Out of jealousy, my life turned into hell!

Out of jealousy, my life turned into hell!

I don't think I've made a bigger mistake so far in life than to give up a peaceful marriage, together with Clarice, to live a passionate love, for always, I thought, next to Anais! But my previous mistress's flames turned into destructive jealousy after our wedding!! Even now, after I divorced, Anais continued to harass me.

I met Anais in college. I was twenty-eight years old and a translator for a specialized company. When I decided to go to college, I reached an agreement with my boss: not to come to work every day, but to give all my work on time. I went to the company about twice a week, otherwise, I worked at home.

With the start of classes, my life became more complicated. I always had the time divided between college, business and home, all equally important to me. I couldn't even breathe from so much running, about fatigue, what can I talk about?!

My wife, Dana, helped me as much as she could. As she also had a driver's license and the car from her father, who had given up driving for medical reasons, asking her only when she was going on short trips out of the town, about once every three months, she would take me as often as she could from class, and sometimes she would take me to work or, if I had a full day, she would take everything I had worked from home to my office. Dana was in charge of distributing cosmetics and did her schedule as she wanted.

Besides, my wife didn't seem jealous by nature, she had never made me a mischievous scene, but I wasn't the kind of man to go after women either. Anyway, I was more mature than my colleagues at the company and at school. And yet...

I was on a break at the cafeteria on the ground floor of the faculty, and I had just ordered a coffee; not a minute has passed since I was there when I meet a classmate at my table. We had never talked to each other, we didn't even know her name, we had only seen her from time to time in class. She smiled at me, then said:

"Luc, order me a coffee, please! I'll be back in five minutes. Excuse me, I didn't even introduce myself. I'm Anais. We are colleagues."

That's how a banal discussion started between us. To get rid of her faster, I sipped my coffee in three gulps, then apologized and left.

The next class, he sat down next to me. I did not like it, I was already embarrassed, but I didn't say anything. He did that for a week, and whenever I had a break between classes, he would ask me if I didn't want a coffee. In order not to look like a badass, I agreed every time, and so, slowly slowly, this behaviour becomes a ritual: one day I bought coffee and the next day she bought it, and in-class we always seat next to the other. When Clarice wasn't waiting for me, most of the time we went together. We talked about classes, what he did on the weekends, we talked about unimportant things. A few times, she stayed with me in front of the college while I waited for my wife. Obviously, I introduced them to each other and they seemed to like each other. To me, Anais was just a colleague and nothing more. But my wife, after a few meetings with her, noticed that the indifference came only from me:

"It seems to me that this Anais is in love with you."

"I didn't notice. In fact, I don't think so. We only talk about courses, there is only collegiality between us and that's it."

"Maybe that's what you think."

I started paying more attention to Anais only after Clarice warned me about it, and I started following the signals she emitted. She had changed from what I had known: she was always wearing make-up and lipstick, and besides, she seemed to have an obsession with melded blouses with very deep necklines.

If Clarice hadn't opened my eyes, I wouldn't have realized that Anais is in love with me. But that way, I knew and suddenly I started to feel good ... Without knowing it, my wife made a big mistake telling me what she thought about my colleague because I suddenly became interested in it.

Anais took the first step. It was winter, I dropped out of school and it was getting dark outside. Clarice couldn't come and pick me up. We walked together to the bus station and waited quite a while. Hers came first. Before climbing, Anais rushed to me and kissed me passionately:

"I feel like biting you like an apple!"

I didn't come home either; I could still feel his lips merging with mine."

The next day, when I saw her in class, it was like I went crazy. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into a corner away from my colleagues' eyes. I had a crazy longing for her and I wanted to make love right there. We kissed and then she said:

"Are we going to my place?"

We took a taxi to her studio, where we abandoned ourselves in each other's arms and made love until exhaustion. I left her happier than ever after more than four hours.

Since then, I went to college just to see Anis and to go to our nest together. Of course, we could have met directly at the studio, but I should have been careful if Clarice had followed me?

Anyway, my wife felt that something was wrong with me and she always asked me what I had or what happened to me, but I always replied, calmly, that I was terribly tired. I didn't lie to her, I just told her only half of the truth.

In the end, I had to choose, because my life had become unbearable, still swinging between Clarice and Anis, the one who had become everything to me. One day, I took matters into my own hands and told my wife the truth: I was cheating on her and I was no longer attracted to her or our marriage. I'd rather give up. Clarice reacted better than I expected. I divorced by mutual agreement, I took my things and moved to anise, and Clarice stayed in the apartment she had received from her parents.

After a few months, Anis told me she didn't want to live in cohabitation anymore. It was very important for her to get married, so at the end of that year, we did.

Our first year together, as husband and wife, was the most wonderful of all my life. But then I started to feel pressure from Anis. We were together at home, we were together at school, only to the company I was allowed to go to alone. And Anais wouldn't let me talk to anyone. I was not allowed to talk to my colleagues either, because, in her opinion, we would also be talking about women. Sometimes, when we were on the street together, she would see a good girl on the street and ask me, “How do you like that? You like it, don't you?” If I told her yes, she would go crazy and the rest of the day would be ruined. Once, he even started shouting loudly in a store:

"If I weren't with you, you'd sleep with all the women! You are all the same! Be careful what you do, because you do not escape easily, I will take revenge!"

It was as if he had gone mad with jealousy. I left her alone for a while to calm down. But a question came to my mind, a question that did not give me peace and kept me awake until late at night: what drew her to me? I found out the answer a month later when she confessed to me:

"I was jealous of you! At first, I didn't want that, but in the end, I set up my mind to destroy your relationship."

I realized I was wrong when I divorced Clarice. The woman I had given up on in my marriage was a bitch. He was following me everywhere, I was not allowed to talk to anyone, I was not allowed to look up from the ground when I walked on the street. Slowly, slowly, I got a little tired of the life I was leading with Anis. She realized this, but instead of calming down, she started with scandals. I couldn't stand it anymore and filed for divorce. This time, I divorced with a big circus, but I managed to see myself free again. I took my luggage and went to my mother. I was happy and I thought I finally got rid of that crazy woman.

About a year later, one day at work, I received an e-mail. It contained a few lines and two photos of Anis, who wrote to me that she was in Greece, where she worked at a candy factory. She wasn't too happy about what she was doing, but her salary was good. She was going to finish her contract and then return to the country, finish her studies and start a business.

I answered politely, but that's enough, so as not to assault me with messages. But I felt that I would never get rid of her and I was scared. After a few sleepless nights, I thought of a trick: I asked a co-worker to pose with me, a photo that I sent to Anais, giving her the impression that I had a girlfriend and that she should leave me alone. What a mistake! From the moment I sent it, I received messages full of threats and declarations of love for days on end.

After about four months, it stopped with this mess, and in my naivete, I thought it calmed down. I thought wrong! Anais was crazier than I thought. A month later, my colleague - who was not to blame, nor had I ever courted her! - she was hit by a car driven by... my ex-wife! He had returned to the country, asked for information from some mutual friends about the girl in the photo, and when she found out where she lived, he stalked her in the evening and then acted diabolically.

Fortunately, my colleague escaped with only a few scratches, so she did not file a complaint, wishing she had nothing to do with the madwoman. I didn't say anything either, but now I'm afraid Anis is preparing something for me. For two weeks, it's been a bit quiet in my life... and I,m thinking seriously to disappear somewhere in the world... maybe I will move to Dubai, a safe city and there she can't do anything.

the End