I was born for Christmas and that's when I became a mother! - part 2

I was born for Christmas and that's when I became a mother! - part 2

"Come on, it's so bad, don't be so messy, winter will pass quickly, you'll see! We have a lot of work to do."

"You know it's torture for me any holiday." You just know me!

"I know, I know, but you have to understand that not everyone feels like you. Some even rejoice like children when they receive gifts. Even you like to give gifts. Why do you still give gifts, if...?"

"Ok! I like to see how you enjoy it! "

Viki offered to take over Johnnie's task. I donated thick clothes and worked like crazy, so I could finish the projects until the holidays. At the beginning of the year, there was going to be an auction, we had to win. Viki suggested I do the Holidays with her family. I sniffed disapprovingly.

"Look, I'm tired of your whims!" At least do it like me this year. I promise you'll like it! Remus has some funny friends, you won't get bored and I assure you will forget it's winter. If you come, I promise I'll make you your favourite cake!

"I'm coming as long as you don't say it's my birthday!"

"You're like a mule. Okay, I accept! I'm still making you a cake. You take him home if you want."

On the evening of December 22, there was a big party at the company, we had fun until late at night, but, with all the regret, I had to go home, because the next day we were leaving. Viki had to pick me up in front of the building in the morning.

"Don't take too many bags with you, it's warm and good everywhere. Don't dress too much!"

I prepared a few things and a whole bag of gifts, of course, as I used to prepare every year. My family went, as usual, to the cottage and invited me to go with them. They told me that Patrick might come too, but I preferred the company of Viki's friends. I loved Viki, especially because she had a good soul and supported me.

Her biggest wish was to have a baby, but unfortunately ...

The next morning, Viki showed up with her car. Only the two of us were going to travel, he didn't want to force me to support anyone. She was thinking of everything, poor Viki. He thought of everyone, only about her, not.

"I've already made a few trips there, I took food & beverages, not to miss anything. You won't be sorry you came, you'll see!"

"Pull over! I told her."

"I something wrong?"

"No, I want to hug you. You are a wonderful person, Viki! I care about you a lot, you know!"

"I care about you too, my dear!"

And he sighed. I realized why.

"I have a surprise for you, but I'll tell you on Christmas night." No, no, don't insist, I'm not telling you anything!

I helped her prepare the dishes, guests started coming, everyone was laughing. Even Viki. She would never forgive herself for ruining the mood of others because of her problems.

"Come I want to introduce you to someone! Viki told me the night before. He's Remus' friend. Do you recognize him?"

The man held out his hand, but his face didn't tell me anything.

"I don't know, I don't remember if ..."

The man then began to speak. I recognized his voice immediately.

"Aha! The stranger who was about to break my legs on the crosswalk."

"Himself, in the flesh."

Viki told me that a few days after the incident, Remus told her what had happened to Lucas, and she remembered what I had told her that morning. He wondered if it was a coincidence or not. He called Luca and asked him to tell him all the details. He understood that I was a possible victim and decided to get to know us. . Luke turned out to be a good civilized man, he had a sense of humour and didn't make any bad jokes."

I felt good in the company of him and Viki and Remus' other friends. Most had known each other for years and cared for each other. There was a special warmth when you were in their midst. Under the huge tree in the yard, full of globes and light bulbs, were many gifts. We all rushed, like children, to see what Santa brought us. Each gift had someone's name written on it. Luca wanted to cover me with a blanket, but I wasn't cold. For the first time in my life, the thought that I could help my girlfriend warmed me up. I took Viki aside.

"We need to talk about my gift. I thought well, listen to me to the end, please! I want to help you have a baby. I know something's wrong with you ... I'll take the pregnancy in your place if you don't mind. It will be your baby, only I will give birth to him. Please don't refuse me!"

For the first time since I met her, I saw Viki screaming in pain. It was heartbreaking to see this woman, who seemed so powerful, mourning her suffering. He hugged me and kept saying, "Would you do this for me?"

When we returned home, we immediately went to her doctor. I did all the necessary investigations.

"Ma'am, your gesture is very beautiful," the doctor told me, impressed.

"My girlfriend is made to be a mother, I don't understand why she ... I have to help her! I want to see her happy."

When everything was ready, I was inseminated with Remus's sperm. Everything went very well and, to Viki's great joy, it was found to be a twin pregnancy.

"If you love me, you move in with us, I have to take care of you!"

I accepted, for her sake, even though I knew it would be hard for all of us. It's hard to describe in words how much Viki cared about me. It suffocated me sometimes. She was terrified that something bad would happen and she would have been able to keep me in bed, even though the doctor always told her I had to exercise. The poor woman had lost a few pregnancies, it was natural for her to be afraid. The twins were born on the same day as me. Luca and I were their godparents. Since that year, I have not been able to avoid celebrating my birthday. Viki quit her job so she could stay home with Anna and Josef.

On the day the children turned 1 and I was 32, Luca asked me to be his wife.

"Do not rush! We have no reason to hurry, I told him. You were impressed by my gesture of friendship. It's not enough for marriage, you have to make sure you love me."

Luke was right. Everyone was shocked by my proof of friendship. Sometimes I was embarrassed by everyone's praise. I told Viki I wanted to be myself again and I was going to leave for a while. I'm still far away, it's hard for me, but I have to find myself and only then will I be able to set off again my road in life. Do not think that it is a small thing to feel two lives growing in you, which you then have to give up.

The end