Jingle All the Way

Jingle All the Way

It is that time of year again when our thoughts turn to parties and presents, kissing under the mistletoe, Drunken fumblings behind the filling cabinets with the secretary from purchasing to the new girl from accounts and of course lots and lots of booze. Every one has a memory of at least one of those occasions where you think I really don't want to go to work next Monday and face my co-workers without blushing with embarrassment, but still every December we end up walking the tight rope of having fun and getting sacked. We have gathered together three Christmas stories for you to peruse that will make you glad it was not you.


The bosses' wife 

The office was starting to wind down for the holidays, It had been a hard year for the sales department with COVID restricting profits and growth forcing the company to lay off some staff members, so spirits were not as high as the year before, but we were determined that we were going to enjoy ourselves no matter what, as you never know if this will be your last. The company had booked a top restaurant in the Dubai centre followed by a private room at a hotel, so we could drink until our hearts are content in privacy, there were limos waiting outside the office to ferry us to the bistro to eat, they had not skipped on the luxury as they wanted to thank us for still performing throughout these difficult times and to show things would get better next year. We arrived at the restaurant where we were seated at two long tables each holding twenty people, I was sat with the rest of our sales team while the management and their partners were on the main table, the food was laid out in front of us with all the Christmas trimmings, turkey potatoes, vegetables they had even imported Yorkshire puddings to add to the ambience and to remind us home, so we got stuck in washing it down with copious amounts of red wine by the time we were halfway through the meal I was already getting a bit tipsy, and we still had the function room at the hotel yet, where there was even more booze to partake of.

 The evening passed off without to many problems and the party goers thinned out a little as to one point that I was with a group of salesmen and the wife of my boss Gerry he was a bit boring, and it seemed his job was his only passion in life, so we were quite surprised that his wife Miranda was a funny bubbly mature woman with an out going personality that was totally the opposite of her husband Gerry and I found her quite attractive, but we had other plans for the evening so my 5 man sales team and I made our excuses and said we were going up to our rooms to sleep off the booze, Miranda smiled knowingly and joked that she would be up later to tuck me into bed kissing me on the cheek and wished us all good night. On the way up to the room I turned to Marcus, my co-pilot in crime,“ Have you booked us an escort for the party? “ I asked, he explained that he had booked us an escort that was willing to do a gang bang between all six of us from bookrealescorts.com a company we had used before and was always happy with their Dubai escorts they supplied.

 He showed me a verified photo of a beautiful sexy young woman and I instantly agreed with his choice. “She will be here in ten minutes, I thought I would never get you away from Miranda in time,” he said. So we clicked open the door to the room and quickly ordered some more booze so that we could keep the mood going into the night and waited till our plaything arrived, she was bang on time and Marcus brought her into the lounge and introduced her to all the boys, took her jacket and squeezed her tight buttocks as she walked to the centre of the room someone put on some music, and She started to gyrate to her slim body to the beat slowly slipping of her blouse to expose her firm breasts, then she took of her skirt and was half naked in front of six very horny men who wanted to devour her, she continued to strip until she was naked before asking “who wants to go first?” she inquired, “that will be me,” said Marcus, “after all I ordered you” he continued before stripping of his shirt and trousers taking her hand and shoving it down the front of his pants, so she could arouse his penis into an erection she sat him on the sofa and gave him oral sex as the rest of us watched and got ourselves ready for our turn. It was then that there was a knock on the door. “That will be room service with the drinks,” I said as I headed for the door to relieve the waiter of his heavy burden.

 You can imagine my shock as at the door was Miranda with a trolley of champagne and brandy,“ I told him I would take care of the room service,” she said cheekily and pushed the trolley right past me without giving me a chance to cut her off, There was a Dubai escort giving head to Marcus as four men watched her eagerly in different stages of undress Paul was behind the model with his hand rubbing her vagina to get her moist so that he could take her doggy style. “ Oh my,” said Miranda, “you have been very naughty boys, haven't you?” I blushed“ it not what it looks like I blurted out I hope it is she replied and went and sat herself on the sofa pulling my hand to sit next to here” Can I join in?” she said smiling at me as her hand unzipped my trousers to release my manhood while she used her other hand to take hold of Michael now hard prick and masturbated us both in unison talking it in turns to blow our cocks while we fondled her large breasts and rubbed her now exposed crotch, she was hot and wet and ready to take us all. 

There we were with a beautiful Dubai escort and a full-bodied mature amateur taking it in turns to satisfy them or be satisfied by them, every time we stopped for a rest Miranda would select another sales rep to pleasure her I have never known such libido in a woman she was not going to let us off without each of us filling her mouth arse or vagina sometimes all three at once she was insatiable for two hours until all six men did not have the energy to continue that is when she stood up and thanked us for making her evening so stimulating before warning us that it was best if her husband Gerry never found out about our intimate session and left as our hot Dubai escort dressed and left as well, we talked and decided that it would be best not to talk about the evenings events and retired to our own rooms. On the Monday when we went back to work no one could look Gerry in the face, he most of wondered what he did at the party before he passed out in his room, and hopefully he will never know.

