I loved him secretly, while his wife cheated on him - part 1

I loved him secretly, while his wife cheated on him - part 1

She - beautiful, I - smart, she - successful in men, I - invisible… Which of the two would you choose if you had to choose? Many times, I envied my sister, Beatrice, for her success with men, and I wanted to be like her. Unfortunately, shyness has always prevented me from expressing my feelings, but in the end, my sister helped me, and now I am happy.

I have to admit that, in a way, I always envied my little sister. I had to carry the hardships of the house after my mother's death because my father seemed so helpless that I couldn't and didn't want to leave him alone and take care of my life. Of course, most of the blame belonged to his mother, who, loving him too much, is not enough to say that she loved him, she simply adored him, in fact, taught him to be totally dependent on her. I saw her once, even closing her laces so that he would not bend over. Of course, they loved each other and understood each other as we, the young people of today, do not know how to do it, but some of her gestures were still exaggerated.

I remember that one morning, shortly after the funeral, my father woke up and sat on the edge of the bed. I went to ask him if he wasn't coming to dinner, but he told me he was waiting for his mother to help him change. He annoyed me and I said in a hoarse tone:

"Dad, mom can't help you from where she is now!"

Then I was sorry, of course, especially since I heard him whisper, "Wait for me, my dear, I'll come to you soon."

So, I took my role seriously and tried to help him as much as possible. Claudio, my fiancé, endured for a while, but then the "poor" boy consoled himself in the arms of another, so at the age of 30, I took care of my father's company, my house, my father and everything that meant " sponsorship” to my sister, Beatrice. She was pampered by her family, as was my father. She has been allowed everything since she was born, nothing she did has ever been threatened, because Beatrice is "our little treasure", as my father says today. When she reached the age of 18 and finally finished high school, Beatrice decided to follow her boyfriend from that time and went to Rome, thinking of going to college. She started, it's true, about three or four faculties, but she didn't finish any. What do I need in college, my dear sister? she asked in an innocent voice. I'm just beautiful, you're the smart one in the family. Nobody expects me to be smart. So, what's the point of banging my head?

She stayed in Rome for more than five years, during which time I sent her money every month, increasing the amount of money from one month to the next. Nobody knew what she was doing with the money or what she was spending on. Whenever I got angry and decided to cut off her resources, let her manage on her own, my father begged me to not forget that she was my sister, that she was not as smart as me and so we had to understand her and help her. I softened on the spot and sent her the check again.

He always spent his holidays at home. This was the best opportunity to tell me what I wanted and what I didn't want, but I have to admit that I laughed with tears. She had a crazy sense of humour; she would have been better off as an actress. Last year, after Easter, I received an invitation to the wedding of an old childhood friend. Darice, with whom we didn't keep in touch, but Beatrice was very pleased with the idea and insisted we go. It is interesting that we found out that Darice’s future husband is a new employee of our company, who had come to work a few days ago, after going through an interview. I was surprised, too, and Beatrice, when I got to know Damian better, was a very serious and extremely conscientious guy. It was hard to understand what he had found in Darice, who was a frivolous and superficial woman.

Beatrice and I went to the wedding, accompanied by Peter, a childhood friend who had been in love with my sister for years. She, of course, had no eyes for him, because Peter - our family doctor, a guy passionate about his profession - was far too serious and didn't know how to have fun, at least that's what Beatrice mainly blamed. I admired him because, no matter how little Beatrice noticed him and no matter how many of her love stories he told her, Peter was not discouraged and never stopped loving her.

So here we are at the wedding. I didn't even get there well, and I've already seen Beatrice flirting with someone. A few hours later, she disappeared from there and arrived home only the next morning. She was very excited and told me she was in love.

"Beatrice, you fall in love as often as the sun rises. Who is the lucky one this time?"

"A guy I met at the wedding. He is very nice and looks excellent."

"Don't you think it was better not to have slept with him immediately?"

"You're old-fashioned, my dear! Nowadays, no one thinks about it. That's why you got unmarried, see? Forgive me, I didn't want to be rude! I don't expect much from him, we feel good. This and nothing more. Then, goodbye to the train station!"

It's just that things didn't turn out that way. Beatrice saw Septimius several times, who was in line with his name, a real unrestrained, and inevitably fell in love with him, and when he hinted that he was a little bored, Beatrice began to hold on to him. Until one day, when she saw him kissing in a convertible car with a woman, who was none other than Darice, the newlywed. She suffered terribly at the time and wanted revenge. She came and told me what she saw, then offered to tell everything to her cuckold husband, my employee.

I didn't have the courage to confess that I liked Damian very much, and obviously, it hadn't even occurred to me to confess my feelings to him. I promised Beatrice that I would tell Damian everything, but I didn't have the courage… I felt sorry for him when I realized that he sincerely loved his wife, and she, weeks after the wedding, was already cheating on him, and the natural impression was that she was not at the first deviation.

One evening, while we were talking to Beatrice in her room, Aunt Kati came, the woman who had helped my mother with the household and who also helps me now, to bring us tea and cakes made by her.

Aunt Kati heard us talking and talked to us:

"You know that I am not gossiping and that I am not interested in anyone but your family because you are also my family. Don't be sorry for this boy, my dear, he's a jerk, he lived with Dora for years, but her family forbade her to marry him. I understand that he also went to prison and that he deals with all kinds of dubious business. It's a shame for you to suffer for someone like him. You didn't even have to look at him, believe me! Now, that's it, you've done it, there's no point in thinking about it, but it's time to forget it, it's not for you! Dora still loves him. Too bad for the boy she took as a man, he looked like a good man. I don't know how we could make him so blind, to not understand who he's dealing with. If Dora's father hadn't bought it, because, with the money he has, he can afford anything, even buying a man for his daughter.

A few days later, Beatrice came crying to me.

!What happened?"

"I'm pregnant, what the hell should I do?"

"You're not going to keep it! Do you want to deal with that bastard all your life? We go to a gynaecologist and schedule an abortion. We have nothing to talk about!"

Stay tuned for part 2!