On the night between years, I conceived a child with a stranger - part 2

On the night between years, I conceived a child with a stranger - part 2

Once I entered, I grabbed a glass of champagne on the way, then it didn’t take long for me to spot a handsome, slender guy, who was glaring at me, just like I was throwing at him.

“Hi! I’m Asen! he recommended himself after he was convinced that the interest was mutual. Do you wanna dance?”

“Hi! I’m Anya! I introduced myself, then, remembering why I was there, as we clung to our bodies and began to wave lasciviously to the sensual rhythms of Sade’s mestizo café concert, I went on the attack: of course, I want to Dance. Do you think I didn’t notice how insistently you looked at me?”

“Oh my! Is it really that obvious? he admitted the attraction to me, blushing instantly. I noticed you when you stepped into the room. Take my breath away Anya!”

“How so? You just saw me, and you’re already out of breath? I caressed myself, theatrically turning my hair back. Aren’t you a don Juan looking for a new victim?”

" No, no thought! You just amaze me, Anya! Asen continued to flirt, to my satisfaction. I’m not a cheater at all, but if I liked you at first sight, what should I do?"

“Probably the effect of alcohol consumed!” I teased him, then counterattacked boldly and took him by surprise: he says, do you know how to kiss? I spent the whole night with Asen, dancing, drinking champagne and talking about the moon and the stars.

And in the morning, when the tension between us had reached astronomical levels, I shook his hand and, without a word, led him to one of the empty rooms upstairs, where we made unprotected love.

“Without a condom! I stopped him firmly when he intended to put it on. I want to feel you totally, Asen!”

"Are you sure? he wondered but did not dare to oppose how eager and excited he was.

Of course, I was sure. I did it, after which, at dawn, according to the established plan, I sneaked out of the villa, without Stoian, to whom I did not even reveal my phone number. Three weeks later, when nausea started to appear, I did a pregnancy test and I was not surprised when I found that it came out positive: I was pregnant! That was the moment when I made the decision to reveal everything to my parents. My belly was going to grow anyway, so I couldn't hide my pregnancy too much.

"I can't believe you did that, Anya!" exclaimed my mother, looking confused and frightened as if she had seen a ghost. How to have a child with a stranger? What was in your head?"

"You couldn't have done more nonsense!" my father revolted as well. Didn't you think that the child you give birth would need a father?"

In vain I tried to explain my point of view to them, because mine remained firmly in position, being extremely disappointed by the "stupidity" I did. For days they urged me to look for the man with whom I had conceived the child, but they did not convince me. It wasn't until the fetus arrived in the sixth month that I caught myself thinking about Asen and taking the opportunity to look for him and give him the big news. Well, my mother and father had pushed me so hard to do it, that in the end I was influenced, although I was convinced in myself that Asen would be terrified and would not recognize the child.

"How do you think the poor man will react when, after a one-night stand with a stranger, who disappeared like the Cinderella at sunrise, he finds out that he is going to be a father?" I asked rhetorically. He'll probably say I'm crazy."

"Does not matter! You're trying to find him! Your child has the right to know his father! It was the final argument, with which my parents convinced me to do everything possible to find the one who had made me pregnant."

Which, to my surprise, wasn't too hard to solve, and that's because Asen isn't a very common first name. It was enough to go to the villa where I had spent New Year's Eve and ask about it. I found him immediately: he was - and he is a good friend of the host, the guy who organized New Year's Eve. When I asked about Felix, he was delighted.

"So you're Anya! He exulted. Felix asked left and right about you, but no one knows you. Who are you and how did you get to my New Year's Eve?"

"Well, it's a long story! I burst out laughing, seeing him completely puzzled. Please tell me how I can find Asen!"

The reunion with the man with whom I had conceived a child without him knowing was as emotional as it was astonishing.

"You are pregnant! he noticed when he saw me with his stomach in his mouth. Congratulations! Thanks too! Congratulations to you too! I replied, smiling warmly at him. You're going to have a boy! It is almost impossible to describe in words how shocked Asen was receiving such news, but it is even harder to describe how shocked I was after his reaction.

"God! I can not believe it! If you only knew how hard I tried to find you, Anya! I'm not a Don Juan, that was my first night's adventure, and it's no wonder I fell in love like crazy! And since you ran away, I've suffered like a dog, I swear to you! he exclaimed, leaving me speechless. The fact that you give me a child is the greatest miracle I could have."

What more could be said? I jumped on my child's father's neck, instantly forgetting the hatred I had for men, and we began to kiss each other desperately. Then, three months later, when Ruslan was born, we kissed again: And another month later, on the day we got married and baptized the baby, we kissed again. And we've been doing it ever since.

Recently, at the turn of the year, when I stepped into 2020, I remembered everything I told you and I shed tears. I am so happy!

The End