Always find me in the toilets at parties

The secret Santa

I had been living in Dubai and working as an escort for 4 months and had accumulated quite a client base, I specialized in being submissive, and I found that the middle-aged men that booked me through www.bookrealescorts.com were really into domination and having a beautiful sexy Dubai escort obey their every command was making me very popular. I had quite a life outside my escort work, I had a boyfriend, Gregg who I had only been seeing for a few weeks, so he knew nothing about my nocturnal business activities just that I was making good money from my private company, and sometimes I couldn't make it to see him as I was busy with my clients. As we got closer to Christmas Gregg had invited me to his work party as his guest, so I kept myself free for the evening as I could tell that he wanted to take me to show me off to his work colleagues, let's face it when you are dating a sexy Ukrainian woman you want everybody to be jealous of you. He picked my up at 7pm from my flat in the city centre and drove us to the hotel that was holding the reception, it was a classy hotel that I had been to before, but I convinced Gregg that it was my first visit. Pretending to not know where to go and hoping that none of my regulars were staying there.

 On entering the function room, I glanced round at the about 100 guests that were mingling, making small talk and networking. Gregg introduced me to the co-workers from his department and seemed proud that I was his date. I had my favourite blue gown that showed the outline of my fine cleavage and pert bottom, and I looked the part. After about three glasses of champagne I felt the need to pee, so I told Gregg that I was just going to powder my nose and headed for the toilets which were just outside the function room in the lobby just by the reception I entered the ladies which was empty and sat in a cubicle checking my messages and checking my makeup on the screen as I became aware of something moving above me just out of my eyeline looking up I could see a middle-aged man looking down at me, I recognized James a client of mine from last week. “ I thought it was you,” he said excitedly,” you're the Ukrainian escort from bookrealescorts.com I saw you coming in and wanted to say hello,” he smirked as he gazed down at my dress pulled up over my knees I continued to pee making sure he got a good view of my shaven vagina before unlocking the door for him to enter and join me before anyone came in and discovered him peering over the top. 

He entered and slid the lock closed just before I heard two female voices enter the loos and start to discuss which person they wanted to take home that night and having a good moan about the other women at the party. James whispered in my ear that I should open his zip and see what he had ready for me, so I ran my hand down over his bulge and as silently as possible unzipped him before releasing him into my hand, pulling back his foreskin to be able to suck him while my hand masturbated his full erect penis. “Bend over,” he demanded, no longer worried about being overheard by the women coming and going in the powder room, I did what I was told, turning to face the cistern and pulled my dress up over my bottom, so he could mount me from behind, without waiting he entered me and started to rapidly thrust in and out as we had passionate sex which surely everybody in the ladies' room could now hear his grunting as he reached an orgasm which he shot inside me, taking a minute or two for the toilets to empty I opened the door to check that it was empty before ushering James out before anyone else could catch us. 

As he left he shoved 8000 AED into my hand which I put into my bag. After he left I cleaned myself up wiping away the sticky cream that was by now running down my legs I touched up my makeup and left thinking what to tell Gregg about where I had been passing by reception I noticed that Gregg was talking to someone in the lobby who had his back to me, I walked over and kissed Him on the cheek before looking at the person he was chatting to it was James, my heart missed a beat with panic“ Hi babe this is my boss James,“ he said as he introduced us I smiled sheepishly and suggested that it was time to leave as I had to work in the morning “it has been a pleasure James,” boldly told me before Gregg took me outside to the taxi to go home.

Alls I want for Christmas is shoes

Alls I want fir Christmas is Shoes

One of my favourite Clients at bookrealescorts.com is called Gunter he is in his sixties small, bald, and I have been visiting him for nearly a year. He is a quietly spoken gentleman who likes to spend his time talking with me before we have conventional sex but he was always shy and did not like to talk about his sexual fantasies, no matter how I tried to get him to open up it seemed uncomfortable for him even though we had regular meetings once a week with him never missing an appointment, I noticed that he liked to pay interest in my shoes asking me my shoe size and so I had recently started to get him turned on by rubbing my feet over his crotch which got him aroused before our usual missionary position to finish the date. Just a week before Christmas I went to his house for our our regular Friday session, Gunter met me at the door and we went to the living room and I sat on the sofa I could tell that he had been drinking before I arrived as I could smell the whisky on his breath along with a new found confidence that I found quite intriguing as he had never seemed so confident before and I liked to see him bolder and less sheltered than he had ever been, He reached under the coffee table and pulled out a shoe box with Jimmy Choo written on it in gold lettering I was shocked to open the box and inside was a pair of the most expensive footwear known to man they must have cost more than I earned in a month, He had my size and width of foot spot on which surprised me I had told him my shoe size but hadn´t mentioned that my feet were quite slim but just from looking he knew something that most men would not have a clue about,” These are for you a Christmas present for my favourite Dubai escort,” he said as he took the shoes out of their box and presented them to me, he seemed excited as I lifted my skirt so he had a good view of my long legs covered in black stockings, as I pulled the gold coloured high heels onto my petite feet they fit snugly, I stood and walked around the room while he watched me intently his gaze never left my feet as I did a lap of his living room trying to keep perfect balance watching him get more and more horny.

I could see a lump start to form at the crotch of his trousers so stood in front of him and removed one shoe passing it to him, he took it in both hands and sniffed at the mixture of my hot feet and the smell of new leather, sitting down next to him I removed my stocking as well and gave it to him which he smelled as well, he seemed so aroused like I had never seen him in all the time we had been Dubai escort and client. Removing my other footwear and stocking I started to rub my by now bare feet across his crotch before unzipping him so I could masturbate him with the soles of my tootsies, stroking my digits slowly. As his arousal increased he started to use his own hand to masturbate ferociously as my heels gripped harder at his manhood  bringing him to a climax all over my toes. Gunter was my very first foot-fetish client and we have refined his experience over the past months so that he has let go and likes to share his fetish with me completely. As for this Christmas I am hoping for some new shoes.

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