I don't know if my child is conceived with my husband or my lover - part 1

I don't know if my child is conceived with my husband or my lover - part 1

It's two months until I become a mother. I should be at the peak of my happiness, but unfortunately, I am not. And this, for one reason only: although I was engaged to a wonderful man and even though we were on the verge of marriage, I committed it about seven months ago. I slept - only once, which is true - with another man, and now I do not know which of the two is the father of the child I am about to give birth to.

If it turns out that I conceived the child with the lover, then my life would be turned upside down. I hope God has protected me from this misfortune. My name is Cassie. I am the beautiful age of 27, I am a fulfilled woman from all points of view and I am on the threshold of the most beautiful possible event in a woman's life: giving birth to a child. Paradoxically, the reason I am writing to you is to unload me, to relieve, at least partially, my soul. I hope that after I have revealed my sin, I will feel a little better. My story has, therefore, confessional value and begins about a year ago.

At that time, I was engaged to Benson, a handsome, intelligent and tender guy, who is also the son of a politician and has an exceptional financial situation. In short - a game of millions, the ideal husband. Moreover, I consider what I did huge nonsense and at the same time a monstrosity. It all started one morning when, as usual, we were walking in the park with Puco, my 2-year-old Doberman.

At one point, from the opposite direction, a jogging guy approached us. Initially, I didn't pay much attention to it, because there was nothing out of the ordinary; In general, in the early hours of the day, there are many young people who do sports.

But when I found myself with the runner lying at my feet, after he had tripped on the dog's leash, I paid full attention to him.

Especially since, unfortunately, as far as I could see, the guy had an ugly fall, the bruises on his knees and elbows testifying.

"I'm really sorry!" I exclaimed anxiously as I approached and examined her bleeding wounds. "It's all my fault!" I should have kept Puco closer to me.

Stay calm, I'm to blame too! He empathized with me as he tried to get up from the asphalt. If I hadn't had headphones on my ears, I would have been more careful, and I wouldn't have stumbled on the leash.

"f you knew how guilty I feel! I would invite you to me, to disinfect your wounds and bandage you!" I tutored him in turn, smiling friendly. "I live a few blocks away from here, but I am not alone, but with my fiancé and his parents. So…"

"Please stop! You make me feel embarrassed!" These are just superficial rags! he scolded me fondly, looking me in the eye. Look, if you want to convince yourself that it's nothing serious, come to me! We drink tea and you can take care of my wounds there. I've been alone for two months since my girlfriend left me.

I don't know why I did it. Maybe because it inspires confidence and arouses compassion. What is certain is that, although I am not the kind of person to enter the homes of strangers, this time I had no reservations. I immediately accepted the invitation and accompanied Gabriel, as I would find out that his boy's name was in his studio, which was a few minutes walk from the park.

"How come your girlfriend left you?" I questioned him after I bandaged his wounds, which really weren't serious, and I sat around, enjoying tea. Although I don't know you, you seem to be a good guy, with many qualities: you are nice, athletic, polite and well educated. Tell me: do you have a hidden problem? Or maybe a vice?"

"Thank you for the nice words, but all these qualities didn't matter to my girlfriend when she received a scholarship for three years in Dubai!" Gabriel sighed. She put her tail on her back, as they say, and left without looking back. She probably never loved me, otherwise, she wouldn't have left. Because, seriously, I have no flaws or vices: I am a healthy, normal, quiet man.

"It's sad what you're telling me! I tried to comfort him because he really looked like a good guy, but he had been unlucky enough to have a rare scholarship for his girlfriend. But I am convinced that you will find someone else and you will be happy again. Tell me, are your wounds still burning?"

I didn't linger for more than half an hour at Gabriel's, because I was in a hurry to get home and get ready for work.

The time spent together, although short, was very pleasant, and so it is that, when I left, we decided to meet the very next day, in the same place.

"Don't forget to come dressed in sportswear! he reminded me when I walked out the door. You can't run in jeans."

I didn't forget, and so we started running together every day, except on weekends, when I spent my mornings in bed with my fiancé, the sport I practised with him was obviously not jogging… And about Benson, although I never had hidden secrets for him, this time I didn't mention the fact that I had met Gabriel and that we had gradually become friends, deciding to do sports together every day. I don't know why I didn't tell him, but that's how I felt. After all, we weren't doing anything wrong, we were just running down the alleys in the park and, during this time, we were discussing wanted and unwanted.

Stay tuned for part 2!