I found the love on the snowy top of mountains - part 2

I found the love on the snowy top of mountains - part 2

Then, after I immobilized her leg, I fed her, I gave her hot tea (with aspirin) and put her to bed in the dormitory, asking the guys to make less noise that night, but also in the nights that followed.

Once at the cottage, the girl's first concern was to contact, by phone, her parents, whom she tried not to scare them too much, and then her friends from the group she had scattered, asking them not to come after her, after assuring them that everything was fine and that she’s safe.

The twenty-two-year-old convalescent, named Denisse, could not reach the hospital in Solden until four days later, due to bad weather. His leg was swollen and a little bruised. Good thing there were no complications!

Meanwhile, waiting for the weather to improve, I took care of Denisse and ... I fell in love. Wow! It seems bizarre for a grumpy retractor like me, but that's exactly what happened, without unexpected, rushing, burning. I licked the shape of her body and her cute face but was especially impressed by how she illustrated her soul.

After talking for four days, but also for a long part of the night (because Denisse had insomnia), I realized that this girl is my mirror of my soul, my soul mate, which God set in my way on top of the mountains.

That horrible night, when I saved her, approached us in an extraordinary way. I quickly realized that she had fallen in love with me too.

I want to point out once again that Denisse looks a lot like me, so I'm sure it's that "soul mate" I was missing. We found that we have common thoughts, preferences, quirks and aspirations.

It's the same in love as I am with wildlife, has about the same tastes in literature and music (infrequent), it is sensitive sentimental and shy, not as groups of friends, although just arrived in the mountains with such a group, they had taken it almost by force, using relentless pleas and insistence. They were college classmates.

I mention that Denisse is a student in Vienna, now she is in her fourth year. I mean, not right now. This summer.

There was no way I could break up with the girl found in the ravine.

I followed her to the hospital without hesitation. Or, rather, I took her to the hospital.

The fracture, according to the x-ray, turned out to be a slight one. It was a crack in the fibula. The orthopaedist, after putting his foot in plaster, assured Denisse that the bone will be completely welded in no more than three weeks, provided that she complies with the medical prescriptions.

I was with her, in Solden, caring about her and being as protective as possible. I stayed next to Denisse, in the hospital, for two days, until her parents came to pick her up, actually, to take us, by personal car.

In the night between the two days in the hospital, I slept in a chair.

I left Denisse in Vienna, I went to Salzburg, my hometown, and then I turned to her and without much ceremony, we got engaged, as we established in the hospital.

Her parents completely agreed with Denise's decision, even though she had only known me for three weeks; so much had passed since I had found her on top of the mountain. To these decent people, I was a hero.

My decision left my parents perfectly cold, as any initiative of mine leaves them. They are literally indifferent to what their only son is doing. As long as I take care of myself and I do not commit reprehensible deeds, they remain calm.

 I currently live in Dubai with Denisse in her parents' house. I have been married to her for almost a year and I remain convinced that I have found my soul mate.             


The end