She made me work day and night so she could cheat on me at will - part 1

She made me work day and night so she could cheat on me at will - part 1

She made me work day and night so she could cheat on me at will

If someone had asked me to put my hand in the fire that Emilia loves me and will never cheat on me, I would have done it without a moment's thought. I would have burned myself badly! My wife did not love me as I thought, nor was she faithful to me.

Emily is my first girlfriend, the one I've been married to since the time of college and with which I hoped to be together until death do us part. Unfortunately, however, this was not the case: before death separated us, it separated us ... Carver. I don't know how he fooled her, what words he whispered to her, what promises he made to her, it is certain that the bastard managed to corrupt her and have sex with her. Stupid like any girl who hasn't met a man other than her husband, Emily was seduced and got into his game and I took the fall.

"Why did you do that, Emily?" I asked her only after the divorce. Didn't I treat you well? Didn't I bring the money home, didn't I work for the family? I don't understand how you could do such a thing...

"Sanford, you treated me nicely and brought all the money home, but, you see, that's not all... she answered me with a smirk, first of all, a woman needs passion, and passion for you was dead … When I was making love, it was like you were a robot and i was feeling like an escort, you didn't feel anything and you didn't even make me shudder..."

"Yes? Then why didn't you tell me anything? I would have done anything to make you happy, it would have been enough to tell me that I no longer satisfy you... I would have invented new positions, I would have diversified the movements during the erotic act, I would have done something! I was annoyed by her words. And ultimately, if you still weren't happy with it, we would be amicably divorced, not like two enemies. So, I still don't understand why you did what you did... Why you didn't tell me anything, preferring to have sex with someone else..."

"I didn't say anything because I didn't want to lose the material advantages, I was getting from you! Carver is far from a prosperous man, I can't survive on him. I stayed with you out of need, Sanford out of necessity!" She threw the painful truth in front of me before turning her back on me and coming out of my life for good, proving to me how Mephistophelean she had been.

It was the last time I saw Emily. And I don't even want to see her again. Because she disgusts me. She's a bitch. A bitch like any other, who has nothing in common with the gorgeous teenager I met ten years ago and who charmed me with her innocence and purity. How could she have changed like that, what or who influenced her, I can't figure out, just like I can't figure out why I didn't notice the change. In fact, if I think about it, I couldn't really notice anything, because I was always away from home...

What happened? About three years after my wedding, my wife and I had overcome the difficulties inherent in each family at the beginning and moved on to the long-term planning phase. An essential discussion took place between us. In this discussion. Emily came up with the idea. to be able to set aside money for luxury vacations, home renovations and a monthly rent for the child I was planning to conceive, so that I could work harder. Of course, I agreed, because it was just about our future, and the very next day I talked to my boss to enter an intensive work regime, which also included longer-term trips to our offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

"Boss, Emilia and I came to the conclusion that we were not earning enough money to live a decent life, so I'd like to get more involved. More seriously, I want to work overtime, to work night shifts, to go on delegations; I want to do anything that brings me extra income. What do you say, you put me on an intensive schedule?"

"I don't know what to say, Sanford." It's pretty demanding what you want, but if you think you can handle it, then you're my man! my boss accepted, to the satisfaction of Emilia, who, when she heard that I would work more, was delighted, although I was going to stay less at home.

Seeing her so happy, I suspected it was because of the money we were going to earn. It never crossed my mind that, in fact, the reason was different. As a result, I declared myself happy and got to work. In the next period I worked almost to exhaustion, not giving in to any challenge, not leaving any of the requests unresolved. I worked overtime every day, being away from home for hours; I took night shifts, being away from home at night; I went to the delegations every month, being away from home for weeks. Everything for the house, everything for the family, everything for Emily. Indeed, it was very difficult what I was doing. But I resisted. For the sake of my wife, I sacrificed myself and succeeded. When I saw how radiant it was when I came back and gave her huge sums of money, I felt my fatigue instantly pass, I recharged like the battery connected to the DC source and I was ready to start all over again.

And we really took it. Week after week, month after month, year after year, I worked non-stop, without thinking about anything. That was until my boss asked me something that made me think:

"Sanford, how come Emily never came to the team buildings organized by the company, when all her colleagues come with their partners? Doesn’t she like to eat and drink for free? Doesn't she like to have fun?"

"Yes, she likes it", I contradicted him not very firmly, because I had just realized that he was right, Emily always evading the events organized by the company. It's just that every time I'm gone, something appears: she has a migraine, she was menstruating, her mother is coming to visit, she wants to try a new recipe...

"I don 't know what to say, Sanford, I don' t want to talk nonsense, but to me, one, I don 't smell all that dodging too well... I mean, that's just too coincidental! he shook his head in scepticism, thrusting the thorn of doubt into my heart. Do you have full confidence in Emily? Have you ever checked her?"

Stay tuned for part 2!