She seemed to be the perfect woman, but a demon lay in her soul - part 1

She seemed to be the perfect woman, but a demon lay in her soul - part 1

Nura, my girlfriend, was a gorgeous girl. And I think she still is, but I have no way of knowing. Fortunately, the fatal woman disappeared from my life, with all her arrogance, before I lost my dignity for good and with it also my friends.

When I introduced Nura to my friends, they all said she put the spell on me and that I'm a very lucky guy. Which, in turn, I was thinking about. That's because he looks gorgeous and smiles lethally. But then, when they realized how selfish, possessive, and authoritarian she was, they didn't know how to run away from her. Which, in the end, I did.

It's not good to judge a book by its cover. I know that. But I forgot this when I succumbed to the charms of Nura, a well-proportioned platinum blonde with a doll face, perfect breasts and mannequin legs, whom I hung in a nightclub, using a classic introductory formula, adapted to the moment in personal style:

"Hi, how are you? Are you having fun? Why are you full of glitter?"

"Hi, I'm coming to the prom! I finished college, I spent time with colleagues in the festivity’s hall, and now I spend time with friends in the club, she answered me, all with a smile, without seeming affected by my rather old-fashioned approach. You?"

"I came here accompanied by people from my entourage, composed exclusively of quality people! I winked at her. What do you say, would you be interested in integrating?"

"Integrate into your entourage? Why not? he gave me a first smile from the series he would delight me with in the next period. But you have to convince me your kind."

Using the arsenal of famous words kept in my memory, with which I stirred up her spirit, but also proving a perfect gentleman's behaviour, with which I stirred up her ego, in the next period I managed to convince her that I am a boy good, the natural consequence being the deepening of our relationship. Compatibility seemed to be perfect from absolutely from all points of view and I hoped for a complete and lasting relationship. And, as soon as I thought the girl was irretrievably conquered, I introduced her to friends and family.

"Cool! You couldn't even find a better one! Leon, a childhood friend, congratulated me when he saw the girl. I don't know what she ate to look like that, but to tell me when you find out, to make my girlfriend eat the same."

"She's really gorgeous! Well, you really have good taste in women! I was also complimented by Sasha, another good friend, as excited as my friends were about Nura's physique, but at the same time envious of me because I had such a girlfriend. I would do anything to get into the graces of a gorgeous woman like her, but I don't think she's looking at someone like me."

Equally laudatory words were addressed to my lover by all the other friends, who could not stop to express their delight at the sight of the lovely platinum blonde who had filled my senses with a fresh air of kindness. The only ones who had a different opinion were my parents, who did not share the admiration shown by my friends.

On the contrary, they both had something to say about Nura, as if they had talked to each other before. But I did not let their opinion tarnish my feelings for her, I went ahead with the relationship even if I did not like the epithets not flattering, even defamatory with which they "congratulated" her, of course, not on her presence.

"Demyan, you're right: Nura is beautiful. But I find it mischievous and obnoxious! my mother first expressed her opinion about my girlfriend. Arrogant people never came close to my heart. And this girl is just with her nose up."

"Yes, and there's something repulsive about her. It does not accept to be contradicted, he is not a conciliatory person, it is not malleable at all! Dad completed it, shaking his head suggestively. If you don't set it up at the beginning, you'll have a hard life with it. It will trample you like a worm. Be a man my son! Be a man!

Unfortunately, however, I did not listen to my parents' advice; I was not a man. Blinded by the love for the sensual woman who turned the heads of all men, making me proud to appear next to her, I neglected to assume the role of alpha male in the relationship, allowing her to take over the leadership of the couple.

And he took it over in such a determined way that in just a few months he really dominated me completely. I did only what she wanted, my obedience had to be total and I didn't even have the right to reply. If I dared, he immediately threatened to leave me, so I didn't comment on anything and immediately carried out the orders. And so, I soon ran out of friends, most of them avoiding seeing us when they heard that I intended to come with Nura.

Nura's first outburst, one that portrayed female stupidity in all its ugliness, was recorded on a terrace on the Palm, where the boys and me and the gang gathered at least once a week. We had been there for about an hour, during which time we had consumed two beers, and we were preparing for the third. When I find myself slapped on the shoulder by my girlfriend, who gives me a deadly look and stabs me with her finger:

"What are you doing, Demyan? Aren't two beers enough for you? Do you want to drink more?! Be careful I don't feel like carrying you upstairs home. We didn't come here to embarrass yourself!"

"Don't worry, Camelia. We're just in the middle of my friends," I tried to calm her down, because she seemed agitated, if not angry. "We, with two beers, barely warm up. On the contrary, if you don't drink anymore, you risk everyone making fun of you."

"Yes, Nura, that's right. We have our ritual, grounded in long years of friendship!" Rolan completed me, obviously irritated by the words of my girlfriend, who wanted to censor my bacchic pleasure and, implicitly, to ruin everyone's mood. We don't get drunk, we just drink enough to feel good and that’s it.

Stay tuned for part 2!