My wife's "sponsor" provides me with a luxurious life  - part - 1

My wife's "sponsor" provides me with a luxurious life - part - 1

For 18 years since I married Andreea, I have been the pillar of the house, I have supported my family, as any man should do when he matures and takes responsibility for a family. Andreea has always been an admirable wife, a loving and hardworking woman, she gave me children. She made me a happy man. Once the children grew up and started to have friends and concerns different from ours, the relationship between me and Andreea was diluted. Specifically, neither of us felt the same joy in the company of the other.

Our relationship has become more like the relationship between two good friends, who know all the little secrets, all the taboos and very often we had our own unspoken language. We also started to spend more time at the office, with colleagues or friends, and our family outings became more and more rare, also because our boys preferred to go on trips or vacations with their friends.

That being the case, it is not at all surprising that one day, I had the feeling that Andreea was changed, as if she had blossomed overnight. I paid more attention to her and convinced myself that it wasn't just an opinion. Andreea had lost weight, regained her beautiful body drawn before giving birth, "her mermaid body", as I liked to call her. She had changed her hairstyle, was now cut short, and dyed her hair a shade of blonde that suited her perfectly.

I have to admit that. if I had seen her on the street, without knowing her, I would have turned my head after her, so that I could watch her for a few more minutes swaying her slender body. Her behaviour towards me has not changed, however. She was just as loving and attentive to me, even though we spent far fewer hours together. Does she have a lover? "I asked myself, but I was afraid to answer. In the end, Andreea looked gorgeous and I was convinced that she attracted the attention of men. She worked for a company where men predominated and she was the assistant of General Manager.

She had given up looking for a job as an engineer years ago, and she felt very good knowing that her boss couldn't do without her. I knew from Andreea that Filip is an intelligent man, very skilled in his field, but completely helpless in dealing with people. While she is a master in this regard. They both made a great team. I knew at one point that there was a rumour in the company that Andreea had become his mistress.

I knew at one point that there was a rumour in the company that Andreea had become his mistress, and Filip's wife was on the verge of divorcing. However, everyone was convinced that their relationship was of a completely different nature and no one has questioned their correctness since then. Andreea had even told me that Filip's wife invited her to dinner one day, to apologize for her misbehaviour and to thank her for her loyalty to Filip.

I remember that Andreea was sad then, she felt offended and she thought, for a while, about resigning. After a while, she became pregnant. Filip begged her not to let him down, so he went to work until the last possible moment and returned just two months after giving birth. She worked part-time for a while, but her boss did increase the salary, so as not to lose the most reliable employee.

I worked in several companies until I settled in one of them. I was not very happy, but I had a good salary, which allowed me to provide a decent living for my family. My income and my wife's salary allowed us to give the children everything we wanted, they allowed us to provide them with a good education and holidays according to their good results at school. At one point, however, things started to squeak, and the owner of the company announced that we would take technical unemployment one by one, so that he could save the company. After almost a year, unfortunately, the bankruptcy was declared and all the employees received some compensatory money, from which we could not understand much and we could not afford to become small entrepreneurs.

For a while, I hid my wife's truth, borrowed money from relatives and friends, and tried to start my own business. But not everyone is an entrepreneurial spirit and can cope with this world. I had to admit defeat and confess the truth to Andrea. I will never forget that day. After I told her what I had to say, she took me in her arms: We are together, we love each other, we respect each other, every couple has hard times. It will be well! You'll see ... Don't bother! Better take advantage of this respite and rest, do what you love! This was about the time I noticed my wife's change of look. Shortly after I stopped bringing money into the house, Andrea's contribution to the family budget increased more and more. Without asking, she said:

"The company is doing very well, Filip is more grateful than ever because I chose to stay with him, he has increased my salary and always gives me bonuses. I hope the others don't get upset, although I know very well that if I didn't attract customers, they wouldn't do so well."

Filip had sold part of the shares to the employees, so each received dividends, depending on turnover and profit. Fortunately, everyone knew their interest, so there were no discussions. Over time, however, I began to feel a change in her behaviour as well. Sometimes she seemed amused, I would catch her talking on her cell phone or answering secret messages, or at least she thought so. He usually retired to the bathroom when he thought I was sleeping, and of course I listened. After living with a person every day, you get to perceive even the smallest changes, certain more bizarre looks or certain gestures, which she had not done before. I began to think that my wife had someone, that there was another man in her life. Maybe I had disappointed her, maybe she was bored of me... I thought, maybe it would be best to talk to her.

"Honey, are you hiding something from me? Do I have reasons to worry? Don't you want to talk a little bit with me?"

"What can I hide from you, my dear?" When did I hide something from you? How else, if we're not honest with each other, have we been together so long?

I preferred to end the discussion. "Maybe it's just my imagination" I said to myself. Being unemployed, I felt horrible. Our marriage, our family had relied on me for so long, and now Andreea had become the man in the house, she was earning very well, we owed her everything, me and the children. My soul ached when I heard the children asking for money. My wife realized what was going on in my soul, so she gave me all the money, so that I could manage it. That made me think even more about, and when the money got into my hands, I could see that my wife was earning a lot more than I had imagined, and she brought a lot of money into the house almost every week.

Although I was unemployed, Andreea proposed to me to move out of the block, to buy a house, to have something to fill my time with. She told me that she had talked to her boss, that she would help her get a big loan, that she would do anything not to lose her.

He introduced me to a real estate agent and I started looking for houses. We finally found a house that we both liked, with a yard and a garden, and we arranged to buy it after we sold the apartment. But Andreea clapped her hands and signed the contract the very next day, so for a month I was busy moving.

After a while, he came with a large sum of money and told me that it was the money obtained on the apartment. I went to the bank to deposit them, to arrange to reduce our credit rate, but I was surprised to find out that I bought the house with the money down.

"Why didn't you tell me you bought the house with the money down? From what I remember, it was as if we had no secrets from each other!"

Stay tuned for part 2!