The fathers of the girls I made them pregnant want to kill me - part 2

The fathers of the girls I made them pregnant want to kill me - part 2

If it's not clear to you, I repeat: love is my greatest passion! I couldn't wait to slam a healthy peasant into the hay and have sex with her, because I had never had such an experience. And the one who was going to be my victim, a curvy girl with golden hair, named Mary, I hung on Saturday night, at the disco.

"Does your father know where you are at this hour?" I approached her after exchanging a few suggestive glances with her, and it became clear to me that, as she kept fidgeting, she could hardly wait for my invitation.

"Of course, he knows!" I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself! she replied with the audacity of a simple and innocent girl, without thinking about the games of seduction. So then! Good for you! Can I have a dance?

We danced tightly to each other, then mixed a liqueur with brandy, the result being that Mary got seriously dizzy. I had sex in the shed of his house and I had a nice surprise: at 19 years old, the girl was still a virgin! So, I left the next day from Mike's parents' hometown with an unforgettable memory: the deflowering of a righteous village in the hay.

"Vinson, you were my first man! I will never forget you!" Mary told me after the intimate act had been committed.

"I'll never forget you either!" I lied to her shamelessly, then made the mistake of telling her my phone number. We'll keep in touch, okay?

I put it this way because about two months later I found myself called by the girl's father, who threatened me outright:

"You bastard!" You dishonoured my daughter and left her pregnant! If you don't marry her, I'll find you wherever you are and kill you with your bare hands!

The angry and dangerous father could only find me through Mike, and after I told him everything, he stuck the thorns of fear in my soul even harder:

"Vinson, Mary's father is terrorizing my grandparents, so I'll have to give them your address!" In their village, it's a great shame to abandon your child, so either you marry Mary or you disappear because it's no joke: the man is crazy!

In order for the trouble to be even bigger, in two days, while I was still trying to find a solution, I woke up called by Tress, who gave me another terrible news:

"Vinson, listen to me! I'm pregnant and you'll be a father! I'm afraid to have an abortion: if I die or then I won't be able to have children?"

When I told her that I wasn't even thinking of getting married and becoming a father, Tress warned me that her father didn't think his daughter would have a flower baby.

"I'll tell him your address because he wants to meet you." Vinson! He's going to kill you if you don't marry me! You know, my mother died when she gave birth to me.

Eventually, aware that the situation was becoming tenser and tenser and the noose around my neck tightened, I revealed everything to my father. He, beyond the morality he kept me, reminding me that he advised me to be careful, came up with the saving solution:

"What you're telling me is crazy." Vinson! There are two desperate fathers, so all you have to do is leave the country and lose track of yourself! My cousin Collin has been working on a cruise ship for many years and anchoring in Dubai in a few days, I call him and he arranges something for you. Let's pack up now because we're leaving for the airport tomorrow morning!"

That was about my story. I spent three days with my father in Dubai, during which time he constantly escorted me to make sure I didn't do anything stupid, then his cousin took me under his care and placed me as a cook's assistant on the cruise ship, a cruise ship that I am still now, more than a year after the above events.

I heard from my father that Tess and Mary gave birth to boys, which makes me very happy because they will never end up in the situation of their mothers, pregnant and abandoned by an irresponsible and selfish man, a coward.

I don't know what it will be but I promise I will write to you when I return to the country. That's if I ever come back ...

the End