The Best Combination Ever GFE/SWO

The Best Combination Ever GFE/SWO


Meaning, Girlfriend Experience / Sex Without

 It is one of our most popular services, if you are looking for a more intimate sexual liaison then these two categories are the perfect selection for you. There is nothing that can beat the whole girlfriend experience with a Dubai escort and to add to the reality the sensation of having a Dubai escort sex without a condom on just increases the natural feeling of a genuine date. Our users want to take their time with a beautiful woman, knowing that at the end of the night they will be completely satisfied by a high class professional who knows just how to treat them as a unique real girlfriend experience Dubai escort only can. There are a varied choice of girls available including verified photos to assist you in picking the right sexy sweetheart for you.

We asked our readers to share their stories to help you in deciding if a Dubai escort girlfriend experience is what you desire. Firstly, Mark B told us about why he chose these services, and what were his experiences of sex without with our Escorts in Dubai, he was happy to oblige.

I am not a newcomer to booking an escort from I use the site regularly, and love the amount of choice that is available, and I have never been disappointed, but I was looking for something different this time as I usually get a girl sent to my hotel room and indulge myself, I felt that there was something missing so wanted to try a new adventure so when I was looking through the different categories I noticed girlfriend experience, so I looked through and found a stunning model who spoke English she also had sex without as one of her specialities, I was fascinated, It sounded very erotic, so I set up a meeting, I had everything planned we would go for a meal then back to my hotel to finish the evening making it more of an occasion than I usually had to be honest I was not exactly sure what girlfriend experience entailed, but I was sure that it would be exciting and new and that was all that I needed to know.  We were to meet her at a nice restaurant in the city and showered, groomed myself and put on a nice shirt and trousers before taking a taxi in time to arrive ten minutes early so to get a nice table that was situated in a private booth to add to the romantic atmosphere, ordering a bottle of champagne.

 I waited with anticipation and right on time she arrived spoke to the maître d who removed her coat and was led to my table. Rising to meet her, she clasped my hand and kissed me gently on the cheek, she was seated then the waiter brought the bubbly as we chatted she was only 23 years old much younger than I am, but I didn't feel intimidated by that in Dubai there are many men who have younger lovers, so people are not judgmental. You could tell that she had spent a lot of time preparing herself her makeup and hair were perfect, her clothes were sexy but not over the top, a short black skirt that showed her luscious curves and a white blouse that enhanced her cleavage I remember the heady smell of her musky perfume that lingered pleasantly in the air and her pale skin that was contrasted by her ruby red lips she was perfect. After a couple of glasses of champagne we ordered the food and while we waited we chatted, she told me how she had come to Dubai from Russia two months earlier and about her life before travelling, she asked me about my life and work and sat intently listening as I opened up to her completely.

 It felt so comfortable just like any other date that I have had, to the point that I almost forgot how we had got to this situation, but I knew that I was enjoying every second of it. As the meal progressed talk naturally turned to sex I cheekily said that I wanted to remove her panties with my teeth when we get back to the hotel, she leaned forward and whispered in my ear seductively that she had a surprise for me moving her hand across the table when no one was looking knocked my fork onto the floor as I bent down to retrieve it I could see her begin to spread her long stocking clad legs until it was obvious that she was not wearing knickers, she was completely shaven, and her fleshy lips protruded like pink rose petals she was so hot. We finished our meal and ordered a taxi back to my hotel as we waited we stood she took my hand in hers it felt so warm and personal I know it was such a small thing, but it just added to the feeling of a real date not something contrived or fake. In the lift going up to my room she placed her arms around me and kissed me passionately this was something new, the escorts I had the joy of spending my time with before had been a little chilly when it came to kissing and were more about the sex than the intimacy not that I am complaining as I have always been more than satisfied with my encounters, this really was a pleasant change.

Upon arriving in the room we fell onto the bed in a passionate embrace my hands frantically searching for the buttons on her blouse, opening it as her firm breasts were revealed to me for the first time they were big 36 double d so that when my hand reached around her and unclasped her bra the fell free for me to kiss with my mouth and mould with my hands, her nipples hardened at the soft stroke of my fingers I kissed her stomach and then moved slowly down across her taut belly unzipping her skirt and sliding it down over her legs before letting it fall onto the floor. She caressed my hair as I parted her labia with my tongue, she tasted so sweet as I probed my tongue inside her moist slit, licking her clit as she became more and more aroused. Moving back up her body to her breasts she took the opportunity to undo my trousers and released my cock from my boxer shorts, stroking it with her petite hands I scrambled to take off my pants and remove the rest of my clothing so that we were both naked. I was rock hard by now and without the inconvenience of having to stop and put on a condom I was able to slide inside her, I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock as I went further inside her, starting slowly then increasing the speed as I pumped into her warm mound, it was so enjoyable that I wondered why I had not done this before. Determined to absorb every moment I controlled myself until a wave of orgasmic pleasure built up, and I came, shooting up inside her until I was drained, collapsing back onto the bed we lay and kissed before we both had a shower, dressed, and she kissed me goodbye. I was surprised at the intimacy and the closeness she had shared with me, and couldn't wait to spend another evening with her.


Mark was happy that he chose a Dubai escort that provided girlfriend experience and sex without in her services, as he described it “It is like going on a date but without all the stress of not knowing if you will have sex at the end of the night taken out of it,” we can see why it is one of the most popular choices in our list and remember there are more stories and articles here. You can also checkout this longer article for a more indepth discussion