Rehabilitating the building brought me the long-awaited man - part 1

Rehabilitating the building brought me the long-awaited man - part 1

Maybe some of you have already gone through the experience of rehabilitating the building where you live: noise, dust, dirt, lack of privacy. The day the workers appeared on the scaffolding on the building, I thought it best to move in with my mother during work. I called her, but, unfortunately, my mother told me that she was just getting ready to go to treatment and asked a friend of hers to stay there for a while, to take care of her moustache, her dog. I didn't feel like staying with Sofi, an annoying and curious woman who, whenever she saw me, asked me when I was going to get married. No other alternatives (to stay with the friend who had just given birth, to my sister, who was depressed) smiled at me, so I gritted my teeth and told myself that it was getting better at home and I set out. to arrange with the workers to finish as soon as possible what they had to do at my windows.

But I found that they weren't even Serbians, they were Vietnamese ... I tried to speak to them in English, but they shrugged. I offered them food and drink and then I explained to them by signs what I wanted from them. They seemed to understand, but the next day they moved to another floor and left me alone. Then a kind of boss appeared, a Serbian, who rang the doorbell and told us that we would be notified when they would come to each apartment to change the windows. I explained to him that I didn't need new windows because I had just put the ones I had and I didn't want the white colour anyway.

"I need to talk to my bosses, I have orders to change everything."

"Wait a minute, sir," I said angrily, "you just won't force me to change my windows whenever you want." Give me your boss's phone number and I'll talk to him. I didn't struggle to find these windows in the colour I like, to wake up now that you come and change them for me.

"Everything must be the same!" That's what the contract says! You are at the facade! The administrator and the head of the committee signed.

"Leave me, sir, with the aberrations, give me a boss's phone number because I will talk to him!"

I invited him to the house, to look for the phone number in peace and I served him some cakes and a glass of wine because that day he was without a car. He gave me a phone number, and while I was talking to his boss, he kept rolling his eyes around the house. The conversation lasted almost half an hour, I finally got an agreement in principle and the guy was going to speak above.

"You have a beautiful and friendly house! You are a different person than the other tenants, he whispered."

"Take this as a compliment?"

"Yes. No one has received me in the house so far, as if I were a criminal. I would really like to help you; I'll leave you my phone number and call me if necessary. I come here every day anyway. I had calmed down in the meantime and I realized that he also looks like a good man and that, maybe, I was angry with him in vain, that he didn't have the decision-making power anyway. "Maybe you'll have another coffee," I shouted as he went downstairs.

"Dearly!" I heard him say.

So that I could keep a close eye on what they were working on and not somehow destroy the windows I really cared about (they didn't steam, they closed tightly and protected me from the summer heat and cold winter). taken to work at home.

One morning, when I went out to throw the garbage, I found a note stuck on the door: "Tomorrow at 8 o'clock we start work at ap. 23". What do you mean? What do they have to work on in my apartment? I rushed to the phone and called him.

"Well, how did we settle together?" It was as if it remained that you did not enter my apartment and did not change anything.

"The decision has been reversed. Superiors said all buildings should be the same."

"Give me a big boss's number, or I'll make a huge scandal, and I won't let you into the house anyway!" I'm suing you!

He came and gave me a phone number written on a piece of paper. I invited him inside, offered him a coffee, and called the boss. I shouted at him as long as my lungs held and I threatened that if he didn't leave my windows in place, I would sue him and put him on television.

"I have relations with all the televisions, I am advertising to you that you will not receive any other contracts ever!"

The guy hung up but ordered me to be left alone.

"How combative you are!" Bravo! I couldn't have done that. I've been a fool all my life, that's why I didn't achieve anything. My former classmates from college all became important people, only I remained an ... unfinished.

His confession impressed me.

"Why do you say that?" You're the site manager, I understand, aren't you?

"Head of the site? My friends have built skyscrapers and important buildings all over the world, and I ... work on rehabilitation."

"I'm convinced you're a good specialist. And one like you is needed."

"You are kind, but my ex-wife was right, I was born to be someone else's servant."

He got up from his chair and left.

"I'm waiting for you to talk more! I shouted after him, but he didn't answer."

I haven't seen him in a few days. I was embarrassed to call him for no reason. About a week later, he appeared at my door with his hand bandaged.

"What happened to you?"

"Nothing serious, work accident, I told you I'm a clumsy person. I slipped and fell on my hand."

"And you shouldn't be on medical leave?"

"I'm going crazy if I stay home. At least I see people here, even if I can't talk to them, they barely understand a word at a time, even though they've been in our country for a few months now. They are well-intentioned, but they are not very good. Our workers have all gone abroad, they are much better paid. They are content with little; they are poorer than us."

From that day on, Darko started coming to me every day to drink his coffee and I talked about everything. We made confessions, we cried on each other's shoulders, I almost had no secrets from him. I also told him about my then-boyfriend, Milan, who was a pilot and who was seriously cheating on me. I knew that, but I pretended I didn't know. I was afraid of loneliness. Milan was telling me more and more unbelievable stories, but I was closing my eyes.

One day, my sister called me. She was extremely upset, but in a way that was her normal state. I didn't ask her what she was going to tell me, but she finally told me, after she hesitated for a while.

"I saw Ovidiu kissing a very sexy chick."

"It seemed to you, it's in Qatar."

"Damn Qatar, I saw it with my own eyes, I photographed it, look!"

I started crying, I don't know why either because I knew who I was dealing with anyway. Marina found me crying and kept me from knowing how many times the theory with the man who didn't deserve me.

"You're talking, who has been alone for so many years?"

Someone rang the doorbell. It was Darko, but I was not in the mood for his visit. But Marina invited him inside.

Stay tuned for part 2!