The erotic tale of Valeria: becoming a Dubai escort - Part 2

The erotic tale of Valeria: becoming a Dubai escort - Part 2

I mentioned the owner, her name Adela, and it's time to point out that she, a refined, emancipated, and intelligent girl, still has a major flaw: she is easily influenced.

Thus, when Gina, a colleague with an exaggeratedly long and pointed nose, accused Valeria that she is about ten minutes late every morning at the program, the boss immediately reproached her.

"Valeria, it's not normal what happens!" she apostrophized herself in front of the collective. "What if each of us was late? Do you realize how much time would be lost?"

"You're right, but before work, I have to take the girl to school!" Valeria justified her delays. "I leave it at 8 o'clock, then I hurry and get there as fast as I can. Don't be more than ten minutes late."

"I don't know how you do it, it's your job, but be careful it doesn't happen anymore because I'm penalizing you!" the landlady threatened her, then left the room and glared at her. "Do you understand?"

Another time, Andrea, a very fat and very jealous colleague of Valeria, teased her that she was talking on the phone during working hours after she had caught her talking to her daughter the other day. The result? Adela rebuked her again in front of her colleagues, who did not even hide their satisfaction; they rejoiced in joy!

"Valeria, I understand that you talk a lot on the phone, which is not natural!" she blamed her harshly. "It would be nice if you stopped doing this because colleagues complained that you bother them, they can't concentrate on work."

"You're right, but I'm only talking to my little girl, just a few minutes a day!" Valeria defended herself. "And then you need to know that everyone in the office is talking on the phone, I'm not the only one doing it."

"I'm not interested in what everybody else is doing!" Adela ducked, ending the discussion in her characteristic style. "I want you to stop! If it still happens, I'll penalize you!"

And on another occasion, Joela, a colleague ugly from all points of view and ten years older than Valeria, told her that she does not respect the time allotted for breaks and smokes too much. As usual, the boss's rebuke was not long in coming. And as usual, Adela put her in front of the wall with all her envious and growing gossip.

"Valeria, I was informed that every time you go out during the break, you are late!" she accused her as she looked at her with undisguised hostility. "You smoke too many cigarettes a day and linger too long during the break!"

"You're right, I smoke during breaks, as, by the way, most of my colleagues do!" she nodded softly, calmly, showing due respect to her mistress. "But I only smoke three cigarettes a day, while others smoke eight!"

"It doesn't matter what others do!" Adela's voice rose, obviously irritated. I'm only interested in you, Valeria! If you happen to go out for a cigarette and be late, I'll penalize you!"

These were just a few examples of discrimination proven by our boss, who, from a professional point of view, found no reason to blame her. In any case, the reason was despite the envy of colleagues, who actually could not bear to see the radiant Valeria.

And who, tragically, complained to the owner even because her outfits are too sexy and extravagant, which distracted them from the balance sheets; or another time because he was listening to a love song with soloist Chris Norman, entitled "I miss you," which made them feel nostalgic. What hatred! What absurdity! What envy!

Valeria lasted two months in the company where she had been employed by Adela. That's it. 'Then she was fired by the employer herself, the reason for her dismissal is that, apparently, she did not correspond to the position. A stony, dry, lying expression. And this in the conditions in which, I repeat, he did his job as correctly as possible, like a book.

"Felix, hold on tight!" Valeria told me the day she was 'executed', that otherwise, I can't express myself, by the influential employer. "Today I end the collaboration with this company, it's the last day of work here. From tomorrow, we won't see each other. I'll miss you!"

"What are you talking about there, Valeria?" I muttered, dazed. "Is it a joke?"

"It's not a joke! A little earlier I had a discussion with Adela, who fired me without too many explanations!" she confirmed the cruel truth. "And I wasn't kidding when I said I'd miss you. You are the only person in the whole company who behaved nicely, collegially, even befriends me."

"I'll miss you too, Valeria!" I confessed without thinking, delighted with her confession. "I'm used to your presence. I can't even imagine a day without you. Tell me, do you want to go out for a drink tonight?"

"Why not? I can't wait to go out together, Felix!" She accepted with an unexpectedly cheerful smile. "We are celebrating my escape from this prison, where I was not even allowed to talk on the phone with my child! I don't know if it's your secret, I don't know how you lasted four years in this company, with such a terrorist boss."

"Do I want to tell you what my secret is, Valeria? It's simple: I'm a man!" I caressed myself, laughing heartily. "My office colleagues don't envy me as they do to you. On the contrary: they admire me, they like me; they really want to get me, but they were unlucky: none of them managed to get close to me."

That night I went with Valeria to a cafe in the center and spent a few quality hours. The fact that she had finally escaped from the extremely hostile environment in which she had spent the last two months had a strong emotional impact on my former colleague.

She was really radiant all evening, she felt great and she regretted not being able to stay because her little girl was used to sleeping caressed by her mother.

"As you know, since I divorced, I've been living with my parents! But there's always tomorrow, Felix!" Valeria whispered to me at parting. "Today you invited me to the city, tomorrow I invite you. What do you say, do you accept?"

"You bet!"

Looking forward, from invitation to invitation, we ended up having some amazing night times together. We continued dating for a while until, between dirty sheets and glasses of red wine, she told me that a friend of hers was exploring a whole new life in Dubai doing something that might seem, at first, out of ordinary society patterns. She was thinking of having a fresh start as well, and try to get out of monotony and stress.

Later in the month we've stopped seeing each other and went our separate ways but in quite a friendly manner. It would be months before we met again in the place she dreamed of, the white beaches of magnificent Dubai.

She was now completely different, a whole lot more confident and mature. Exploring the ways of luxury escorts in one of the busiest and most active cities in the world, she is killing it, making a great living, and feeling safe about it.

I can't help but think that the cruel and malicious colleagues had a great contribution. If they hadn't sabotaged Valeria, maybe she wouldn't have found refuge and comfort in my arms, and maybe, just maybe she would not end up the woman that she is today. If you ever end up reading these lines, congrats Valeria, you made your path your own and finally got the life that you deserved.