No matter how much I ran away from love, I couldn't get rid of it - part 2

No matter how much I ran away from love, I couldn't get rid of it - part 2

"What?! Are you married?! And why aren't you riding your wife now, but me?” I asked like a fool, without thinking I was so angry. You go and leave me alone. I broke up by him that very evening, without hesitation and without regret, I had no reason to waste my time with a married man for whom I was the spare wheel.

I could search again and I really had a multiple choice. I just didn't want to. I had enough. I had had three promising relationships, along with rigorously chosen men, who looked like gentlemen, but who, in reality, had turned out to be selfish and profiteering pragmatists. If they were like that, then I didn't even want to think about the others, who seemed superficial from the start.

It was the zero moment of my sad sentimental experience, the one in which I decided to wipe everything with a sponge, reset the system and start from scratch. I don't know how to explain it to you, but I felt an unstoppable urge to go far and forget everything. For this, however, I needed a place to go, as far away as possible. To my satisfaction, this place existed: it is about aunt Ekaterina’s house, located in Dubai, exactly half an hour's drive away. It didn't take me long to decide: how it came to my mind, how I left!

Once there, I would discover some lovely, wild, but inviting places at the same time, and some wonderful, warm and hospitable people, which is exactly what I wanted. Armed with my laptop and toned by everything around me, I was overflowing with inspiration and working harder than ever, succeeding. With each passing day, I felt better, more confident, more confident in the future. As for love, it had remained as I had established: it had nothing to look for in my life! I had run away, I had left her behind, I had gotten rid of her. Or at least that's what I thought.

"Excuse me, miss, could I bother you for a moment?" I found myself approached by a stranger one day while I was in Zabeel Park lying on a blanket while looking at my laptop.

"Sure, tell me, don't be shy, I urged him, after measuring him from head to toe, discovering behind his grave voice a well-made man with an imposing physique and a jovial face.

"First, I think it's appropriate to introduce myself." I'm Mahmoud, from Abu-Dhabi, a metrologist by profession, and I came here for some specific surveys, he said breathlessly, as if he was afraid of interrupting him and making him forget his poetry. And the problem I'm facing right now is that my phone battery has run out. Please can you lend me yours so I can communicate with my colleagues in the city?

“Of course, no problem! “I answered, as I got up and handed him my cell phone, without taking my eyes off him. I have unlimited minutes. By the way, I'm Carmen, an editor and now I live there in the interest of work, for a while, because in the meantime I forgot to tell you that I only came home to Dubai once a month.

“Seriously? What a coincidence, to be so far from the city! If I didn't believe in coincidence, I'd say it's the hand of destiny!” he exclaimed, on the one hand surprised, on the other pleased with our providential meeting. Thank you very much and stay calm: I'll make up for it somehow, until then I'm in your debt.

What followed was something like American love movies. To make up for it, Marcel invited me to the park, for a walk, then to a chic restaurant, offering me a real culinary feast. He treated me so nicely and courteously that I felt obliged to make up for it. As a result, I invited him to the movies, then to dinner. It was then his turn to make up for it as I was a kind host and pleasant company. And so, from one kindness to another, we woke up in each other's arms, then one on top of the other in a sex-exhausting union, that is, a total sexual fusion. Close to madness and delirium!

“Cory, I want to tell you something, Mahmoud took me by surprise some time after we had met intimately, getting into ideas and making me wonder if he also had more girlfriends and mistresses. I came to prospect here to forget what I went through ... You know, I suffered three emotional failures in a row, which tore me apart.”

"What?! Mahmoud, are you serious? Did you really suffer three failures?" I do not believe! Me too! I exclaimed in astonishment, before she breathed a sigh of relief. This is really the hand of destiny. We are meant to be together.

What else would he have said? No big deal. From that day on, Marcel and I became a perfectly welded couple, and on our return to Dubai we continued the relationship, taking it to a higher level, namely engagement. Then followed the religious wedding that would sanctify an astral love that continues today, when I am happy as I never thought I would be, judging by past mistakes. And, as a culmination of this love, I gave birth to two children, one more beautiful than the other.

All in all, looking back, I can't help but notice once again the truth of the saying that what you're afraid you can't escape. I was so disappointed in love and I ran so far that I thought he would never find me. Nonsense! No matter how much I ran away from love, I couldn't hide from her: she found me. He found me and hit me! But I'm not sorry. On the contrary: it is the sweetest blow received from fate.

the End