On Christmas Eve, I found my father! - part 1

On Christmas Eve, I found my father! - part 1

It's not about the wind that the voice of the blood can't be silenced. And when God gives his contest, the result can only be a happy one. Until a year or so ago, I was a very sad person. But I met a sweet girl named Manuela. I wish she was my sister. And, last Christmas, my wish came true!

I met Manuela on the university campus. We were both standing in line to get a place in the dormitory. He came to me and asked me:

"Listen, if we get a twin room, do you want to stay with me?"

I measured her from head to toe, smiled at her and agreed. Then I talked. We introduced ourselves and spent our lives in a few words. There was not much to say about her: she had just finished high school, she came from Kolpino and she was pampered by her family.

"I wasn't nursed at all," I told her. I come from a poor village near Kholm. I was raised by a stepfather, who has not shown me any affection all these years. And I think my mother got infected by him because she doesn't like anything I do. She didn't give me any support for college. I finished high school two years ago and during that time I worked hard, where I managed to save some money to survive until I found a job here.

"Forgive me for asking you, I may seem delicate or I may have painful memories, but I am very curious by nature: what happened to your real father?"

"I was told that we left when I was barely a year, fleeing with my mother best friend. And that he was never interested in my fate, he never wanted to see me."

It was our turn in the queue. Manuela told me:

"Let me in first." And if I fail to achieve what we set out to do, you will try your luck too.

"Do you think I'm making a big deal?" Anyway, don't bother if we can't stay together. Now that we've met, I am convinced that we will be best friends. What college are you in?"

"History. You?"

"Same. See, what was I telling you?"

After ten minutes, Manuela came to me with a smile that left no room for any doubt about her success.

"Are you a witch?" I asked, smiling too.

I'm not but Mr Benjamin Franklin can do miracles...


"Daddy gave me $ 100 to" anoint "the right person," she whispered in my ear, conspiratorially.

On the way home, Manuela confessed to me:

"My parents could have rented or even bought a studio in town for me because they have money." But my father told me that only those who lived in the campus could say that they lived as a student. As you say, because of bureaucracy and syndicate corruption, who walked me back and forth for three days in the most mind-boggling way, I was about to give up. But I saw you and I said I'd give it one last try. I felt you were going to bring me luck ...

"Why did you choose me, Manuela?" I asked her. You could pick any girl out of the queue. What am I so special about, that I liked you at first sight?

"I do not know how to explain it to you ... From the moment I saw you, I had the impression that we had known each other for a long time. Plus ... Come on in! He grabbed my hand and pulled me in front of the mirror. Don't you think we look a little alike?"

"Yes. You know, maybe in ancient times we had a common ancestor: “Homo erectus ivanovichius", I joked with her.

"Don't tell me your name is Ivanovich!"

"Why shouldn’t say it, if that's my name?"

"Ivanovich is also calling me. We may be relatives?"

"Most likely. You also admit that Ivanovich is a very rare name" ... I burst out laughing. We both laughed until we couldn't.

The fact that we were always together, the coincidence of names, as well as our striking resemblance, had made our classmates give us the nickname "Sisters” from the very first days of school, of course.

A child protected by the love of a special father and a mother of incredible gentleness, Manuela, like me, had not known the growing suffering and humiliation of the years, and she did not know how much it hurt to hear her praise her father's generosity or talk about her good understanding with her mother. Those I called my parents had always looked at me as a stranger. My father had an excuse, he was a stepfather. What about mom? I had never understood her cold attitude. Growing up, I blamed her for being the child of a man she hated, and I stopped looking for other answers.

Manuela often talked about her life, about her family, about happy moments that I could only project into a future that seemed terribly distant to me. She loved her father dearly, he was her idol, and she never stopped to tell me how good and great he is.

"With everything you tell me about yours, and especially about your father, you made me curious." I would like very much to meet him, I confessed one day.

" And he's curious because I've always talked with him about you! On the phone, and when I was home. By the way, he will come here when the Christmas holidays start, to take me by car. By the way! It would be great to come to us on winter vacation! Are you coming? Tell me yes, Anya!"

"If I don't bother anyone, I'll come." At home, I wouldn't have a very happy Christmas ...

"Super! Right now, I'm going to call my dad to let him know we have guests!"

Unfortunately, I could not spend the holidays at Kolpino, with Manuela's family. My father had told me on the phone that it is not necessary to go so far on holiday but to do well to come home soon, because" the old woman is waiting to give up her spirit. "The old woman was my grandmother, my mother's mother, the only man in my family with whom I really felt connected and who had shown me that she loved me.

Grandma passed away on Christmas Eve, when, according to popular tradition, the heavens open and the good in the soul can see God, and those who die go straight to Heaven. Only I was at her head in those moments. My mother and stepfather drank and had fun in the front room with some friends. Taken aback by the steam of the drink, when I came crying to tell them that my grandmother was dead, they looked at me reproachfully for ruining their mood and drank on.

After the funeral, when my father discovered that my grandmother had made a will at the notary's and that he had left everything to me (instead of going to my mother) - a hunchbacked house with a small kindergarten, about seven acres of land and a few thousand of rubles, she gathered only she knew how he was really mad. He kicked me out of the house, so I spent New Year's Eve alone, in the house and with my grandmother's shadow.

Returning to study after a, not at all restful vacation, I found in Manuela, as I expected, the soul support I needed so much. Only then did I tell her about the dozens of painful events I had experienced that made her cry with me for my lack of luck ...

Stay tuned for part 2!