I lost a friend, I gained a wife - part 2

I lost a friend, I gained a wife - part 2

Practically, with all of us, she was kind to everyone, but she kept us all at a distance. On a scale, because I had just finished some reports, I was out of schedule. I didn't know Iris was in her office too. At one point, a courier with a pizza appeared and only then did I realize that I was not alone. I put my head on her door and asked sweetly:

"Can I get a slice? I'm hungry as a wolf!

She smiled and invited me to eat together.

"I have to make up for it!" When we're done, I invite you to ice cream, what do you say?

" Agree!"

After enjoying the ice cream in silence, we took courage:

"Iris, you are a beautiful and intelligent woman, I am convinced that you know how things are in the company, that all men dream of you, including Silvio."

"What about you?" she asked me calmly. "Aren't you among them?"

I got stuck. Was it true that Irina liked me?

"Look how things are," she continued. I don't know and I'm not very interested in what is being said about me and if all men are crazy about me. I like you, you look like a trustworthy man and we could try to get to know each other better.

I fell silent, you know, of all the men Iris had chosen me! I was at the height of my happiness. I couldn't wait to see everyone's faces when they realized Iris was mine. And I couldn't wait to give a lesson to Silvio, who was so sure that Irina would give in because he was her boss.

My relationship with Irina evolved as beautifully as possible, we became a couple, but she insisted on keeping it a secret, so as not to mix things up.

It seemed like a clever proposal to me, and even though I was eager to show Silvio how much he had been wrong in Iris's predicament, thinking she would sleep with him just because he was her boss, I kept quiet, I was but enough that Irina was part of my life, she had told me that she loved me and I felt that with every cell of my body. I was also in love and I had started to get seriously involved in our plans for the future. Silvio and the other colleagues did not let themselves be beaten and continued to besiege Iris, some more delicately, others without embarrassment, not knowing that a man had appeared in her life, and that was me. Iris joked and laughed with each other, entered their game, but did not allow anyone to approach, to exceed the "limit of discretion."

Iris knew how to address everyone so that no one would be upset and offended so that the atmosphere in the company would not suffer.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep such a secret indefinitely. Even if I had to do a real slalom so that Silvio would not suspect anything and be as present as before in his life, one day the inevitable happened.

It was evening and I had left Silvio's house earlier, pretending to be tired. But I had gone to a mall to see a movie with Iris; at the exit, I came face to face with none other than Silvio, who was also coming out of the same movie in the company of a woman I knew, one of those who clung to him, only-they will only manage to- catch him in the net.

As Irina was just kissing me passionately, to thank me for the movie that had enchanted her, Silvio immediately understood what the relationship was between us and that I lied to him.

Although for a long time I dreamed of teaching him a lesson and humiliating him, jokingly, of course, proving to him that I am better than him, at that moment, out of shame, I would have preferred to disappear instantly. He was perplexed and could not say anything for a few good moments. Then he mumbled something, and Iris, without realizing it, put gas on the fire.

"What are you doing here? What are you doing together?"

"We came to see a movie, aren't we allowed?"

We are mature people, we didn't know we had to ask permission! What do we do together? We love each other! It's forbidden?

I wanted to signal Iris to shut up, but it was too late. She didn't know everything yet, I hadn't had a chance to talk to her about my friendship with Silvio, how many things connected us in life, so she didn't realize what a blow it was for him to see us together.

"You hit under the belt, my friend!" that's all he said and disappeared.

It's hard for me to describe how horrible I felt after that. Iris didn't understand why I was so affected, but I didn't have the strength to explain.

I drove her home and I didn't stay with her. When I got home, I saw the light on at Silvio's, but I didn't feel able to go and clarify things then.

The next morning, sleepless and without finding a solution, how could I have come out clean from the situation I had knowingly entered (after all, I could have told Silvio right from the start that Iris prefer me, especially since we had promised to be honest with each other), I went to the office. I had set out to avoid Silvio in any way that day, to contact his father and find a solution together. Only Silvio got ahead of me. He called me to his office, and when I entered, he said briefly:

"Pack your things and disappear! You are no longer working for me starting today! And never try to look for me again! Our paths part here and now, forever! I don't want to know about you anymore!"

I don't know what came to me, but I woke up talking:

"Silvio, it's abuse you're doing! You have no reason to fire me! I have done all the professional tasks flawlessly! You're just not going to tell me you're kicking me out because Iris preferred me!"

"Get out! You hurt me more deeply than my father did, and what's worse is that you don't give a shit and you don't even care. Get out right now!"

I was called to human resources and I was announced that I do not know how many compensatory salaries I receive; In addition, the owner offered to buy my shares at a very good price. Silvio wanted to hurt me, he paid me because I was his friend. Irina went crazy when she heard what had happened. She stormed into his office and started screaming at him:

" You're pathetic! Couldn't you accept with dignity that I chose him, and not you? Do you think that if this is your father's company, you can play with people's lives the way you want? Because we work like crazy, you're full of money, you bastard!"

Irina's voice resounded throughout the company. She then wrote her resignation and threw it in his face with a gesture of total contempt. The funny thing is, Silvio didn't fight back. The first step I had to take was to find a home, just not to be "back-to-back" with Silvio.

John found out what happened and called me.

"Let him recover from the shock..." Silvio never knew how to lose.

Iris and I got married, we now have two children, twins, and she chose to stay home, take care of them, she didn't want to leave them in anyone's care. I haven't seen Silvio for more than two years after what happened. John kept telling me that Silvio miss me, and maybe I should take the first step. But I could not...

Then, one day, we met by chance, also at the mall, when we were going out for a movie. Silvio was with the same woman who had become his wife, or at least that's how he introduced her. We exchanged a few words of complacency. I had the feeling that Silvio wanted to tell me something, but he didn't. And today I regret that I lost him as a friend, but I would not change anything if I were to go back in time.

the End