I spent my honeymoon in three in Dubai - Part 1

I spent my honeymoon in three in Dubai - Part 1

Few people knew my story until I decided to tell it to you, but now I'm already over the embarrassment and I can even look in the mirror, so why wouldn't I open my soul to you? Why not say how I was fooled by the one I thought was the woman of my life and who I would have accepted anyway if she hadn't abandoned me?!

I have never had anything against gipsies, I can even say that my best friend is a gipsy. We grew up together, lived in the same yard, and my parents and his parents got along very well. That's how my parents baptized all their children, and my mother always helped Novena with the household. We spent the holidays together, sharing both good and bad. However, after graduating from high school, Fluad chose to go to work abroad, and I went to college. Since then, our paths have parted, and his brothers and sisters have spread, after the death of their parents, to all corners of the world and we have lost track of them, even if for a while they sent us a postcard from where they were.

The parents held them together and grew up in harmony and common sense, my father said. I'm afraid they will go astray from now on and follow the example of their relatives! "Don't talk like that," my mother said, "you just saw that we got along better with them than with our blood brothers for so many years. It's just that unfortunately my father had a golden mouth." In time, I learned from other neighbours that uncle Romeo's boys were dealing with unclean things where they went and got into all sorts of mischief.

But I kept my trust in their relatives, and that's how I fell in love with Sabina, a "silky gipsy", as they say, a beautiful girl with higher education, who worked in a multinational company. I met Sabina at a party organized by her company, where the company's close collaborators were also invited, including me. Sabina was the soul of the party and everyone seemed delighted with her. I couldn't take my eyes off her for a second, and in the end, I worked up the courage and confessed to her that she charmed me, and even though it looks like a formula from the movies, I fell in love with her.

Sabina looked at me with her big deer eyes, answered me with a wide smile and asked me to wait for her until the party was over. I was not surprised and did not seem displeased when she invited me to have a drink at her house, and then, after having a glass of champagne, I made love until daybreak. It's hard for me to describe in words everything I felt then. I had never experienced such a passion before and I was already 31 years old.

"I love you as I've never loved before, I don't see why I waste any more time. Do you want to be my wife?"

Sabina looked at me with the same gentle deer gaze and nodded.

"If that's what you want, why should I kick my luck?"

I stopped thinking, ran away and bought a white gold ring with a small diamond, called her at the office and told her I wanted to introduce her to my parents. I immediately booked two tickets to Dubai to spend our honeymoon there. When she finished the program, I asked her for a wife again, put the ring on her finger, kissed her passionately, and headed for my family's house. "Did you tell them we were coming so the poor people wouldn't be scared?" "My parents just want to see me happy." They will adore you, you will see! My mother hugged Sabina happily, my father hugged her, but a little more restrained. I read a shadow of doubt on his face, but my mother winked discreetly, a sign not to pay attention to my father.

"Don't you think you're in a hurry, boy?" he asked me a few days later when I went to take their wedding invitation. You couldn't find another one ... It's beautiful, I don't say no, but I'm very afraid that it's very possible to have an unpleasant surprise, that's all...

I knew what my father was implying, but I quickly changed the subject. Sabina was as good as any other girl, if not better. I had nothing to be ashamed of. I was in heaven anyway. Sabina caressed me with the most beautiful words, I was completely lost in the depths of her black eyes, and when we made love, I forgot what world I live in.

What else would a man need to be happy? We were always chained together. we kissed where we wanted, without caring no one, I lived the joy of love like two teenagers. I hurriedly got the civil wedding and the wedding. Sabina moved into my apartment, and a few days later, we flew to Dubai.

At Sabina's wedding, only a few friends came, she told me that her whole family is abroad and it would take too long to gather them from the rest of the world.

"Don't you think it's weird that no one from her family came to the wedding?" my father asked me. This girl is hiding something, it was better not to hurry like that! Father! Eternally fearful and pessimistic, as I always knew him! My mother hugged me, wished us a happy wedding and repeated in my ear not to pay attention to my father's nonsense. "Be happy!"

The truth is that I cared little for others. I just wanted Sabina. Two weeks were waiting for us, in which only the two of us, under the Dubai sun, would be free and restless.

We packed our bags and got on the plane happily. When I arrived at the airport in Dubai, it was an indescribable crowd. Several flights had landed at the same time, two from Romania. While I was waiting for the luggage, Sabina suddenly pulled her hand out of mine and I saw her jumping on a man's neck.

"Mander! What a surprise! You here? Sabina seemed to have completely forgotten about me, covered the man's face with kisses and kept saying his name. Eventually, to the applause of some young people, Sabina woke up to reality and pulled the individual towards me:

"Baby, he's Mander, my ex-fiancé, I told you about him." I'm sure you remember! It was the love of my life, before you, of course!"

I looked at the man more closely. He was a tall, solid guy, his hands covered in tattoos, and his skin was already tanned, though he didn't seem to have been exposed to the sun. He was a "brother" of Sabina. He wore a thick gold chain around his neck and a bracelet on each wrist. Viorel held out his hand, I squeezed it tightly and smiled forcefully. Well, one word led to another, we found out that he will stay at the same hotel with us, in the extremely noisy joy of Sabina. Fortunately, his luggage was delayed, so we got on the first taxi and headed to the hotel.

Stay tuned for part 2!