My sixty-year-old boss tried to rape me!

My sixty-year-old boss tried to rape me!

When I found my job, shortly after remaining unemployed, I said God blessed me, but I had to find, actually, I caught the devil by the tail!

My boss turned out to be just a lustful obsessive, with no employees escaping. When I was hired by a successful company, on a nice salary and in a team composed exclusively of women, I was delighted. I had a bad experience at the former job, where I had been harassed by a few office colleagues, so I didn't need it anymore. How did

I know that, at my new job, my boss was obsessed and made me think badly? Attention, dear readers! The following story is 100% true, because, unfortunately, I lived the events below on my own. In short, it is about the traumatic experience I had for half a year, while I worked for Angelo. He, the owner of a prosperous company, whose object of activity is the import of coffee and tobacco, is a sexually obsessed, lustful pervert. And I, until I was convinced what his skin could do, was his secretary. I'll start by describing how I came to work for Angelo, which happened about a year ago after I turned 37. I was, at that time, a housewife, after the company

I had worked for had gone into insolvency, and my husband's surprising proposal fell to be just in the perfect moment.

"Valentina, I have good news: Benjamin's wife has arranged an interview for you!" Mikhail, my husband, told me one evening. "She is free as a secretary at the company where she works, and she suggested to the employer that she has exactly the right person. She's waiting for you tomorrow, what do you think?"

"What can I say, Michael?" I respond mechanically. A friend I'm glad that your friend is helpful and offered to lend a helping hand to his wife. Of course, I'll go to the interview. Michael and his co-worker are old friends, working for many years as brokers at an insurance company. I meet Benjamin's wife on the occasion of birthdays or holidays organized at the company where he works our husbands, but we talked too much to her, usually so many parties being resurrected - fathers. Anyway, as far as I could tell. Diana, as she is called, seemed to me beautiful and serious. That, in fact, I was wrong, I would find out not long after, a few months after I became a co-worker... As you have already deduced, after the interview, which lasted nearly three hours (!)

And, in fact, consisted in a discussion privately with the owner of the company, I got the job of secretary of Angelo. He already had a personal assistant, but as the coffee and tobacco business prospered, that is, a sylph-like blonde about my age, named Sabina, could no longer cope with all the tasks. I mentioned Angelo, so it's time to describe the man I worked for, for half a year and who tried to abuse me. Is that so! Well, Angelo is the kind of old man who, at 67, looks 75. Big belly, goofy and hunchbacked, he has nothing to do with the appearance of a macho, but rather looks like a decrepit grandfather. But how sometimes appearances are misleading, I had to convince myself that I had read wrong: if during the interview in the first month of service Angelo has not given any sign that would be interested in me other than professional, then after he began to reveal his bad habits. The first question marks I began to ask myself after I noticed that the owner, whose office is next to those of four women (one of them being me), was always accompanied by them.

Apart from the personal assistant Sabina, the accountant Diana - Benjamin's wife - and me, after Angelo, there was always the company's lawyer, a voluptuous redhead named Lavinia. Not only the headquarters, located in a central villa but wherever they go in procession around the owner was always working - following its nearest, which, frankly, seemed to be quite embarrassing. Even at lunch, paid without any exception by Angelo, I always went in a compact group!

The three older colleagues gladly integrated me into their group, treating me like a friend, and that made us, in a short time, become even friends. They had all been working for the sexagenarian boss for at least five years, so they knew him quite well.

"How is Angelo, as a person? I asked them one day when we were left alone at the office after the boss had complained of a migraine and had gone home. Is he a good man?"

"Absolutely!" hurried to answer the chic blonde Sabina, the personal assistant.

"Every time one of us needed help, he hurried to intervene and he is helping us!"

"In what sense to help you?" I asked full of curiosity. I mean, concretely, what did he do for you?

"Well, he always gave us days off when we needed him for medical or family reasons! exemplified the stylish accounting manager Diana, Benjamin’s wife. He also made us health insurance contracts with a private clinic.

"In time you will be convinced what a good man he is and what a warm soul he has!"

Said the chubby jurist Lavinia. He provided us with service cars and assured us good salaries! True, they seemed evidence of humanity, but after reflecting a little bit I realized that, in fact, we're all normal matter of course in any business, not just that of our employer. I mean, in my opinion, but I didn't express myself, there was nothing spectacular in all this, but rather out of the ordinary were the breakfasts offered daily by the owner.

I have to repeat: being all four employees, all the time, around the old man, at some point a hilarious idea came to me:

"It's like he's the pimp, and we, his girls." I don't know why I thought about that, but after a while, to my disgust, I would find out that I wasn't too far from the truth. But before I describe the disgusting side of the owner's character, which I met on Sabina's birthday, I must reveal to you the secret of my three colleagues: although they are married, they are all lovers of old Angel! really!

Hard to imagine, but the fat man, the goose and the old cockroach still have cravings, and not only do they have them, but they also satisfy them with fresh meat like Diana, Sabina or Lavinia!

"Girls, you can say I'm crazy, but it seems to me that, for a while, Angelo is looking at me with different eyes!" I confessed to my colleagues, in my naivete, about two months after hiring, when we were at noon, and the boss had retired, thought of indigestion. One day I caught him glancing!

