I am happy in marriage because I have two mistresses

I am happy in marriage because I have two mistresses

I am a fulfilled and happy man in my marriage, and this is also due to my two mistresses. One could be my mother and the other my daughter, so I'm not missing anything. That made me so generous that I decided to share them with my friend Feodor, whose marriage is worthy of all mercy.

I wasn't a ladies' man, but I didn't say no when it came up the occasion of a love affair, even if it is only for one night. It is in the nature of a man to accept any physical relationship, and I am first a man, then a husband: I do not miss anything. That's how I ended up with a mistress who could be my mother and another who could be my daughter. What to say? I'm doing well, I'm satisfied. I'm Lev, a 37-year-old man pampered by fate. I say this because, beyond the fact that I have a beautiful and fulfilled family, which includes my wife and two minor children, I have two totally different mistresses, with whom I spice up my erotic life. As well as from a financial point of view we are fine, both me and my wife being certified translators by profession, it can be said that I really live a beautiful dream. But not everyone is as lucky as me, and I want to tell you more about that.

About half a year ago, I went out for a beer with Feodor, a friend with whom I have a lifelong friendship. We were classmates in high school, and from the age of 15 until today we have remained very close. Even after we got married, we continued to hang out, to visit, to cultivate our friendship, we even moved with our business to the same city, Dubai.

Like me, Feodor is married to Irina, the kind of chubby housewife who cooks wonderfully, but she's not very good at making love. In fact, he himself confessed to me about it a year after the wedding.

"Lev, I aspired to marry a virgin girl, and now I'm sorry!" he complained. Irina has no idea how to satisfy a man. It's like a lure in bed.

"Well, I advised you not to take a woman with no experience, but you were a fool! I put salt on the wound. You went after your father, as if we didn't live in the 21st century. At least he makes tasty food, if she doesn't know how to make love."

Beyond the hilarious aspect of the discussion, I must admit that I felt sorry for my friend, who seemed deeply unhappy. But after all he chose her. And the most painful part was not that Irina did not have talent in bed, but the fact that she did not have the call to merge: although they were young and were at the beginning of the marriage, when the passion should have been high, she valued him intimately only two or three times a month, according to his own confessions.

I now get to the heart of the matter and tell you directly: Feodor was a sucker! After enduring a frustrating life with an apathetic and lazy woman in boudoir for more than a decade, at the age of 37, he was forced to lower his standards and give up even the little he received. That's because his wife hadn't honoured him as a man for about two years.

"Did you try to explain to him that every man has his needs?" I suggested to Feodor half a year ago, when we were having a beer, and he was unloading his soul in front of me. It's impossible not to understand!

"In vain! She doesn't care about sex, her only joy is to see her children grow up beautiful and healthy!" he confessed to me desolately. Of! Life is unfair. How are you doing, how are you getting along with Tanya?

"Everything's fine with me!" I revealed to him once again what he already knew, Florin and I having been confidants for many years and having no secrets from each other. Tanya does not have whims when I have libido, but on the contrary, she fulfils her conjugal duty with great pleasure.

"So, what do you need, Lev?" Why do you risk the peace of the home? he put a delicate matter on the table. Is it really worth having two mistresses?

"Envious!" I teased him, making fun of his trouble. How many times have I told you that both mistresses give me new sensations that I can't perceive with Tanya? Remind you that Ludmila could be my mother and Lia could be my daughter?

That's how it actually is! About a year ago, to my shame, I noticed a decrease in potency, and even manhood sometimes betrayed me. Cause? The installation of monotony in the couple, which is understandable after fifteen years of exclusive sex with my wife. I then found it appropriate to do something about it, and I did: I went to a dating site and threw the hook and I picked up two women, completely different from each other, and I spiced my erotic life enough not to disappoint anymore Tanya.

The first one I got engaged to was Ludmila, a mature widow, aged 56, who was delighted with my performance from her first love affair and offered to make up for it. At first, I hesitated to take money from the distinguished lady, but she insisted so much that I gave up.

"Lev, how many times do I have to remind you that I am a very rich woman?" it was her strong argument. I have no heirs, so instead of leaving all the money to the state, I prefer to reward you, because you make me happy! I love to make love, and with you I feel like in paradise!

"If so, if that's your pleasure, then so be it, Tanya!" I capitulated, trying not to think of myself as a male whore. "You're a sweet! I kiss you!"

However sweet the distinguished lady may have been, at her age she could not arouse the animal in me, the wild beast capable of tearing and devouring the prey called a woman. So, I hung up on a second girl, a 19-year-old Moroccan fresh meat who needed money for college. The kind of extremely sensual busty woman, Lia is extremely hot, she excites me to great art, so she deserves her money.

Yes, you got it! As a merchant would say: I'm chasing good money after bad, in the sense that everything I receive from Ludmila I immediately redirect to Liana, but for me it's a good deal. "You're a real man, Lev, and I'm very lucky!" the passionate and perverted kid compliments me every time she offers me her sexual favours. Any woman would want a tender, manly and generous guy like you.

"And you are sweet and adorable, Lia!" I answer, smiling at the thought that the honey-sweet-lipped girl has no idea where the money comes from.

I now return to the meeting with Feodor half a year ago, when my poor friend complained that his wife had not slept with him for a long time. I felt very sorry for him, for he seemed very bitter, so as an altruistic and generous man by nature, I offered to help him break the deadlock.

"Dude, what would you say if I recommended you to my mistresses?" I revealed to him the idea that had just come to me. As I know them, I am convinced that they would both be interested in a combination. The mature nymphomaniac would ensure an extra love, and the opportunistic little girl would supplement her income. What do you say, are you in?

"Are you serious, Lev? he exclaimed, unable to believe it. Would you do that for me?"

"What are friends for?" I asked rhetorically. Good luck and health!

As I anticipated, both Ludmila and Lia agreed to see my friend, they even seemed delighted.

Since then, Florin is no longer grumpy, tense, unhappy, but cheerful, relaxed, happy, every week he invites me to a beer and gives me spicy details about his love affairs. I tell you with my hand on my heart: he has a gleam in his eyes when he tells me. It's clear he's fine.

the End