I found the love on the snowy top of mountains - part 1

I found the love on the snowy top of mountains - part 1

You will surely wonder what I was looking for on a frosty February evening on the crest of a mountain. What do you mean? I didn't know then, but providence got me in the way of Denise, the young woman whose life was written to save it and then to fall in love with her and become mine forever.

Two years ago, in February, I spent a few days on vacation at a cottage, in the Austrian Tyrol. I went, as usual, alone. I didn't have a girlfriend yet, and being a lone wolf of my own, I disliked any kind of close company.

I must tell you that since adolescence, this magnificent place has attracted me almost every year. The landscape around the cottage always takes my breath away. But not only the scenery takes your breath away, but also the wind. Mountains are famous during the winter for the strong winds and blizzards. These sudden gusts of sky seldom cease.

In that February of 2018, I did not find in the cottage on the top of the mountain (as in other times) the much-desired peace. I had settled into a shared dormitory with many double beds. Six more young people were staying in that room, very happy and noisy. They had come together from Bulgaria and were more prone to night parties (with a lot of music) than to day trips.

In order to get rid, at least in part, of the fun and excitement of those people, I roamed the mountains until late in the evening.

One cold, windy evening, after filming the mountain ridges with a video camera, I returned to the cottage, squirming, struggling across a snowy plateau.

Suddenly, nearby, I heard a scream, and the scream, human, feminine, was repeated. There was someone asking for help. I went with the flashlight turned on to where I thought I could hear the screams. After about ten minutes of searching, during which the cries for help kept repeating, I discovered, fallen into a ravine at the edge of the plateau, a young woman who could no longer walk. She had broken her right leg. Beside her lay, an enormous backpack overturned.

He was very, very lucky that I, the crazy traveler, was just passing through a place where, at that time, there should have been no man around.

The girl had lost her group and had wandered unknowingly, for hours, until dark, but also after sunset, without being able to orient herself on the direction of travel, because she knew neither the mountain nor the techniques of orientation in the field. She could no longer use her cell phone because it had been discharged.

The ravine in which he had slipped was small, but the girl complained of terrible pain in her ankle and knee and said she could not move. She was begging me to call the Mountain Rescue, but until the mountain rescuers came with a stretcher, we would be both freezes, for the temperature of the air was dropping rapidly, and the storm was beginning to take its toll. In the end, with terrible efforts, supporting her with all my strength, I managed to get her out of the ravine. And the hardship was just beginning...

The kilometer to the cottage was the terrible space of an extreme adventure. The girl was almost motionless and was leaning on me with all her weight, and the wind had begun to blow so hard that it was about to push us, on the dangerous slopes, straight into the precipices.

That blizzard was blowing snow. I passed through the whirlwinds of snow like the torn sails of a ship. I had taken off my scarf and wrapped the girl's head around it because she had lost her hat. I had left his backpack there in the ravine. I went to the light the next day and found it.

The road to the cottage was a nightmare, but I arrived safely and gave the young woman first aid, fixing her leg in some splints. The bones didn't look out of place, but I had no way of knowing for sure.
Stay tuned for part 2!