I was born for Christmas and that's when I became a mother! - part 1

I was born for Christmas and that's when I became a mother! - part 1

I was born at a cottage at Christmas, but my father could only declare me on December 30th. My mother insists to spend the holidays in the mountains with her friends, although doctors had warned her that she might give birth prematurely. The gang also included a medical student, the son of one of my father's friends, who eventually turned out to be a gifted accoucheur. That night Patrick decided to become a gynaecologist. Initially, he wanted to choose neurosurgery.

My mother considered me the most beautiful Christmas gift she could ever receive, and for a long time, my family and their group of friends spent the Holidays and my birthday in the same band, in the same cottage, which at one time, one of them bought it and put it on its feet, because it was more and more destroyed by weather, and the tourists did not venture there. I considered Patrick my older brother for a long time, he was very caring with me and he considered me, in a way, “his work”. Then our paths parted, I went to school, he married a woman who didn't want to share it with anyone.

"Patrick is such a good a man, how to choose that woman!?" I heard saying my mother as she talked on the phone with his mother.

Patrick's wedding was the last occasion on which the gang was invited. Later, Patrick could only attend to her circles of friends. As his passion for medicine failed to make him give up, in fact, “this harpy” was his patient, Madeline began to cheat on him at some point. She didn't want to have children for fear of ruining the shape of her body, instead, she liked "bedroom sports" terribly. Patrick knew, but he didn't seem to care. When, at last, he received an anonymous letter in which it was a photo with his wife at a swinger’s club, he stopped thinking and divorced, then he went to New York, invited by a British doctor, and I lost contact with him. My childhood passion for Patrick passed in the background.

As a child, I was quite naughty, and I reached maturity pretty quickly. Sex was a physiological necessity; I didn't think I had to love my partner. I was a very active woman from all points of view, a modern woman. I liked extreme sports, I bought a motorcycle at one point, I got my license, and for a while, I only “frequented” engine owners.

Then I got bored and started diving. My father adored me and could not refuse me anything, he was my main sponsor. I really liked many things, except in winter. I hated the cold and the cold, rarely did anyone convince me to leave the house.

I had arranged with a taxi driver, "Johnnie knows everything", as I liked to call him because he was very young and resourceful, to take me and bring me from the company, I ordered everything I needed Online or I asked him to let him help me when needed. He repairs my pipes, assembles and installs everything I buy and requires assembly.

In winter, I was close to hibernation. My friends knew me and reconciled me with my habits because for the rest of the year I was a scream very cool and sociable girl. In the winter most of the time I watch movies, read, listened to music, but I was not very eager to visit my friends. My only guest was Johnnie, who knew how to be silent better than anyone and left me in mine, he had learned the lesson very well - when he saw that I did not go down at the appointed time, he went to my family doctor and took my exemption for that day and he took it to my boss, a former college classmate, who loved me secretly - that's what he thought, in fact, everyone knew - and forgave me anything. I never neglected my work, if I was absent one day, I recovered the next day through overtime, I was very conscientious.

One day when it was horrible outside, icy, a cold of cracking the stones, Johnnie, what bad luck, had dislocated his arm. I didn't want to use the services of the colleague he had recommended to me, so I rushed to walk. The truth is, it didn't take me more than a quarter of an hour to get to the company, straight.

After I snuggled up well, I was barely moving, I left the building and faced the outside air. I was about to go back. I wondered if it wouldn't be better to take a vacation until Johnnie gets well.

"I just won't be so helpless!" I said to myself, and since it had just turned green, I started to cross.

I heard the squeak of wheels like in action movies and saw a car stop very close to my feet. I was pinned to the spot, not by fear, because I had hardly noticed what was happening, but because I was slipping terribly and I was afraid I would fall. The hat was half-covering my eyes, I was wearing a thick coat down to the ground and some boots up to my knees. I could barely move. Anyone who saw me could easily confuse me with a knight from the Middle Ages, covered in armour from head to toe. I only missed the horse.

So, I was pinned down until the driver, who had been about to hit me, got out of the car in a split second and came to see if I was injured.

"Ma'am, does something hurt? Why don't you move? Let me take you to the hospital!"

I looked under his hat and snorted.

"Do you think I'm hurt?" Nothing hurts, I can't move because I'm dressed too thick. You better help me walk!

"And how do I do that?" Shall I take you in my arms? I don't think I'll succeed, you seem to weigh heavily.

"You're kidding me?! I do not have any mood for this, believe me! I have to get to work, I'm already late. So, do something!"

"Okay, okay, I'm trying..."

He struggled and lifted me up. Two more men came to help him.

They pushed me into his car, where it was terribly hot.

"Turn off the heat, I'll melt!"

"My God, you're so moody! You're going to ruin my whole day! Where can I take you?"

"In the middle of nowhere! Are you satisfied?"

I told him the address, he left me in front of the company and left in a whirlwind.

"God, what's wrong with you? Why did you dress like this? Viki, my office colleague and my best friend, asked me. It's 2 degrees outside, it's not that cold."

"Johnnie has a dislocated arm, I had to come by walking. You know I can't stand the cold. And he was about to hit me on the crosswalk... He skated to my feet. I'm surprised he didn't break them for me. Maybe it was better, at least I was staying home."

Stay tuned for part 2!