My wife's "sponsor" provides me with a luxurious life  - part - 2

My wife's "sponsor" provides me with a luxurious life - part - 2

"You've been pretty upset lately, my dear. I thought you'd be scared I'd spent so much money without being covered. I wanted to make you happy..."

He kissed me on the forehead and on both cheeks, to the amusement of our sons, who clapped their hands. The boys ordered a hammock for each, a ping-pong table, a pool table. Almost every day someone called us to bring new things for the house. After I finished installing in the new house, Andreea informed me that the four of us were going on a vacation to Dubai. he had rented a villa on Palm near the Atlantis Hotel: we stayed upstairs and Filip and his wife downstairs. Filip's wife had had an accident, had a hip operation and was in the recovery period, one evening, after everyone had gone to bed, only Filip and I remained on the terrace.

I don't know what I would have done without Andreea. You are a happy man to have such a woman by your side. The company is almost bankrupt, she gave me money for the operation and recovery of my wife. It won't be my whole life to be grateful to him for everything he did...

"The company is almost bankrupt, you say? Since when?

"Didn't Andreea tell you anything?" For several good months. The competition has suffocated us, the young wolves, who have no mother, no father, trample everything on their feet. I didn't close the business because Andreea convinced a few faithful clickers not to leave. One of them, an Emirati who is very much in love with her and doesn't know what else to do to please her. Jesus! You didn't know anything! I shouldn't have talked so much!

So Andreea had an admirer. I was embarrassed to squeeze Philip out of other information, even though I was convinced he knew. I was wondering what man would give so much money to a woman for nothing. I thought, of course, about everything that was worse and I decided that after we returned home, I would follow her. I needed to know. I needed to find out. I had to see with my own eyes so I could make a decision.

After I got home, I ran all over town and submitted my resume wherever possible. I went to several interviews: "You are overqualified for us." And, in addition, they needed young people, up to 35 years old. After hearing this pretext for I don't know how many times, I had a nervous breakdown. Interesting, isn't it? At 45, you're a finished man. All you have to do is commit suicide, you just won't overshadow the earth in vain. It occurred to me to look for work abroad, I could have found something but unskilled work.

I dropped everything and set off in my wife's footsteps. One morning, after she left home, I got in my car (Andreea had taken care of my car too) and went after her. I kept some distance, of course, so he wouldn't notice me. I still didn't know what I wanted to do. Andreea had several meetings, had lunch with a client ... I couldn't understand who she worked for, since Filip said that the company was in trouble. Towards evening, she stopped in the parking lot of the largest and most luxurious hotel in town and entered. She came out after about three hours, accompanied by a man who looked gorgeous: he was tall, well-built, dressed in a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, which highlighted his tanned complexion. He didn't look more 50 years old. Suddenly, Andrea's car appeared. The kid who had brought her in front of the hotel got down, waiting for her to get in the car, and the man, before breaking up, kissed her hand ceremoniously. I was speechless: is there nothing between them? I followed Andreea almost all the way home, I was hoping she would notice me. At one point, she stopped at a roadside shelter and waited for me.

"Are you satisfied now, my dear?"

"I don't know anything concrete. Are you... his mistress?"

"Mahmoud is a married man and loves his wife. He has a business in Romania, but because he also has businesses in other countries, he asked me to run his business in Romania and in the U.A.E. He was Filip's client. He fell in love with me, I admit, but I didn't give him hope. He told me he would do anything for me, if... I told him that I was a happy wife, that I had a successful marriage, that I loved my husband. He replied that he respected me and trusted me completely. The business is going very well, so it pays me royally. I'm going to offer to buy Filip's business, with people with everything. That's all, my dear, although I have to admit that there were times when I regretted that... You've moved away from me a lot lately, like I'm to blame for you being unemployed!"

the End