I went on New Year's Eve with my boyfriend and left with another man - part 1

I went on New Year's Eve with my boyfriend and left with another man - part 1

Tory before 2020 came into its own, and since then we have been inseparable and we love each other more and more every day.

I am the happiest girl in the world! I finally found true love, not the surrogate I had consoled myself with before. The event happened when I expected less, at the New Year's Eve party: when the year changed, I changed my boyfriend too!

My name is Darya, I am 27 years old and I am in love! In fact, it's is an understatement to say I'm in love. I've been in love before, and there are others in love. But I'm melted! I love with all my heart, with all my being, as I never loved and I did not know that one can love! I love Tory and I can't imagine my life without him. And, to make everything perfect, he loves me just the same. Life is wonderful and we enjoy every moment lived together.

"Darya, I want to tell you something, but I'm a little embarrassed!" he told me a month ago, shortly before saying goodbye to 2019 and welcoming the arrival of 2020. It seems incredible, but I think I fell in love with you.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, Tory!" It's normal. It happened to me too! I replied excitedly, my heart pounding. I fell in love with you too! That's how it all started, that's how we made known the feelings that animated us and that we couldn't repress anymore: short and to the point, because there was no time to waste; it was a little longer and the year was changing.

We are at the New Year's Eve party, at a luxury restaurant in down town in Dubai, where not everyone can enter. But we had arrived, because in the divine plan we had been written to meet and we could not disobey the plan. Then, there, we saw each other for the first time in our lives, and from that moment on, nothing else mattered. Not even the fact that we came with other partners. One night was enough to realize that we are soul mates. Let me tell you!

As I was telling you, we were at the restaurant. My partner, Maxim, and I, who were among the first to arrive there, were seated at one of the chic eight-seater tables arranged by the organizers, sipping a liqueur and wondering what the six guests who would appear would be like. We hoped that they would not be grumpy and capricious people, sources of negative energy, able to lower our vibration and ruin our evening. But unfortunately, our hopes would be shattered since the first couple appeared.

"Ivanna, you know what I want from you!" Be careful, never see the empty glass, so I don't get upset and offend you, right? the man tells his partner, a monster over 120 kilos, with a rude face, goitre and thick neck.

As you say, Oleg! the woman answers, a brunette with an imposing stature, betraying heavy gastronomic passions, while she lies down and grabs a bottle of alcohol. But be careful not to see the empty plate, right?

Of course, I did not appreciate at all their dialogue of insatiable people, betraying greed and lack of common sense. But the places were fixed, so all we could do was take care of ourselves and not pay attention to them or to those who had just greeted and sat down, namely two individuals in strident clothing and extravagant behaviour, the kind of expansive and noisy nature, which cares only for themselves.

"Hi all! We are the Stepanov family, people of life, who like jokes! it was the way the guy presented himself. We'll just keep you joking all night!"

"Is that so! the consort intervened, as effervescent as he was. We can't wait to cheer you up, because you look a bit blasé!"

I smiled with complacency, after which, as the band was just performing a classical blues, I went out to dance with Maxim, not so much because I was dying for the sake of dancing, but especially to get rid of the specimens at the table. However, as my companion and I were not at all in a happy period, the scandals between us being the order of the day after we found out about his infidelity, we did not linger too long in the ring, but we returned to the table, where in the meantime, the third couple had arrived, the one who would play a decisive role in my destiny.

"Good evening, people! I'm Tory and she's Oxana, my girlfriend! the man made the introductions, as he rose gallantly and bowed courteously.

"Delighted to have you among us! I answered on behalf of both, taking a seat in the chair that, as it turned out, was next to his own. We hope to spend a pleasant evening together and have quality moments."

I had spoken fluently, without restraint or stumbling, which was a clear sign that the handsome and well-mannered man was empowering me: I was really glad that he was sitting next to me. I had come to have fun and I needed someone to do it with, as long as Maxim was just a facade companion, which I had in mind to get rid of the very next day. So, I found Tory's presence extremely welcome and timely. And the evening was just beginning.

"Dancing, Darya? Can you allow me, Maxim? he asked us in turn, at one point, after being encouraged by the steam of alcohol, we had all engaged in various discussions, and the atmosphere had begun to relax."

"Of course, Tiberius!" I answered as I got up from my chair and held out my hand, which he grabbed gracefully, under Marius's deadly gaze.

We stepped together into the dance floor and, as the play was very slow, we clung to each other and began the undulating movements. I immediately felt that, just as he was not indifferent to me, I was not indifferent to him either: he was aroused. I concluded that I was on the right track and wrapped my arms around his neck, continuing to move lasciviously and arouse the animal in it.

Then I rested my head on his shoulder, closed my eyes, and whispered:

"Heartbeat, stay! I've been waiting for you for too long to leave so fast! Stay!"

Stay tuned for part 2!