I spent my honeymoon in three in Dubai - Part 2

I spent my honeymoon in three in Dubai - Part 2

Poor Mander! Sabina said looking back while the taxi was leaving the airport. He told me that he had just divorced, that his wife was a madwoman, a furious jealous woman, who filed a complaint with the police and accused him of domestic violence. Without doing anything. Poor him! He went out like any other man, with friends to have a beer, and when he got home, the madwoman kept barking at him until she drives him crazy and naturally, he slapped her. Big deal! If she hadn't provoked him...

"He ever hit you?" I asked out of curiosity, hoping the answer was no.

"He would touch me sometimes when he was nervous and I would tease him, but he would apologize to me every time and cover me with flowers. He's a very good boy. Only when he is drinking is difficult, then he loses his temper very easily."

Sabina told me that although they were engaged. Mander left her alone and married the other, his ex-wife, but only through Sabina's fault: he bothered him too much, and he wanted to teach her a lesson, so my wife told me that "ex" he was from a wealthy family, and he probably loved her money, but in fact he still loved her.

Without realizing it, I woke up asking:

"What did you find at this gipsy, my dear?" You are delicate as a flower, and he is uncarved and behaves like a caveman, he also has a mobster's face!

"Why are you talking like that dear?" You know very well that I am also... It's not nice to talk like that about my own kind!

I suddenly felt guilty, she was right. When we went down to dinner, the bully was already in the restaurant and invited us to his table. And from that evening he was omnipresent, to Sabina's delight. My wife was ecstatic, and that semi-illiterate brute rejoiced, almost telling me through his behaviour: "You idiot, you won't get rid of me!".

Sabina was chirping like a sparrow, and I had to swallow the lump in my throat. A few times my wife held both of us by the hand, as if we were kindergarten children, going on a trip with the teacher. He jumped around our necks, kissed us on the cheek, to the amusement of other tourists, who I do not know what they imagined. But I surprised them more than once that they were making signs between them. And the caveman smiled like an ironic idiot and looked at me contemptuously.

I tried, a few times, to wake Sabina to reality, to remind her that we are on our honeymoon and that it would be much more natural for us to spend it in two, not three, but she reproached me, that I am selfish and can only think of myself, that I am not compassionate, and that scares her. Not to mention that every time I got to the room and tried to be tender, she rejected me on the pretext that she was tired, that she had sunburn, that her head hurt. She felt bad, but only when we were alone, when we were all three, Sabina was on edge, laughing with her mouth from ear to ear, telling frivolous jokes and radiating happiness.

As Sabina grew colder to me, she became more affectionate and attentive to her ex-fiancé. They touched their hands as if by chance, my wife applied a kiss on his forehead or cheek, they ran together on the beach, looking for shells... Maximum exasperated and already irritated and nervous, I arranged with the guide to change the dates of some yacht trips, so that we could finally be alone. One morning, when we got on the yacht and Sabina noticed that Mander wasn't coming, but it was too late to do anything, she rushed to me and almost slapped me in front of everyone. She stopped at the last moment.

"You are hateful! How could you do such a thing? How can you be so insensitive?"

Tourists were already looking at us curiously. I tried to calm her down but in vain.

"Honey, what's wrong with you? We're on our honeymoon, forgot? You just don't want us to pamper that alcoholic man! He is drinking like fish, haven't you seen? Is that how you want us to spend our time here?"

Sabina said nothing more, but retaliation would come. My wife barely spoke to me for the next few days, while the other man enjoyed all the attention. When we were left alone in the room, we slept separately and she didn't even answer me if I asked her anything. I gave her peace, I thought she would get over it. Unintentionally, one night, when I wasn't asleep, I remembered my father and his words: Don't you think you're in a hurry, boy? She's beautiful, I don't say no, but I'm afraid you'll have a surprise, that's all ... This girl is hiding something, it was better not to hurry!”.

The next morning, when I asked her if she was coming to the beach, she did not answer. I had breakfast and was left alone, what was I going to do? At least to enjoy the sun, if our honeymoon was totally smashed, crashed and burned. I sat in the sun, I swam. Sabina didn't show up. She didn't even come to lunch.

I thought she was mad at me and maybe it's better to give her peace, so I sat on a terrace and had a coffee, swam for a while and only went up to the room in the evening. I didn't find anyone there. Sabina's things were gone. I went down to the front desk, hoping to find out something.

The receptionist handed me an envelope. "I made the biggest mistake of my life by agreeing to marry you. You are a soulless man. I didn't stop loving Mander, I was desperate when he left me, but now I'm happy again. I'm going with him! Until you get home, I'll take my things and leave your key in the mailbox. Good thing I woke up on time! You would have ruined my life if I had stayed with you! "

When I got home, a few things were gone: the savings card, the Swiss watch, and the gold buttons I received as a gift from my mother. They probably winked at Viorel. I tried to hide my adventure from my parents for as long as I could, but I knew they both suspected something. I finally told them the trick, but my father did not react as I expected, did not rebuke me, and did not say to me: “Did you see? If you listened to me..."The divorce ended quickly, fortunately, without us having to see each other or see Viorel grinning. " All for the best," I said to myself after I was free again, "at least we don't have a child to be bound to her forever!"

I may have been wrong or maybe I wasn't wrong, but the other day I thought I saw Sabina on the street. He was wearing sunglasses, although it was cloudy. I wasn't happy, I would be malicious and this is not in my nature, but I couldn't help but think that she had probably become the "boxing bag" of the caveman again.

the End