The erotic tale of Valeria: becoming a Dubai escort - Part 1

The erotic tale of Valeria: becoming a Dubai escort - Part 1

I'm surrounded by women at work, so I know what they're made of. An incident from three years ago, however, showed me that some women ride on horseback during the day. My fellow witches managed to ruin Valeria's life, but they did me a huge favor!

I didn't think women could be so envious, selfish, mischievous until my colleagues teamed up to get rid of the new employee, a special girl in many ways: physically, morally, spiritually. A girl who, fortunately, is my wife today. According to the teachings of spiritual masters, each person who appears in the life of another does so for a specific purpose: either he teaches a lesson, or he sends a message, or he appears because he is simply an integral part of the other's divine plan. As for me, Valeria, with whom I was a co-worker only two June, appeared in my life to show me what pure, altruistic, unperverted love means. I had no idea there was such a thing until I met her.

I am Felix, an accountant by profession, I am 37 years old, and I will tell you a story about hatred and love: the hatred that older employees showed towards a new colleague in the company and, respectively, the love she had to be born between me and her. Three years have passed since then, but the events that took place after Valeria was hired by the accounting firm where I was - and still am - the only man are still fresh in my memory. It's like everything happened yesterday!

Taking it from the beginning, I have to tell you that when one of my co-workers moved to another company and the boss gave the announcement to replace her, I hoped that the vacancy would be filled by a man. As apart from me they were only accountants, I also wanted a colleague with whom I could have a common denominator and with whom I could discuss typically masculine issues: football, beer, and, of course, women. Unfortunately, the employee was female; fortunately, however, this person was and is a very beautiful and sexy woman. Rarely have I met a girl as attractive as Valeria: at 32, when she was then, she was really fascinating, without exaggeration!

Unfortunately for her, this beauty of the goddess would have a boomerang effect, most of her colleagues showing envy towards Valeria from the beginning. As for me, it didn't take long for me to get closer to my new office colleague, the mutual sympathy between us is obvious. Now, I don't know what mattered more: the fact that I was a very handsome man with an athletic constitution or the fact that I was the only man in the company. What is certain is that, of all the employees, I was the only one with whom Valeria got along.

Like me, she came after a grueling divorce, the difference between us being that she had chosen a little girl after the failed marriage, while I had no children.

"What happened, Valeria? What went wrong?" We asked her one day after the sympathy had turned into an attraction and we had become confident, while we were on a cigarette break. "How could your husband leave a woman like you?" "He didn't leave me, I divorced him, Felix!" she confessed to me. "I found out he was cheating on me with the secretary. The classic scheme." "I cannot believe it! I exclaimed, amazed. He probably lost his mind, otherwise, he wouldn't have cheated on an absolutely gorgeous wife like you." "Thanks! You're cute!" Valeria caressed me, smiling encouragingly at me. "Unfortunately, the fact that I'm gorgeous, as you say, didn't matter much. Why did you divorce?" "The same classic scheme!" I answered dryly, and we both burst out laughing. "My wife was a secretary and she cheated on me with the director."

Unfortunately for Valeria, the moments spent with me in private, during the lunch break or during the cigarette breaks, were the only pleasant ones at work. Otherwise, the ugly and unfair treatment she received from her colleagues made every day of work an ordeal for her. it would turn into fierce envy.

The formidable envy they felt for their new colleague, though she endeavored to be kind and friendly to everyone, could not escape them indefinitely. About a month after joining the company, Valeria realized that she would have fried days, which deeply saddened her. And I was the only one he could talk to openly, the only one he could say goodbye to: "What do all these girls have to do with me, Felix?" she asked me the other day, desolate. "They look at me with hatred, speak harshly to me and give me some deadly looks. I can't stand it! Why is this happening? What did I do to them? What did I do wrong?" "You are asking me?" I shrugged. "I have no idea. Most likely, however, they are envious. Let's face it: none of our colleagues manage to get any closer to you: they are much uglier, fatter, or older! Or it hurts!" "Oh, but what's my fault that I'm young and beautiful?" Valeria sighed, looking me straight in the eye. "You can see that I am not a confident woman, I do not walk with my nose up, but I behave as nicely as possible with my colleagues. I really don't deserve to be treated like a coward!" "Of course you don't deserve to be treated that way, but that's human nature!" I reinforced her words, adding my own point of view. "Many people feel good when they see that others are suffering, that they are ill or have problems. Or our colleagues don't see you suffering. So they're trying to get you in trouble."

Without being subjective, although I must admit that I gradually fell in love with Valeria, I say with all my might that he was really right in his words, as I was in my own words: he really doesn't deserve the evils of his colleagues, colleagues who really they did everything they could to create trouble for him.

Unfortunately for her, things were the way they were, and I was her only "ally" in the company. As a result, I was not at all surprised when my older colleagues dug Valeria, informing the boss - who At the same time, I mentioned the owner, Adela, and it is time to mention that she, a refined, emancipated, and intelligent girl, still has a major flaw: she is easily influenced. colleague with an exaggeratedly long and sharp nose, he accused Valeria of things that would ruin the image.

Stay tuned for part 2!