The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors


1: The deriving of sexual gratification from fantasies or acts that involve exposing one's genitals to a non-consenting stranger.

2: The act or practice of deliberately behaving as so to attract attention


Not all outdoor sex is exhibitionism, but sometimes the two combine to make a fantastic sexual experience, we have collected a series of stories sent to us by the clients of Dubai escorts to share with you for your pleasure. Any place can be turned into an exciting sexual experience with a little imagination and just the right escort in Dubai to complete your sexual fantasy, there are so many to choose from. Our first story was sent to us by Alan B who lives in London but was on holiday in Dubai, this is his story. 

I was staying in Dubai for a holiday with my girlfriend Emma, We have been together for about ten years and have always enjoyed a healthy sexual relationship, we have a particular kink of liking to be watched when we have sex, the thought of getting caught while we are at it is such a turn on but knowing that the UAE is not the place to be indulging in outdoor sex we wanted to find another way to fulfil our desires without getting into trouble, so Emma suggested that we could get an escort in Dubai and use her to play a game inside the privacy in our hotel while still living out a dream that satisfies our sexual appetite, there is a wide selection to choose from, so I thought it was best if Emma picked which escort in Dubai would be right for our performance. She wanted a playmate that could join in with our play-acting so a woman that knew how to role-play and would act as if she had accidentally come across a horny couple, after much deliberation we contacted Adriana because of how innocent she looks and her slim, fit body.

 Emma explained what she wanted, and I waited excitedly for her to arrive. I was on the bed in just a towel when there was a knock on the door Emma opened it in just a skimpy nightie they spoke and Adriana went into the bathroom removed her jacket and returned in a maids outfit and straight away started in character and started to tidy round the room then went back into the bathroom and continued her performance Emma came over to the bed and removed my towel and started to touch me stroking my now hard cock gently before she went down and took my manhood into her mouth that is when I heard a loud gasp coming from the bathroom door looking up I could see the shocked face of our role-playing Dubai escort looking back at me, her eyes were opened wide as she stared at Emma giving me oral sex on the bed, her demeanor started to change from surprise to arousal looking at me straight in the eye her hand slipped down between her legs and started to rub herself, Emma now climbed on top of me and started to ride me with her back to the door as Adriana masturbated herself pulling her panties aside to reveal her shaven vagina for my delight Emma looked over her shoulder then back to me and smiled seductively as our perfect maid rubbed her pert breasts and wet pussy watching us all the time I could not look away as Emma brought me to climax inside her, it was so realistic and everything we wanted leaving us more than satisfied with our perfect Dubai escort who was happy to enhance our dirty fantasy. 

As you can see, not all exhibitionism has to be outdoors, but there is a certain eroticism about having a sexual encounter in public or to be accidentally caught in the act by a stranger. One of our regular contributors Alex M who works in Dubai told me his story when he travelled with a Dubai escort on a business trip to Greece.

When I take a business trip I hate being alone, so I regularly take a Dubai escort who travels to keep me company while I am away from home, this time I chose a Brazilian escort from to be my hook-up for my week away, she was tall, busty, intelligent, and dressed sophisticated, which was perfect, so she could go to a meeting with me or out for the evening without looking out of place. After concluding my appointment at a company on the island of Corfu, we decided that maybe we could go to the beach and spend some time relaxing before we got our flight back to the UAE. We picked a secluded beach away from the crowds in a small inlet near to a quiet fishing village as we lay taking in the sun I could not help but admire her sensuous body her large firm breasts and rounded bum just about covered by the smallest bikini possible without exposing herself completely to the locals to cool down we went into the water a swam out a short way where we could see a small cave between the rocks and went over to investigate. The tide was out and as we approached we could tell that it would be safe to enter I took the hand of this beautiful Dubai escort who travels and led her inside the darkened grotto to explore, as my eyes adjusted to the dim light I saw a sandy nook that would be just perfect to ravish her in.

 Removing her bikini top I kissed her breasts and licked her nipples quickly making her aroused her hand slid down and rubbed me firmly before removing my shorts to get a better feel of my length before I laid her down on the wet sand and taking of her bikini bottoms before positioning myself, so we could eat each other until our hearts were content there was something about the darkness that made it more exciting because we were unable to see anything except the cave opening and the light coming from the aperture that is when I heard a noise immediately I turned to look behind us, I could hear voices but was not sure where they were coming from, I could tell it was a man and a woman but as for anything else I was not sure, but there was no way that I was going to stop now I slid my erection inside my travel companion and without caring about the watching people we had passionate sex right there and then, I could hear a woman's giggle as they must have seen us in full action it was so stimulating and erotic knowing that our intimate intercourse was as exciting to these strangers as it was to us, Only adding to the fervor unable to control myself any longer I exploded inside my horny Dubai escort moaning loudly as I climaxed and rolled back onto the sand, my eyes could make out the silhouette of two people leaving the cavern back into the sea as we put our swim wear back on. Returning to the beach, there were five different couples enjoying the sunny day and my mind wondered which it was that had just watched us make love, but I guess I will never know. 

With escorts that will travel with you as you tour the world, what could be better than a little outdoor sex to create an unforgettable memory in your life, simply choose the Dubai escort you desire and book your flights to sexual heaven.

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