The fathers of the girls I made them pregnant want to kill me - part 1

The fathers of the girls I made them pregnant want to kill me - part 1

What were the chances of getting two girls pregnant at the same time? Who would have thought that both teenagers were so unconscious that they did not protect themselves? Who would have thought that, despite their young age, they would decide to keep children and not make any compromises? rhetorical questions, asked by a young man who, unprepared to be a father, fled to the U.A.E and embarked on a cruise ship in Dubai.

Hello! I am sending you my letter by e-mail, written on my laptop during the night, the only time I have free time. I work as a cook's assistant, which is not easy at all, because I always have something to do, both during meals and between meals. But I'm not writing to complain that I work too hard because I earn very well on this cruise ship. I am writing to open my soul to you: I want you to know the reason why I was forced to flee my native country: I ran away from fear! I ran to escape alive!

You may think I'm exaggerating, but after going through the lines below, you'll be convinced that I'm not exaggerating at all. There are people who threatened me with death and I'm not kidding: they really want me dead. These people are the fathers of the two girls I left pregnant, each of whom is threatening to kill me if I don't marry his daughter. But how could I marry both of them? I'm not a sultan to make my harem.

It all started a year and a half ago, when I was 24, graduated from college and worked as a translator for a publishing house. At that time, I was combined with Yolanda, a former student colleague, with whom I had an open relationship. Modern, in the sense that each of us had the freedom to see other partners. And of course, we act accordingly. At least me. As I have shown a strong inclination towards the concupiscent side of life since puberty, I have never kicked the chance of a love affair without obligations.

Son, it's not good what you're doing! my father drew my attention at the age of 19. The night I came home beaten up after being caught by a high school classmate's boyfriend while making crazy love at her home. Why do you have to interfere in other people's relationships?

"Okay, Dad, but didn't you teach me to live my life, not to be as “lazy” as you were in your youth, that not to miss any opportunity? I reminded him of one of the lessons he had taught me a few years ago. If the girl wanted it, I gave it to her! Why lose the opportunity?"

"Good. Victor! Dad capitulated then, resigning. But be careful!"

Unfortunately, I did not listen to his request, but I saw myself further from life in debauchery, all my romantic relationships being superficial, without emotional involvement. So, it was with Yolanda; while the two of us were in a relationship, I also enjoyed any other sexy girl who fell into my net. And being a nice boy and in good shape, I got enough girls in my bed. Among the victims - I call them victims because I seduced them and then abandoned them - was Tress, a 20-year-old spirited, whom I hung in a nightclub.

The attraction between us was so great at first sight that, after a few lascivious ripples on the dance floor, I brought her home and made love. Heated to the maximum and engulfed by the steam of the alcohol consumed, none of us thought about protection, but we went straight to action. "Tress, what would you say if we saw each other again? I proposed at the dawn of the day to the beautiful redhead, who had completely satisfied me. Do you want to meet again?

Of course, Vinson! she agreed. No man-made me feel as good as you, no one made me shiver so deeply. I've been single for almost a year and I need love! I can't wait for you to hug me again in your strong arms.

In the following days, we continued to love each other with the same fervour and passion, Tress being a passionate, nonconformist and uninhibited girl. She didn't care that she wasn't my official girlfriend, but she was content with what I could herdsmen: weekly meetings and a lot of sex until exhaustion. I was happy to have an alternative for Yolanda. But that was not enough for me.

Thus, when my friend Mike asked me to accompany him for a weekend to his grandparents, promising me that in the village we would find naive and stupid girls, who would immediately fall at our feet, I rubbed my palms of happiness and desire.

Stay tuned for part 2!