, we will make him live his fears every day."

"I don't understand", I said, a little scared.

"We're going to make him think you've put all your charms to the test, that I've fallen for you, that we're having a great time together, and with that, my signature on that contract is due to you."

"We could even to show that we are in love with each other, aren't we? It's worth making him fear for his marriage! And much more..."

"What do you say?"

"I like the idea, after what he did to me", I smiled.

"O.K., then we have a deal! We play with George for two or three weeks, let's see how he reacts! Anyway, you have my word that everything is a game and, in addition, that I will sign those documents, documents for which your husband would be able to do absolutely anything!"

From the next day, we started implementing our plan.

"How was it?" my husband asked when I got home from work.

"Okay, how can it be?! I'm nicer to my boss and he'll fall at my feet soon!"

"Well done, my dear, well done."

That's when my cell phone rang. On the screen, it was written Clark and George saw this, then rubbed his hands in satisfaction. Clark began to speak very loudly to be heard by my husband: that he could hardly wait to see me at the office the next day, and I replied that I was just as eager to see him. George was extremely happy and satisfied when I hung up, and I wanted to cry...

Since then, Clark has always called me on my cell phone, and George was happy and urged me not to deny him any date. Convinced that he was following us, we drove to the restaurant, where we played the role of lovers, after which we walked through the park and hugged. On top of all this, Clark made declarations of love to me by sending me countless messages on the phone— I made sure I left the phone at George's fingertips so he could read them — proof that I had succeeded in conquering my boss. Twice I went to Clark's apartment, a luxury apartment located in Burj Khalifa with a beautiful view of the fountains, temporarily rented especially for this.

I played this role for two weeks, then suddenly George began to show signs of impatience. Jealousy had taken the place of satisfaction, and so George had begun to remark to me.

"Be careful not to fall in love with that sucker! he told me one evening. I see that you keep calling, you keep meeting, but the unsigned documents remain!"

"Have a little more patience, my dear," I said, smiling. And... Didn't you say you weren't going to blame me?

He said nothing more, but he was getting more and more nervous. And two weeks later, as I told you, when I saw him on the verge of a hysteria, I asked Clark to end this whole charade. He agreed and called George to sign the documents. It was the happiest day of my husband's life.

I breathed a sigh of relief, it was all over. Although I didn't want to do it that, I finally told George that I had not cheat on him and that all I had done for him was to speak openly with my boss. That's my punishment because he doesn't know what to do, believe me or not. Maybe after I forgive him, I'll call Clark to tell us everything. Until then, however, we sleep in separate rooms...

the End