I loved him secretly, while his wife cheated on him - part 2

I loved him secretly, while his wife cheated on him - part 2

"Last year, I went to a gynaecologist and he told me that I can't have children. I want children and I would be afraid to adopt. You can never know whose children you put in your house. There are all kinds of dramas with children who are blood from their parents' blood, what do you expect when you raise a stranger in the house. Peter proposed to me again in marriage, as he does, in fact, every year, and this time I thought of accepting."

"And you told him?"

"Not yet. I want to talk to Septimius."

"What else to talk to him about, since he doesn't want you anymore?"

"Tell him about the baby. After all, he is also his child. He has a right to know."

"Do you expect a miracle? I can tell you from now on that he will not be interested in the subject. You will suffer once more for that. As you wish, it's your business! But I don't advise you to tell him. You better tell Peter."

"I still want to talk to Septimius."

"You are free to do as you think is best. Anyway, you always did only what you wanted and, if we follow what has happened so far, it wasn't very good for you. But I don't want to get involved. It's your decision."

Beatrice was always stubborn and, once an idea entered her head, she gave up hard. So, she called Septimius and went to talk to him. To be honest, I was surprised that he agreed to meet her. After Beatrice told him as a child, he laughed in her nose.

"Have you never heard of contraceptives? What world do you live in? Or did you think I was the one you caught if you put a baby in their arms? You were wrong, girl. I'm bored, that's enough! By the way, you gave up too quickly. Don't you know that men like to hunt?"

She burst into tears when she told me how the meeting went and what the scumbag told her.

"I know you warned me not to go, but at least I tried. Now I don't care, I can tell Peter the truth, and if he wants me like that, he will be the child's father and that's it."

"Are you sure Peter wants you anyway?"

"No, this time I'm really not sure anymore and I'm afraid. He overlooked me a lot, I always laughed at his love and I told him, to make fun of him, all my adventures. Another, in his place, would not have spoken to me. But he asked me to be his wife again this year. If she still wants me, this time I will accept and I will become a serious woman."

Hard to believe, but the good and generous Peter accepted Beatrice even if she was pregnant with someone else. He told her that he loved her anyway and that he only wanted to wake up every morning next to her, to see her bright face and eyes shining like two stars. They got married two months before the pregnancy was seen. And something wonderful happened, shortly after.

Darice continued to see Septimius. As that vagabond had no job or money to live on, he thought of trying the sea once more with his finger and convinced her to divorce Damian and marry him.

This time, Darice was much more determined, she told her father that she was expecting a child, which is Septimius’s, and that if he didn't let her marry him even now, he would run away from home and never see her again. As Dora was the only child, her father gave in. She and Damian divorced and then she married Septimius. Damian looks like he's been struck by lightning. For a while, he didn't even know what kind of world, he was in. He had met Darice in Rome and had followed her, out of love, to our city.

"I was convinced from the beginning that we didn't have much in common, but I thought that if we loved each other, we would be fine, we would be happy," he told me after a while. I always wanted to have a family, to have someone to work for. I thought she loved me and wanted the same thing as me. She told me that she married me only so that she could still see her ex-boyfriend, whom her father did not want to accept. Horrible! I never felt so humiliated. I'm sorry, but I'm leaving… I can't stay here, it's too painful for me. I couldn't say a word to him, I was afraid he wasn't interested and it was clear that he still loved Darice.

So, I let him go.

"You're crazy! Beatrice shouted at me. Is it the first time, since I know me, that I see you in love and you let the man you love go? Why you didn’t tell him anything?"

"There is no point. If he married someone like Darice, it means he wouldn't like someone like me."

"One like you? What does this mean? Aren't you a woman?"

"Come on, Beatrice, let's be serious! You are the beautiful one in the family and you have always been like that, I was the smart sister and early at home, good at everything. Absolutely all men have loved you, never me."

"Are you sure? No one has been with me for more than a few months. The only one who ever really loved me was Peter. The others just wanted to make love with me. And it's not very nice to know that, believe me. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I realized quite late. I have some business in Rome next week, don't you want to come with me?"

"No, I'm not like you. If he was a just little bit interested in me, he could tell me something or at least explain it to me." He didn't make the slightest gesture.

"He's shy, obviously. And you were the general manager, his boss. I don't find it hard to understand why he didn't do it."

"I'm glad you want to encourage me, but that's not the case. We were often alone and he did not make the slightest gesture."

Ten days later, Beatrice returned from Rome with Damian. We looked at each other and neither of us said anything.

"I would not have imagined that today, there are still people like you. What are you waiting for? Should I speak for you?"

Damian approached me and almost whispered to me:

"I knew from the first moment I saw you that we were the same, but I had made a commitment, I had to go all the way. This is how I am. I'm not a coward to run away from my duty."

"No, really! said Beatrice. Then why did you run to Rome and say nothing to my sister?

The three of us laughed. I would never have thought that I would owe it to my sister because she made me happy and I forgot to tell you... We moved to Dubai with his business and we are living a dreamed life...

Who would have believed in such a happy destiny?

the End