I went on New Year's Eve with my boyfriend and left with another man - part 2

I went on New Year's Eve with my boyfriend and left with another man - part 2

"Don't worry, Darya, is not going anywhere!" And if leaves, another equally wonderful one comes! he whispered to me in turn, obviously full of emotion. This night will be an endless series of wonderful moments.

"I sincerely hope so, Tory!" And at dawn I will leave you an unforgettable memory, it will be a colossal surprise! I deftly slipped the hope of intimate union that animated me as well. I just hope you keep your word, I'm fed up with false promises.

"Darya, don't say that! A girl as delicate and sensitive as you do not deserve to be disappointed! he instantly empathized, squeezing me tighter in the middle. But we don't always get what we deserve, and for that, I can prove myself.

The above words were only the introduction of a long dialogue that I would have with Tory that night, a confessional one, after which we would lay the foundations of a superb relationship, as I did not think could exist between two people of the opposite sex and which can only happen between soul mates, as we are.

Tory, like me, was entangled in the thongs of a sick relationship with a woman who did not love him and who, moreover, mocked him.

At the same time, he didn't love Oxana either, but he stayed with her only because that's what their parents, old family friends, expected: they had been together for three years and no one would have imagined that he wouldn't be there until the end.

An unfortunate convenience, which had brought him nothing but dissatisfaction and frustration, just as my relationship with the cunning duplicitous Maxim had been.

"But you danced for a while, no joke! Oleg said, smiling knowingly and handing us a glass as Tory and I returned to the table. Now take a drink, because as much as you sweat, you risk dehydration. Drink and be happy!"

"And, while you drink, I tell you a series of jokes with shipwrecked people who arrive on the desert islands and meet the natives. Yes?"Madame Stepanov completed it immediately, while Ivanna grabbed a chicken coop and devoured it in a few sips.

"No need, we know them all, they are good!" Tiberius answered on behalf of both of us, to stop her from telling jokes, while we both sat down at the table.

Once seated, we continued to keep friendly and have fun, each seeing his own: Tory and I took care of each other, Oleg took care of the drink, Ivanna - of the food, and the couple Stepanov - of the jokes, one more stupid than another. They all felt good and did not show interest in others.

Only my Maximus and Tiberius' Oxana did not have any fun, on the contrary, they were sullen and angry, both of them looking like a wet flannel.

"What does that mean, Darya? Did you bring me here to make fun of me?" Marius pulled me aside when he could no longer bear the erotic tension floating in the air, more precisely in the air between me and the neighbour at the table.

"Did I bring you? Do you forget that you made the reservation and insisted we come? I replied boldly, animated by an intense feeling of confidence inspired by the sly glances that Tiberius gave me. As for the joke, I remember I found you in bed with a whore, not you with me with a macho. Yes?"

"Okay, does that allow you to behave like that? he insisted on teaching me the moral lesson. Do you think I don't see you touching Tory?"

"Tory has nothing to do with!" I ended the discussion and, at the same time, the relationship with Maxim. With or without him, I was going to leave you tomorrow, it's all over between us! Farewell! Although he didn't like my words at all, all he had to do was go back to the table with his tail between his legs and drink a full glass, quietly chewing on his frustration, just as Oxana did, who had retreated to a corner with Tory to have a similar discussion, after which he had broken up with her. After them, we returned and I raised my glass, worshiping in the name of love:

"For a new year and a new beginning!"

"Speaking of which, do you know the joke with the uninitiated in love that ends before it begins?" Mrs. Stepanov quickly slipped in, all smiling.

"Let me tell them the end, please!" her husband enters, just as enthusiastically. It's really cool.

Understandably, she leaves him, but I can't hear her, because I get up from the table and head to the dance floor, where I close my eyes and let myself be carried on the wings of the dance. In a few moments, I find myself supported by the strong arms of Tory, who does a few tricks with me in his arms. I feel like I'm floating, and I know why: because I'm really floating! The feeling is uplifting and thrilling. And then I repeat the wish earlier:

"Heartbeat, stay!"

"Your wish has been obeyed, Darya!" Tory confirms to me. From now on, all moments will be like this. You know, I want to tell you something, but I'm a little embarrassed. It sounds incredible, but I think I fell in love with you.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, Tory!" It's normal. It also happened to me! I replied excitedly, with my heart pounding. I fell in love with you too...

Just then the voice of the band's leader was heard, announcing the festive moment at the turn of the year. We returned to the table, raised our glasses and waited for the countdown, which started immediately: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 !!!

This was followed by a general outburst of joy, and the guests began to clash and hug, except for our former partners, who had meanwhile disappeared.

Not caring that I was in public, I jumped into the arms of Tory, who hugged me passionately and kissed me for a long time.

"Happy New Year, Darya! I wish you a 2020 full of happy moments, like this one!"

"I wish you the same, Tory!" May 2020 be our year! And the next ones too!

I don't know what the next years will be like, but I know that, for now, this year is really our year, and it is truly magnificent. The closeness between me and Tory is closer and closer, the love that binds us being absolutely magical and proving that, indeed, we are made for each other.

the End