Rehabilitating the building brought me the long-awaited man - part 2

Rehabilitating the building brought me the long-awaited man - part 2

Someone rang the doorbell. It was Darko, but I was not in the mood for his visit. But Marina invited him inside.

"Who bothered you?"

"The beast that eats her youth." She is stubborn to stay with him, even though she clearly knows he's cheating on her. I saw him with my own eyes, I showed him pictures, and now ... I'm leaving, he hates me anyway, as if it's my fault.

Marina left the house quickly.

"I'm so sorry," Darko whispered.

"My sister is right. He cheated on me for a long time, but I stubbornly stayed with him. I do not know either. You took off your bandage!!

“Yes, I got rid of him, I have to wear this thing for a while and make a recovery.”

“I have a physiotherapist friend. I'm sending you to her. It makes you feel good right away.”

I called Nena and asked her to take care of Darko. My girlfriend took her job very seriously and ... put Darko in her bed. I realized this easily, Andrei didn't look me in the eye when we saw each other.

“Nice! What a good friend you are! You couldn't miss the opportunity to sleep with him.”

“He is a good man and, in addition, he is very good looking and handsome, which you rarely find today. I understand from him that you are just friends. I don't understand why you feel offended. If you don't want him, and you prefer ... you know who, your problem!”

“Leave Darko alone!”

"I'll leave him alone if he tells me." For now, he seems satisfied with our relationship and we have repaired his hand.

I had noticed that I cared more about Darko than I had imagined, but I woke up too late, as usual. I thought about leaving town for a while. At home they had nothing to work on, I could see my way quietly. I went to a friend who had a travel agency and let her choose a short vacation. She sent me to the Maldives. I got a substantial discount and he advised me to get summer things and a swimsuit.

"You'll think you've reached paradise." That's what you need, believe me! Stay in the sun, drink refined cocktails and leave all your worries here. Forget all the men in your life and think only of yourself! Send me pictures. You won't want to go back from there, I promise.

I didn't let anyone know I was leaving. Reka drove me to the airport herself and promised to come and wait for me to return. I flew in a huge plane, Qatar Air, which was moaning at the world. I won't tell you about the holiday, Reka was absolutely right. Water, sand, sun, no bad people, no crowds, just civilized, beautiful and tanned people.

I almost wouldn't have gone home. I ate all kinds of exotic goodies, sat in the sun, swam, rested and managed the performance without thinking about anything. I was sitting in the sun and I felt like I didn't need anything else.

Until one day, when my sister sent me an SMS: “I stopped by you and met Andrei. I told him I didn't know where you were, which is true, you didn't even have the common sense to let me know you were leaving, and he begged me to let you know that ... he fell in love with you and that he has to see, speak to you urgently. Where the hell are you?” "Tell Darko that here, where I am, I don't care about anyone anymore and to see his relationship with Nena." "He told me to tell you that it was a mistake, that the wave took him, that he regretted it enormously. At least honestly, you should appreciate that. Don't be so fussy, he looks great and he's a good man. Where else can you find a sucker to fall in love with you, grumpy as you are?” I didn't answer, but I had to go back in two days anyway. Reka was waiting for me at the airport, I told her briefly what my sister had written to me and she invited me to stay with her.

I'm a mature woman, it's nonsense to run away. I'll have an explanation with him and that's it.

You decide!

I was surprised to find the moon cleanliness at home, the windows gleaming, no trace of dust or dirt.

My sister had outdone herself. The rehabilitation was over, the workers had already gathered the scaffolding. I breathed a sigh of relief, imagining that I had missed the embarrassing moment of seeing Darko.

Only it wasn't like that. Three days later, probably announced by my sister, who had heard that I had returned from my mother, Andrei rang my doorbell.

“Can I come in?”

I invited him into the house.

I know I behaved like a pig. Like all men who rush not to miss the opportunity. It's not just Nena's fault, it would be dishonest to blame her. We had a good time together. I've been alone for a while and her massages ... I had to tell you, though, that I fell in love with you. I wanted to do it, but I was afraid I wouldn't interest you. I'm not an “opportunity” at all, I know ... I'm sure you want something else. But I thought it best to tell you, however, how I feel about you, not to regret the rest of my life that I haven't tried. I'm going to go abroad, I decided to try my luck too. I already have an arranged contract. And if you say yes and you care about me ... we're leaving together. I am also provided with housing, civilized conditions. I would do anything to convince you ... but I understand if you refuse me.

I do not even know what to say. My sister wrote me something, in a way I was ready, but I don't know if I can take such an important step ... so, suddenly and taken by surprise. We don't even know each other, actually.

"Do I mean anything to you?"

“I think so. I clearly can't say you're indifferent to me.”

“Then this may be a start. We can try, and if it doesn't work, I won't force you. I realize it would be absurd to ask you to trust me. Have you ever done bungee jumping? You throw yourself into the void hanging by a rope. It's spectacular. Let's do this together, holding hands. What do you say?”

I was 34 years old and I thought maybe this was my last chance to be happy. I took a few things and left with him.

I knew I could come back anytime if I wanted to. It's been 6 months and for now, I think we're made for each other. I have to trust our relationship, me, Darko ...



the End