On the night between years, I conceived a child with a stranger - part 1

On the night between years, I conceived a child with a stranger - part 1

I am neither the first nor the last woman to be so disappointed in men that she has come to hate them all. I decided that I would never need a man again, that I would live my life alone, but at some point, I realized that I wanted a child. And for that, of course, I needed a man. So, I conceived it with a stranger on New Year's Eve.

For a few days, I stepped into 2020, and the party at the turn of the years induced a state of nostalgia. I started on the path of memories and I remembered last year, New Year's Eve, which I went to with a clear intention, namely that of conceiving a child with a stranger.

That's what my story is about: how I got pregnant on New Year's Eve with a guy I chose on the spot and the colossal surprise that fate later reserved for me.

Anya is my name, I was born in Sofia 29 years ago and I am a dental technician by profession. I come from a very wealthy family, and this is thanks to my father, who was a high-ranking officer and who after retiring receives a fabulous amount of money. The mother never worked, but she didn't have to either, considering how much her husband earned.

Unfortunately, my father had and still has a domineering nature, behaving very authoritatively with my mother and reprimanding her and always bringing her unjustified reproaches, given that she took care of housekeeping, cleaning, shopping and everything else. need in the house.

"What should I do, Anya? He's the man, he's bringing the money!" my mother justified herself when I asked her why she accepted his bullying treatment. I can't get over him! But after so many years together, I got used to the terror. I carry my cross to the end.

This was the first unpleasant experience about men, unfortunately, and the negative hero is my father himself. Then came more and more, as I grew up hitting ugly examples of men's behaviour toward women. Thus, I can say that, although I entered relatively many houses, going to visit colleagues. and friends of the school, high school or college, I have not even found a family in which harmony, peace and tranquillity reign. There were scandals everywhere, ugly scenes, even violence. But, despite these cases, which have been so many traumas for me, I have not lost hope that I will find a good, warm and loving man, with whom to be happy. I met my love which was at first sight, only at the age of 19, until then not daring to let my guard down and offer the flower of my virginity to any guy. Then, however, I did it: I offered it to Stoian, a college colleague of mine, with whom I had started a platonic relationship almost a year ago. During this time, Stoian, who came from a family of doctors, had given me the impression of a sensitive, polite and patient guy. He didn't put pressure on me and tried to have me until I told him I wanted to.

"Will we love each other for life, Stoian? I asked him after the act was over. Will you always be with me?"

"Of course, Anya! he confirmed to me without hesitation. I will always be with you."

And fortunately, for the next two years, he was with me. Unfortunately, however, Stoian was not only with me but also with others. That was until I caught him in bed with another.

"Well, what did you think, that a man can only stay with one woman? grinned the marcher, to my astonishment, that I had thought him a serious man and had begun to think of the future. How naive you can be, my dear!"

"Go to hell! I threw them in contempt, after which I hurt him as badly as possible in his vanity: Anyway, you have a small one!"

Of course, I suffered enormously after the betrayal I had, the consequence being that I decided not to attach myself to any guy. So, in the following years, I had only superficial relationships, without emotional involvement, meant to increase my experience in love. It wasn't until I turned 25 that I fell in love for the second time in my life, and this happened completely unexpected and unwanted. But you know, when Cupid is shooting you, you can't resist. Mateo and I had seats next to the theatre; we had both come alone, so in the intermission, we talked, the result being that, after the show; I accepted his invitation to a coffee. And from here until we combined it wasn't long: in a week I got to his bed, I even moved in with him!

I felt butterflies in my stomach, I was happy!

"Will we be together until the end of time? I asked Mark in an interlude, nestled in his hairy chest. Say yes!"

"Of course, we will be, Anya! he confirmed to me as he stroked me everywhere, exploring my sensual and appetizing body. Do you want to be my wife?"

Being asked for a wife by the man she loved was a dream come true. I felt like I was flying, and nothing else! Unfortunately, fate would be against us, because in about two years, when we reached the altar, we arrived alone! Incredible, but true! Mark didn't show up at the wedding. I later received an e-mail from him, explaining the reasons for his desertion: his first high school sweetheart, for whom he had an obsession, had returned from the United States, where he had emigrated with his family a few years ago.

I don't think you can imagine what it's like to wait like a fool in the church, with a lot of guests, and the future husband not to show up. It is an unbearable shame! I would rather have the sky fall on me than go through such an experience! This was the drop that filled the glass, and it is not surprising that since then I have gained a hatred for men, coming to avoid them; I didn't want to deal with anyone anymore, and I didn't.

"Go to hell! I abhorred all the males on earth! I'm not interested, you bastards!"

Until the age of 28, no one touched me. And even then, it wouldn't have happened if my biological clock hadn't started, wanting me to have a baby. Exactly! My best friend gave birth to a baby so cute that the desire to: become a mother, which I had since adolescence, was strongly reactivated And as I have always been an independent and courageous girl, I never stayed on thoughts: I decided to have a child born under a rose. I didn't want to tie my head, as they say, and attach myself to the child's father, so I chose the option of conceiving him with a complete stranger man. This happened during the winter holidays, so the idea that came to me was to sleep with a stranger on New Year's Eve.

For that, I had to find a place with maximum fun, with uninhibited and uncontrolled guests, which I did: I walked the streets of the Dow Town on New Year's Eve, I looked at a villa where the party looked like a villa where the party was in full swing and I mingled with the partygoers.

Stay tuned for part 2!