I lost a friend, I gained a wife - part 1

I lost a friend, I gained a wife - part 1

I cared for Silvio like a brother and despite what happened between us, I still care about him. Predictably, the quarrel between us did not start with money or any professional conflict, but with a woman we were both in love with. Even though he probably didn't love her. Silvio couldn't get over the fact that I hid my relationship with Ivonne from him.

At 34, I could have thought of anything but marriage. I had gotten used to doing only what I liked, not being accountable to anyone, I was successful with women, I just had to be myself and I only slept alone when I wanted to, I liked the life I led, I was satisfied with the service on who had it, and friends were always around me, even if some of them already had families. At the end of college, Silvio, a good friend and colleague, took over his father's company, where we had both worked during the summer holidays, to get acquainted with real life problems. John, his father, had founded the company in 1991. He had become a man of money, and now he wanted to travel, to see the world with his young wife. John became a widower in 1990 and worked as a madman for several years, trying to allay his suffering. Malvina, Silvio's mother, was his great love, and his disappearance deeply affected them both. John knew nothing but work for years and took great care of the child. At 55, John was still a handsome man, I know what I'm saying. When we were students, he invited us to celebrate it together at a select restaurant. Come with whoever you want! told us. You can bring girls too, he joked then.

We thought of beautifying the atmosphere and came with our partners from that period. Silvio came with Ravine, I - with Simone. Silvio had the same lifestyle as me he was not emotionally involved in the relationships with the women in his life, no matter how long the relationship was, younger or more mature, but on the day his father announced that he wanted to remarried and his chosen one is Ravine I thought he would lose his mind. He had been separated from Ravine for a long time, but he reacted as if his father had stolen his girlfriend. He felt offended. In fact, he was very upset that he didn't realize that Ravine had changed his bed with his father's bed, even though he didn't love her. His male pride was hurt. He didn't talk to John for months, especially since his father, as I told you earlier, gave up his company and went out into the world with Ravine. His young wife loved him sincerely and, I must admit, he had a reason. He is a special man, whom any woman would like to be with.

After John left and we started working hard and non-stop, Silvio stopped talking badly about his father and admitted that his reaction was out of place. When Ravine gave her a sister, Silvio was determined to be her godfather.

After we got into the routine and the business went better and better (for a while, Silvio was afraid of disappointing his father), we also started to relax and return to the life before, that is, to fun and by default, women. We were both in great shape, playing sports, going to the swimming pool, eating healthy, avoiding drinking and neither smoking.

We were coveted bachelors and had a life that any man would want. We were "hunters" and we didn't miss hunting. We were friends at the buckle and no one and nothing stood in our way. Twice a year, we visited John, who, after the birth of his daughter, had settled with his family in Dubai, went on safaris together, sunbathed together, practically all the activities we did together. Many people had come to wonder even if there was nothing else between us. We lived in a duplex, with separate entrances, which is true, we were practically inseparable.

That was until one day, when Iris appeared in the company, a young woman highly recommended by the head of HR, who made a strong impression on all men from day one. She was beautiful, intelligent and confident. She spoke three languages fluently, the computer had no secrets for her, she knew how to address any client, no matter how difficult it was, so in a very short time she proved to be the ideal employee. He was able to solve the most difficult problems and situations. Everyone who was at a standstill called for her help, and she refused no one and always found a convenient solution. No wonder that, very soon, almost all the men in the company were looking after her and most of them were trying to please her. I was no exception. What intrigued me, however, was the fact that whenever I wanted to approach her, in order to stand out in front of her, I was overwhelmed by a strange emotion, which I had never known before. One evening, after concluding a contract that brought the company a lot of money. Silvio invited all the boys to celebrate.

We had a hearty meal, drizzled with quality champagne. Probably very tired, Silvio was a little dizzy from the champagne and the words came out of his mouth without realizing it. When it came to Iris and the boys were on fire, he said slightly irritated:

"You have no chance, boys! Remember I'm my boss! If anyone in the company enjoys her favours, it will be me!"

"Let's be serious!" Raul, her office colleague, who had gotten really drunk, intervened. She likes me, I can assure you that I will be the first to get to her bed.

"I'm sorry!" I woke up talking too."To be honest, our beautiful colleague set her eyes on me, I know what I'm saying. I saw how he looked at me."

At that moment, it seemed to me that Silvio frowned at me, but I didn't care. I did not lie or exaggerate; I had had the opportunity to collaborate a few times with Iris and I was convinced that he sympathized with me. As everyone knew she was unmarried and it was rumoured that there was no man in her life, the "hunting season" was open.

Stay tuned for part 2!