She made me work day and night so she could cheat on me at will - part 2

She made me work day and night so she could cheat on me at will - part 2

I had never checked it, nor had I thought about doing it. I had full confidence in my wife and had no doubts about her thoughts. But then, after talking to my boss, I felt the urge to do so for the first time. And I really did: the first time I had to go on a delegation, I didn't leave. I told Emily I was leaving, but I actually took a day off and stayed in town. I walked around for a while, and in the afternoon I returned home. What I saw left me speechless: Emily was in bed with Corver, they loved each other passionately. "So that's why you made me work hard day and night." Emily? To have time for laziness and to cheat on me? I asked, and a curse came out of my lips. What a wicked woman you are! Pack your things and leave! You're done with me! "Sanford, please don't drive me away! I was wrong, I admit, but it's the first time!" she tried to make me change my mind, like a novice. I will never do it again! Forgive me! Please, Sanford, forgive me..." Naturally, I did not forgive her. And I didn't forgive her not because she cheated on me, but because of the way she did it. It had not been a momentary wandering, caused by alcohol or love at first sight. No, everything had been thought out. The deed was premeditated. She had sent me to work like a madman just to keep me away, she had exploited me like a dog for her own benefit, and during that time she was having sex with her lover. A bitch! A lazy bitch, like any other. But I learned my lesson. From now on, no woman will fool me and I will be free to enjoy the pleasures of my beautiful Dubai!

the End

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