"Well, and? What's wrong with that?" Personal assistant Sabina defended him, smiling. "He's a man, and you're an attractive woman. It's natural to like you!" "Is that so! Just don't pretend to be innocent!?" Diana kept up, elbowing her colleague and exchanging complicit glances. Every woman wants to be admired and desired by men! "I agree with that, but this is not the case with a repulsive old man like Angelo!" I let the words escape from my tongue. Better to be missed than to be admired and coveted by a man like him!

"Come on, flatter yourself!" Lawyer Lavinia ended the discussion. You know the adage; the man must be a little prettier than the devil! They all burst out laughing, so I smiled forcibly.

I was surprised by their nonconformist view of a possible relationship between an old man and a young woman, the three colleagues taking his side in unison. In fact, they seemed flattered by hypothetical attention paid by the old goat, which made the idea of the past no longer seem as aberrant to me:

"It's like he's the pimp, and we, his little girls."

However, as Angelo had not crossed the line, but only looked at me insistently, insisting on my appetizing softness, I pushed away from the troubling thought and tried to concentrate on my work.

Only a month later, one evening we were at a luxury local, of course at the invitation of Angelo, he would make it clear for the first time that he had been stained with me. The occasion of the fair was the birth of the boy of one of his four sons, a son who is 40 years old and lives in Monte Carlo, a suitable occasion for the old but still greedy owner to get drunk and start touching me. And that would be nothing!

The worst part was not the unusual experiences that I suddenly felt his hand under the table, searching for my underwear, but his vehement reaction when I withdrew. "What are you doing, rejecting me, Valentina? Forget who I am, baby? he gasped. You will regret it!" This was an alarm signal about his intentions, a signal that, in my naivety, I ignored. That episode was quickly forgotten, especially since the next day the old man apologized in his kind of insensitive boss: "I got a little tipsy last night!" I hope I was not too fickle and bold. I hoped not to experience such moments of embarrassment and disgust, but, as I anticipated a little earlier, I would live them amplified.

This happened on the anniversary of the birthday of the personal assistant Sabina, which took place in a central venue, in an event hall specially rented for this event and provided with a room for rest and wardrobe. Spree would extend until after midnight and constitutes an ideal opportunity for a salacious old man to show his true face. Around one o'clock at night, when I went to my room to change my shirt into a more comfortable blouse, I found Angel coming over to me. Obviously excited and horny, with a look of a madman, he approached me and, without uttering a word, he tried to kiss me. Being obvious to me what the libidinous old man was up to, I jerked from his arms, which made him giggle in a hideous way and rush at me again, with even more anger.

"I understand! you like games, Valentina! You want to tease me before we do it!" he said, hugging me, showing unexpected strength.

"I know you want it. You will have it."

"I do not want anything"! I screamed as I struggled.

"I just want to be left alone!" "Why did you think I hired you?"

Because I need freshness, young blood! I've had enough patience with you! Come on, stay calm, do what I tell you and you will see that everything will be fine! ask your colleagues and they will confirm that they are very satisfied with the mutually beneficial relationships they have with me. The perverted bastard, who, while uttering the aberrations, had unbuttoned his pants, though he was impressing me, he was so wrong. I suddenly hit him in the testicles and saw him squirming in pain and falling to the floor, and then I walked out of the room.

"Angelo is out of his mind, he tried to rape me!" I revealed them to the girls. Luckily, I punched and annihilated him, otherwise, it was bad. He's drunk, excited, mad! Did he imply to me that you are all his mistresses and that he also hired me for that? Is that so?"

There was silence for a few moments. The three colleagues looked at each other, in accordance the eyes, and finally confessed a painful and disgusting truth.

"I thought you realized, Valentina!" admitted the filthy sylph Sabina, the personal assistant of the old whore. Sometimes we are nice to Angelo, and for that, we have a “dolce vita”.

"It's not the end of the world, you know!" completed the beautiful accountant Diana, astonishing me in her turn. The boss rarely asks us and behaves like a gentleman: he is tender and affectionate.

"Okay, but you're married women!" I couldn't hide my indignation.

"How can you fool your husbands with this damn pig?"

"Do you think our husbands are ivory?" There are no faithful men, I assure you! decreed the Rubensian lawyer Lavinia. And, in addition, if you want to know, Angelo has a tiny organ, so technically we can say that we hardly cheat on our spouses: we don't feel anything!

You say, girls, do you feel anything when you make sex with him? I was amazed to hear such a childish excuse about the infidelity of the three women and left the bar before the infected human specimen recovered and appeared at the table, and the next day I went to the company to get my things. and resign. When he heard what I went through, my husband exclaimed: "What a scumbag! I will strangle him!"

Of course, he didn't, just as, on my advice, he reviled Diana’s infidelity to Benjamin, because that would have meant destroying the peace of his friend's home. Now, when I write to you, I'm unemployed, but it's better than having a good job and sleeping with a hunchbacked and obsessed old man, even if, as my former colleagues claim, I wouldn't feel anything... The end.