No matter how much I ran away from love, I couldn't get rid of it - part 1

No matter how much I ran away from love, I couldn't get rid of it - part 1

After experiencing three emotional failures, I told myself that I don't need love anymore! To get rid of it, I ran away into the world. I had no idea that the love of my life, my soul mate, was waiting for me there!

I never thought I would be as happy as I am now. I couldn't believe it, after the upsets and disappointments I went through. On the contrary, I was convinced that I was born under an unlucky star, and no matter what I do, no matter how hard I struggle, I still can't get into the small group of people for whom every day is a holiday - and I'm talking about those people here. animated by the unique feeling of lived and shared love. To my great joy, however, I was wrong: I have access. I want to tell you about this in the following lines.

I'm Cory, I'm 33 years old and I work as a techno-editor for a press trust in Dubai, specializing in publishing women's publications. These are the so-called glossy stores, printed on luxury paper and containing quite a bit of information, the basis being high-resolution photos.

It is a pleasant and rewarding activity, which, beyond the substantial material gains, offers me the opportunity to cultivate my feminine side, I being by definition a dreamy being, inclined towards romance.

I start my story right when I joined the publishing house, something that happened ten years ago, when I graduated from a private faculty. I was 23 years old and I was a charming teenager, funny, but serious at the same time, after which the men turned their heads on the street and complimented her, which flattered me and made me feel wanted. Of all of them, however, I gave credit to Justin, a book writer with an athletic stature, a pleasant face and a sharp look, to whom I usually paginated the works. Although he was very handsome, it was not the physique with which he conquered me, but the intellect. He had an impressive general culture and was spontaneous!

"Cory, you're as fine as the scent of May flowers and as sweet as the honeycombs in the hive!" he embellished me as he knew best, while he slowly undressed me with tender gestures.

"And you are inspired by statements like a medieval minstrel and broad-shouldered like a weightlifter," I replied with a mixture of overt admiration and subtle irony. "Give me your best, Justin!" And Justin was giving it to me. He gave me everything I wanted, how I wanted, whenever I wanted. He satisfied me! He satisfied me so much that I had fallen seriously in love with him, and even the thought of marriage struck my mind. And I told him that too. When he heard, he was stunned. I didn't understand why, because before he kept talking to me about our future together, about the beautiful family we will form and about the successful children we will have. Only after I looked in his phone and saw the pictures of some naked girls, I understood: Justin was not the man I thought. He was a duplicitous bastard, who deceived me nonchalantly!

Of course, I left him that very evening, without hesitation and without regret. I had no reason to waste time with an individual I could no longer trust. When I give myself, I give myself completely and I expect my partner to do the same. If he doesn't, then that relationship is not for me. So, I quickly left him and reoriented myself to someone else, Paul, a graphic designer who, when he saw me, hugged me with his eyes and sketched my graphite portrait.

“Cory, you are a wonder of the world, a face always adored! I'm not tired of what I see!” Paul whispered to me every time he laid me on the bed and began to pencil me. She has never posed a model as voluptuous and expressive as you!

“I'm so excited, perfect artist! Make me know you better!” I completely abandoned myself to him, feeling that I was about to reach the heights of pleasure.

And Paul satisfied me, just as Justin had satisfied me. He refused me absolutely nothing. It made me climb the walls of pleasures, nothing else, in such conditions it was not at all surprising that I fell in love with him so seriously that I wanted to marry him. And, full of optimism, I shared this idea with him. Judging by the noble and at the same time barbaric way I worked, I hoped it would be on the same wavelength as me, but unfortunately, I was wrong. When he heard, he reacted as vehemently as Justin, knocking back. I didn't understand why, so I sneaked into his portfolio. What I found completely disgusted me: nudes of some ugly and perverted women, recently dated. Conclusion: Paul was another duplicitous bastard, who was nonchalantly cheating on me!

Of course, I left him on the spot, without hesitation or regret. I had no reason to waste time with a hypocritical individual with whom I had no future. I am a good woman, physically, intellectually and materially based, who can afford a real, well-mannered man, not a leper like the graphic designer. So, the very next day, I started looking. And I searched until I found Alex, the director of a partner company. A gallant, charming, captivating man, who stared at me until I blushed like a virgin teenager and lost my temper: I don't even know when I got to his bed.

"Cory, I'm not used to compliments, but in your case, I can't help myself: you're the ideal woman! You have a sweet face, naughty breasts and model legs, I practically have nothing to reproach you" he praised me at every meeting, giving me shivers down my spine.

"I see myself with you until old age."

"I'm not ashamed of you either, Alex! You have the whole package: charm, muscular eyes, movements”, I also caressed him, covering him with laudatory epithets meant to feed his ego and maintain his strength and freshness. “You make me fall in love with you more and more every day, so I think you could be my choice. How about we get married?!”

Hearing my proposal, Alex was shocked, ceasing the gestures of tenderness he generously offered me, alternating wild movements with technical waves.

For a few moments, I thought he fainted and my heart was pounding. To my delight, however, Alex showed signs of life, so I calmed down immediately, relieved. But it was only a joy of form, not a joy of substance, because the big problem remained: Alex, like Justin and Paul, did not love me, but only used me. He was just another duplicitous bastard, and I was going to get the confirmation right from his mouth:

I'm sorry, Cory. I really like being with you. I would marry you tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm already married.

Stay tuned for part 2!